Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28, 2015, UPDATE: My response to Alliance One collection agency. Hilarious!

   Chief Electrical Inspector Stephen D. Thornton did as he said in his letter to me. On February 25th, I received an Alliance One account statement. My oh my, how people think they can open up an account in my name... Good grief! This stuff really is getting silly. Of course the account statement demanding payment did not have a name on it. Once again, no one wants to take responsibility. Now, it appears a corporation is violating my constitutionally protected rights. No individual is responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that is civilized and in compliance with our Supreme Laws of the Land.
     In the letter Stephen sent me, I quote, "All further inquiry regarding payment should be made to Alliance One at 1-800-456-8838." It appears Stephen does not want to talk to me about payment anymore. So, evidently he is not responsible anymore. Evidently, government employees "just doing their job" are not to be considered responsible for their actions and the injury that their actions produce. Only citizens are to be considered responsible for their actions. Government employees and people working for corporations are not responsible for their actions.
     I called up Alliance One and finally got a human representative on the phone. I gave her the account number, then she asked me for my Social Security number. I said I would not give that to her. Then she asked for my drivers license number. Wouldn't give that to her, either. Then I explained to her the fact that the fines are bogus and fly in the face of our Supreme Law of the Land. I started to tell her about my 1st Amendment right to publish a list of my skills and also about my right to a trial by jury before my liberty and property could be taken from me. She would not have any part of that discussion. "I am not here to argue with you," she said in a terse annoyed tone. And get this, she said, "You need to take it up with WDLI and not me!"
    I said, "WDLI told me to take it up with you," but she is the boss, and I must not annoy the boss...     "I am going to hang up..." To which I gave her some choice last words before she could hang up.         Obviously, I can't have a sensible conversation with idiots who refuse to take responsibility for their actions.
    I had to respond in writing to the Account Statement demanding payment. I appears that Alliance One picked some numbers out of the air and added to the fine. Assigned Interest: $258.48, and Other Fees or Charges: $148.70. Alliance One now claims that I owe them $907.18. That makes me laugh! Who do these people think they are? My goodness! I'd be ashamed of myself if I were doing what they do. So, here is the Alliance One statement:

Here is my response:

February 28, 2015

TO: Unnamed individual
Alliance One
6565 Kimbal Drive, Suite 200
Gig Harbor, Washington 98335

FROM: Russ Hinds
10421 E Jutte Lane
Elk, WA 99009

SUBJECT: Account No. 32782297

Dear unnamed individual,
As I am a individual who takes responsibility for my actions, I correctly expect other individuals to take responsibility for their actions. Please provide the name of an official contact within your company who is taking responsibility for collecting on the above invented bogus account which has been wrongfully created within your company in order to unlawfully collect an unlawful fine which Washington Department of Labor and Industries illegally issued in complete disregard of our Supreme Law of the Land.
Please note that our state and federal constitutions protect the right of citizens to publish a list of their skills. Therefore, fining an individual $500.00 for posting an innocent flier on a private bulletin board is an unconstitutional act that flies in the face of our Supreme Law of the Land.
Also note that attempting to collect a fine without a conviction of a jury of good neighbors violates our Supreme Laws of the Land. Depriving individuals of their right to due process of law is strictly prohibited in our state and federal constitutions.
Simple... very simple. I am not here to try and repeat your 6th grade civic lessons in order to educate you to your civic duty to support and defend our state and federal constitutions, however, I will remind you that our American military servicemen and women have given much life, limb, and treasure to defend our Supreme Laws of the Land against all enemies foreign and domestic according to their sworn Oath. My father and three of my sons have taken this oath and risked their lives in service to this nation to preserve the God given rights of individuals, such as you and I, which are protected in our state and federal constitutions with the intent of being preserved for our posterity. Please get a grip on yourself and take up your civic duty to defend our Supreme Law of the Land.
With that being said, please provide me with a name of the individual responsible for attempting to collect on a bogus $500.00 fine, plus a bogus $258.48 in assigned interest(???), plus bogus $148.70 in “other fees and charges.” This great state and nation are founded upon individual responsibility. We are, as good citizens, required to act in an open, civilized, and courteous manner toward one another. When that fails to happen, there are appropriate legal measures that must be taken.
I already have all of the names of the government employees involved in depriving their neighbor(me) of due process of law, however, I do not have the name of the individual who sent me the enclosed Account Statement demanding payment. Please provide the name so that I may be of assistance in providing the facts of my case for his protection. Colluding with government employees to undermine our Supreme Laws of the Land is the opposite of the Rule of Law and detrimental to a civilized society of intelligent and responsible individuals.


Russ Hinds enclosure

    Are there any intelligent responsible individuals on the planet? I think there are quite a few, however, they do not work for government and the corporations feeding off the government. I am still looking for government employees who know their 6th grade civics lessons...
   I will need to pass this on to my representatives in the state legislature for their amusement. I won't find many who are willing to defend our constitutions from all enemies foreign and domestic... If they could only see how they are making themselves and others look like complete asses. It must be way too difficult for them to do their simple and clear civic duty! Think about it! They would rather do the wrong thing than do the simple and clear right thing! Isn't it way beyond embarrassing? Perhaps their ego is such that they simply cannot admit to making a mistake. I admit my mistakes, when I make them. But, I don't admit to bogus accusations from people bent on destroying our constitutional republic.
   Let the readers decide who is speaking from a foundation of truth and right, and who is trying desperately to defend unconstitutional abuse and provocations.

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015, UPDATE: Got a response from WDLI Director Joel Sacks.

     There are 2 great things about this blog. First, it gives the reader a complete play by play reality of dealing with government employees after they trap you in their web of nonsense. This documented play by play shows exactly how government employees perform their duties apart from any consideration of our state and federal constitutions which protect our God given rights and liberties. Second, this blog zeros in on how differences in belief systems within the minds of individuals affect the operations of government toward the governed.
    The differences in belief systems between the "governors" and the "governed" also came to the forefront of political discussion in the 1600s, the 1700s, and the 1800s, prior to and after our Founding Fathers. During the Great Reformation and Renaissance, the printing press produced a great deal of writings which did profoundly change the way rulers governed their citizens. The Dark Ages gave way to the Renaissance.
    If you read the documents which were read by our founding fathers you can find writings that favor and support the power and word of the king over his citizens, and you can find documents that favor limiting the power of kings and his dictates over their citizens. Off the top of my head, I remember reading a document, or treatise, that portrayed a king as a "father" over the people-which then went on to say that the kings word was law because he cares about his subjects like a father cares for his children. Someone actually wrote that nonsense and believed it! Somehow, even when the king's edicts were immoral and criminal, his words carried the magic that required the citizens to believe them. Unfortunately, a lot of dupes fell for the magical and all powerful words and authority of the king. On the other hand, the treatises opposing the power of dictatorial kings won the day, and the Founding Fathers fashioned the U.S. Constitution as the foundation of what came to be the most free and prosperous country ever to exist upon the earth in known history.
    I am fascinated by this blog because it seems to be repeating the the debates of the Renaissance! The letter I received from the Director Joel Sacks absolutely demonstrates the truth of what I have just written. Imagine the arrogance of the established rulers of the Dark Ages. If you were a king, just imagine the arrogance required to assume that your word is law. Imagine being a king and expecting everyone to believe and go along with your words with respect and submission. Could you as a sensible and free American actually go along with such arrogance in deceiving yourself in the same way the Dark Age kings deceived themselves? I could not do that, but it seems the bureaucrats in Washington State government have the same mental aptitude as the silly corrupt kings which our forefathers fled and threw off during the American Revolutionary war.
   Let's do a contrast. Here are the last paragraphs of my letter to Dir. Joel Sacks:

----My defense, my arguments, and protests are all based on the factual history of this USA and on the natural rights of man which are protected in our Supreme Law of the Land. I am quite capable of independent thought based in truth, common sense, and common decency and based in OUR civic duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions. Are you capable, or do you prefer to follow the misguided crowd down the road to tyranny?
The citation, fine, and Account Statement billing me $500.00 are bogus and outside of law. I have not been convicted of a crime by a jury of my good neighbors. Your efforts to collect the fine are lawless acts in a nation founded upon the Rule of Law. Ignoring the Supreme Law of the Land is a lawless act and is still considered treason by those who have given life, limb, and treasure to preserve our Supreme Law of the Land for their posterity.
Please withdraw your citations and comply with our state and federal Constitutions.
Russ Hinds----

 I am delighted that my writing conforms to the writings of our Founding Fathers and the pamphleteers who wrote in opposition to all-powerful kings. Now, read and contrast the response I received from Dir. Joel Sacks:

    I hope the following comments dissecting the letter above expose our opposing beliefs which guide our thoughts and actions. You, the reader, must decide whose words are true and carry more weight. Hopefully, this exorcise, and this blog, inspires you to take action and repair or replace people in government who are failing to govern within the constraints of their charter, the Constitution of the State of Washington. Seek inspiration from our Declaration of Independence.
     First, the letter opens cordially, thanking me for the letter I sent to Dir. Joel Sacks. I appreciate the semblance of civility.
    Second, Joel Sacks asks Chief Electrical Inspector Stephen D. Thornton to write the response. Joel Sacks is a figurehead. He is not there to rock the boat, rather he is there to advise on issues after being briefed on the pros and cons of the issue by government employees and lobbyists. In this case, Sacks chose to avoid taking a stand and passed on the responsibility to CEI Thornton. Sacks takes an Oath of Office to support our state and federal constitutions. CEI Thornton does not take an Oath of Office and he is not a constitutional lawyer. He is simply a government employee with a background in the Electrical Field and business.    Electrical Currants 
   Thornton will naturally tend to maintain the status quo, and he is just another obstacle in my path to get my grievance resolved according to our state and federal constitutions. Thornton does not have the gonads to approach Joel Sacks and tell him that he(Thornton) is not qualified to address the constitutional law I used to substantiate my grievance. Thornton should have given the task of responding to my letter back to Sacks advising him to get the proper legal advice from a constitutional lawyer, either on staff, in the private sector, or preferably both. HERE IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF MUCKING THINGS UP IN ORDER TO AVOID MAKING A CORRECT DECISION BASED ON OUR SIMPLE AND PLAIN STATE AND FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONS. According to what I learned in sixth grade government school, both Sacks and Thornton are not qualified to serve in their positions. Sacks should have been knowledgeable enough to get proper counsel. They are simply not interested in adhering to or standing up for our state and federal constitutions. In sixth grade, I learned that it is every citizen's civic duty to support our constitutions, and that includes government employees. --Those are minimum statements which do not take into account any DELIBERATE motives for disregarding our state and federal constitutions. It is my experience with government employees that makes me believe that they are just fearful and cowardly people going along with the crowd without sticking their neck out. They don't have the confidence to actually take a stand for their Oath of Office, therefore they seek every possible way to pass the buck and avoid taking responsibility for running the government according to the plain and simple words of our Supreme Laws of the Land. People like me who say that our rights protected in our constitutions are Supreme scare the heck out of government employees. And of course the government employees want the general public to be afraid of us, too. Just look at the methods used to demonize people who are standing up for our right to bear arms.
   Third, Thornton declines to waive the penalty for their citation based on his belief that it was issued for appropriate reasons, which is supported by another low rank government employee, Faith Jeffery. Obviously, these guys are just the "king's minions" going along with the dictates of the king. The kings of the Dark Ages avoided any discussion of morality and justice in the administration of their dictates. Thornton avoids any discussion of morality, justice, AND our Supreme Law of the Land while making the unsupported statement that the citation was "appropriate." He is "just doing his job." There are no government employees and very few legislators who will do their civic duty to support our state and federal constitutions. They prefer living in their world of nonsense ignoring the life, limb, and treasure given to defend our constitutions from all enemies foreign and domestic. They live in a comfort zone of make believe.
   Fourth, Thornton makes the wild statement that I exorcised my "full due process right" and appealed the citation through 4 levels of judicial review. Truth is, I was never given any "due process rights." I purchased my right to appeal by paying $450.00 to request a "due process" trial by a jury of my good neighbors, who would do their civic duty to support our state and federal constitutions. My constitutionally protected right to a trial by jury was never granted to me by the king's minions. I advise Thornton and Sacks to read our Declaration of Independence before assuming that their words contain magic that will make me believe them. Sorry guys, I cannot lower myself to submitting to words pulled out of thin air and without any basis in simple truth. Cobbling words together on a piece of paper on your false assumption that they make sense does not cast a spell on me, nor pull the wool over my eyes. Obviously, I do not live in your world of nonsense and make believe, which is where the kings of the Dark Ages lived. I live in a world in which good men have given life, limb, and treasure to preserve the rights and liberties which are protected in our state and federal constitutions for our posterity.
     I have, once again, failed to find any responsible government employees who will do their civic duty to support and defend our state and federal constitutions. This is pitiful... I have worked very hard to educate and animate government employees to follow our Supreme Law of the Land.

    Let the reader judge for himself who is speaking the truth...

    One more thing. When a legislator contacts Joel Sacks about my grievance, they are spoken to in the same manner as Thornton's letter above. If the legislator is an average citizen mis-educated in a government school just like the rest of the government employees, then the words spoken in the same manner as found in Thornton's letter will likely suffice to pull the wool over the legislator's eyes... The legislator simply does not have the education that our founding fathers had, or even the basic education I have. They will fall for the bureaucrats' nonsense and lies. If the citizens of America cannot unite on our founding documents, then the enemies of America have won by successfully dividing and conquering. If government employees are not accountable to uphold and defend the rights protected in our constitutions, then there is nothing left that they are accountable to. Without the constitution, they are free to do anything they desire to do. For examples of things that unaccountable government does, look at the list of things in our Declaration of Independence. All across the land of the free and the home of the brave, government employees are doing the same things King George did prior to our Revolutionary War.
    Do you see what I see? How can we return to our state and federal constitutions? We are a people in need of an education. "My people perish for lack of knowledge."

Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24, 2015, UPDATE: Some things need to be said.

    According to what I said in my last UPDATE, I once again notified all of the legislators in Olympia, WA, of my letter to WDLI Director Joel Sacks. This time I only received a few responses, much fewer than my previous mass email. Here is the email I sent:

SUBJECT:  Director Joel Sacks of WDLI


Please find the letter to Director Joel Sacks in my latest UPDATE to my Blog: 
---BLOG URL---
It is well understood that legislators who adhere to their Oath of Office will 
inspire all government employees to do the same. The reverse is also true. 
Legislators who disregard their Oath of Office will inspire all government 
employees to disregard their civic duties.This really is basic 6th grade level 
civics instruction, but unfortunately too much mental gymnastics has crept into 
We the People's halls of government. It has become obvious that government 
employees and lawyers have forgotten their civic duty and the principles of 
constitutional government and somehow found a legitimate function of government 
to be fining citizens $1500.00 for publishing a list of their skills in an 
effort to innocently serve their neighbors. 
I would like to help you correct this nonsense...
Sincerely, Russ Hinds

RESPONSE REQUESTED:  Russ has requested a response to this message.

Here is one of the responses from a legislator's assistant:

Dear Russ,

Thank you for contacting Senator So and So and for taking the time to share your 
concerns. I will see to it that Senator So and So receives your e-mail message 
this afternoon.


Here is another one from a senator himself:

Mr. Hinds,

Thank you for your e-mail. I appreciate your input and will review your blog 

All my best,

    Our representatives in Olympia are busy. They have a lot to do for the furtherance of government in the state of Washington. ....Hhhrrrummph... Um... We are not on the same page. Furthering government is not what We the People Need. We need to get government out of the way and get it to stop rewarding ignorance, irresponsibility, incompetence, etc with free stuff.
     My little problem is not on my representatives' priority list... and when they talk with their contact person in WDLI, that contact person assures the legislator that WDLI is functioning properly according to the law. After that, since the legislator has other pressing matters on his plate, he can move on to addressing the other matters. Somehow, no one in the legislature has the courtesy to get back with me to inform me of WDLI's position in the matter of fining people $1500.00 for looking for a job. Apparently, I am brushed off as a disgruntled kook, even a constitutionalist disgruntled kook. WDLI's contact person with the legislators is quite skilled at discrediting the complainant(me) and assuring the legislator that everything is hunky dory. THIS IS THE MESS WE HAVE CREATED WITH OUT OF CONTROL GOVERNMENT WHICH IS WAY OUT OF CONSTITUTIONAL RESTRAINTS.
     Just as the simple truth can be buried under mountains of lies, inferences, nuances, and wrong assumptions, so can government employees bury their unconstitutional conduct in the "gray area" utilizing lies, inferences, nuances, and wrong assumptions. In my case, one disgruntled citizen is easily tossed aside as simply a nuisance. Once the legislator's concerns are satisfied by the WDLI contact person, the legislator can get back to "more serious matters" on his desk. Thus, the stand I have taken gets drawn out till the end of time.
    The only bright spot in this is the fact that my stand and my blog have exposed a lot of people in and out of government to an education in simple reality. --The "reality" of having state and federal constitutions which protect the natural God given rights of the governed and establish government to "protect and maintain individual rights" as stated in Article 1 of the Constitution of the State of Washington.
     Government is not established to punish the innocent for the benefit of the collective... And that is the subtle underlying "lie" used to justify more government interference in the everyday lives of the governed. "In order to protect the public, government must do this, and this, and that, and more of that..." "In order to protect the public, government must issue $1500.00 fines to people who publish a list of their skills and post them on a private bulletin board." UNDER THIS KIND OF REASONING GOVERNMENT EXPANDS WHILE LIBERTY AND JUSTICE DIMINISHES.
     UNDER THIS KIND OF REASONING, THE ESTABLISHED POWERS PLUNGED EUROPE INTO THE DARK AGES. Our founding fathers, their ancestors, and millions of immigrants fled the darkness and oppression in the totalitarian countries of Old Europe and all over the world. They came to America for freedom, liberty, opportunity, and justice where a man could earn a living among good neighbors and keep what he has earned. Note the inscription on the Statue of Liberty:

"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

    "Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp." ??? The pompousness of the establishment rulers merited a mention on the Statue of Liberty. How about that! Of course, in the "ancient lands," those who had the gold ruled. The resources and opportunites were locked up in the hands of the few. Only the kings and his hierarchy had any modicum of freedom and opportunity. And in Old Europe, the church worked with the kings to keep the serfs from rebelling. The pompous Roman Catholic Church propagandized on the side of kings while at the same time kept the serfs ignorant of the simple truth. The invention of the printing press and the translation of Scripture into the languages of the common man created the Renaissance and the founding of the USA. Those ARE the facts, ma'm.
    The rise of America can be attributed to 1. the vast resources(land) and opportunity (freedom) available on the American continent. And 2. the Biblical influence of churches and churchmen who established the colonies, the centers of education, and the governments of the states. It was number 2 that kept the USA from becoming just another vassal of corruption dominated by the power and wealth of Old Europe's kings and church. Mexico has had several revolutions, but the people of Mexico did not have Protestant "Open Bible" education available and widely accepted. The ruling elite managed to maintain their grip on the wealth and government of Mexico. Mexico's revolutions never amounted to much, but in the USA, the Old Europe ruling elite had a long difficult time overcoming the independence and the Biblical knowledge of liberty, morality, justice, and courage, taught in America's protestant churches and schools. America's churches established the tax funded free public schools, and scripture, prayer, and song were part of those public schools for over 100 years. The "melting pot" of the 19th and early 20th century American society, being dominated by Christian educated leaders in local and state government rightly desired that all children be given a basic education in reading writing, and arithmetic, AND THE STATED REASON FOR THIS WAS SO THAT THEY COULD READ THE SCRIPTURE FOR THEMSELVES. Reading scripture defines liberty, morality, responsibility, justice, mercy, courage, and "Love your neighbor" for the minds of upcoming generations. Take away those definitions from upcoming generations and you will have a population of ignorant serfs ready to be exploited, controlled, and commanded under a ruling authority.
    America's road to serfdom began in earnest in 1913 with the establishment of the Federal Reserve Banking System and the establishment of the income tax. With the world's Old Europe Bankers and America's newly created Industrial Revolution wealth (Robber Barons as they were known by the citizenry of the time) in control of America's banking and money printing, the world's wealthiest people could embark America on the road to serfdom and servitude. The "banksters" now had the power to build the government large enough to control the "serfs," whom they regarded as the laboring lower classes. Through taxes and "interest on loans and mortgages" taken from the labors of the common people, the world's richest could embark on their scheme for world dominance under their New World Order.
    In less than fifty years after 1913 (1963), they succeeded in removing scripture and prayer from America's schools --and the American taxpayer paid for it. Fifty years after that(2013), we have a nation of oblivious obedient slaves to work following orders in national and state governments which have deliberately and steadily grown to proportions that would astonish and grieve our founding fathers. NOW, HERE I AM TRYING TO COMMUNICATE ON A BASIS OF OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENTS AND FOUNDING PRINCIPLES OF LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL WITH GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WHO DO NOT HAVE THE NATURAL DEFINITIONS OF LIBERTY, MORALITY, RESPONSIBILITY, JUSTICE, MERCY, COURAGE AND "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR" WRITTEN IN THEIR HEARTS AND MINDS. The government employees, and over half of the U.S. population, have fallen for the lie that we need government to protect, control, and support people for their own good. The government employee paychecks demand that they maintain the current system...
    ...And I am trying to reach them with ideas foreign to their understanding???  ...And I am speaking ideas that may lead to a lot of fear of losing their job by downsizing government... quite a shock to government employees, I am! The government employees prefer the road to serfdom because it secures their paycheck and our servitude to their benefits and pensions.
    Those at the top of government establishment position and power know what I am talking about. Those government employees at the low and middle levels of government follow orders and prefer not to think about or deal with things I am saying. We the People's representatives in the legislature have various levels of understanding. They run the gammit from "government is Savior" to "government is too big and out of control."  Hence, the battle over ideas in the legislature. It results in "government by committee" where nothing can be accomplished according to a simple logical interpretation of our state and federal constitutions.
     Little ol' Russ Hinds cannot be allowed to get his citations resolved according to our state and federal constitutions, either. The "committee" will not agree, and it is too controversial and minor to give any serious time and effort to resolving. If little ol' Russ gets his issues resolved correctly, it might cause others to want the same and the whole house of cards might fall down. I believe it is that simple. My issue could have been constitutionally resolved in six weeks had they simply given me my constitutionally protected right to a trial by jury. But no, the bureaucracy must protect its tyranny. They must not allow a jury the opportunity to resolve my issue according to our natural God given rights which are protected in our state and federal constitutions. Little ol' Russ might be able to convince a jury of good neighbors to nullify the unconstitutional laws and citations. House of cards comes falling down again...
    It is looking more and more like we need some kind of huge crash of the system to wake people up to proper government based in liberty, justice, morality, and give-a-care about your neighbor. It makes me wonder if the banksters have deliberately lowered the price of oil and gasoline in order to relieve some of the stress on the American people and revive an American economy. Doing that would preserve the status-quo and further their agenda by calming down people like me who are beginning to wake up and attempt to correct out of control abusive government. If the economy and other things are going well for the American population, then blogs like this one won't generate much support and the government employees can continue with their so-called progress leading to the technocracy where every transaction between individuals is recorded and the "underground" free economy is destroyed.
    In a government of, for, and by We the people, we have been given a tool for We the People to govern ourselves. That tool is the trial by jury. That is where neighbors judge neighbors and they can judge the "king's" laws, as well. The trial by jury is one of the most essential and foundational rights of a free and just people. That is why the right to a trial by jury it is protected in our founding documents. It is wrong, unjust, and treasonous to deny your neighbor their right to a trial by jury. If We the People will not stand up for the right to a trial by jury, then the road to serfdom and ignorance is complete for our posterity. It breaks my heart... it crushes me to see what has become... I cannot fathom the apathy, ignorance, and blindness in the halls of our representatives as they gather in Olympia.

    In case there are some legislators who agree and understand what I am standing for, I will do another UPDATE which will provide the winning argument for limited constitutional government. ...Just in case there are some who love liberty and justice for all. I will do this before I go to Olympia. What a mess! I really want to go look these people in the eye and see if they can look me in the eye...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20, 2015 UPDATE: Are government employees reading my blog? Correspondence with WDLI Director Joel Sacks.

    First, I did email all of the legislators, who happen to be gathered in Olympia for their 105 day session inventing new laws and other such nonsensical ways to waste the taxpayer's money.  I am sure there is a lot of patting each other on the back over there in Olympia. Imagine the comradery of the legislators, the bureaucrats, and the government lawyers sucking up to each other attempting to get their programs expanded with more taxpayer funding.  There comes a point when enough is enough, but few understand that. They have no concept of small government, like our founding fathers intended.
    Here is what I stated in my email:

You may find an interesting dose of reality in the last three UPDATES to my 

 ...BLOG URL...

---I am still trying to get my $1500.00 citations for publishing a list of my 
skills resolved according to our state constitution, --the documents that you 
and many other government employees take an Oath of Office to support. It seems 
many of my good neighbors who work for the gov. do not know what to do with me. 
Perhaps they need your guidance and encouragement to uphold our state and 
federal constitutions. The gov. employees at the lower levels who interface with 
the public pretend to be helpless and uncertain of doing their civic duty to 
uphold our Supreme Laws of the Land which do establish government to protect and 
maintain individual rights, --Article 1, Section 1 of the WA State Constitution.

Thank you for adhering to your Oath and civic duty.
R. Hinds

    I received a few supportive responses from some of the legislators such as this one: 

Thanks for your email and your point of view. I believe too many people are 
forgetting that we have a country and a rule of law. You hang in there stay 
Senator (So and so) 

      I am glad there are a few people in the legislature who do see how far out of control government employees are. However, there is not enough unity and common correct understanding of our state and federal constitutions. Truth is, if they did go back to constitutional government, the change would be too drastic and scary for the weak minded. --Trusted and wise leaders with the vision of our founders in the legislature? Nope... It is pretty much each person for himself/herself in the legislature. The unity lies with those who see the government (and themselves) as the savior of We the People. The small government liberty minded legislators do not have the unity nor the ability to articulate the proper role of government to the "government is savior" crowd. That is why government keeps expanding out of control and outside constitutional restraints. We are in dire need of real statesmen for We the People who insist on supporting constitutional government.
    I think I'll make a trip to Olympia... They need to meet me in person. 

     Well, guess what? I got another Account Statement. This one is declaring that I owe $500.00 for the electrical citation and it contains another threat. If I fail to pay it, they will send a private collection agency after me to collect it. Have at it, boys and girls. I can talk straight with the private collection agency, as well. Will the private collection agency fall lockstep behind out of control government employees when given the full truth about their unconstitutional fines? If I were a private collection agency, I would not take the risk. Participating in extortion alongside ignorant government employees who are disregarding our Supreme Law of the Land might open them up for a lawsuit. 
    In order to keep my communication with government employees up to date and in their face, I wrote a letter to the Director of Washington Department of Labor and Industries. He needs to know the facts. Truly, simply adhering to their Oath of Office would be much easier than playing games with me for over 3 years. Here is my letter to Dir. Joel Sacks:

January 19, 2015

TO: Director Joel Sacks
Washington State
Department of Labor & Industries
P.O. Box 44000
Olympia, WA 98504-4000

FROM: Russ Hinds
10421 E. Jutte Ln
Elk, WA 99009

RE: Account Statement.

Dear Joel,
     Please find the enclosed copy of the Account Statement sent to me in order to collect an unconstitutional fine of $500.00.
     After over three years of trying to communicate at a clear and simple 6th grade level in order to remind my public servants of their civic duty to support our state and federal constitutions, you and your department ought to know that the citations and fines issued to me in the course of mindlessly “just doing my job” are unconstitutional and will not be given any consideration by me, Russ Hinds.
      It has become completely obvious that government employees need an education in the history of this great nation and the fact that lives have been given to preserve and protect our constitutions from all enemies foreign and domestic. I wish I could educate government employees on our founding documents and the writings of the Renaissance that inspired their creation, but I don't have space here to do that for you. Here is a quote from a more recent wise individual who did educate himself concerning reality, liberty, and justice. Albert Einstein said, "A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth."
     Indeed, scientists have shown that people will go to absurd lengths – and engage in mental gymnastics – in order to cling to their belief in what those in authority have said. In fact, my Blog, Man Fined $1500.00 for Looking for a Job, has clearly and simply shown the previous statement to be absolutely true. The Blog shows it to be nearly impossible to animate government employees with the ability to think independently from the crowd gathered around the water coolers in government buildings.
    My defense, my arguments, and protests are all based on the factual history of this USA and on the natural rights of man which are protected in our Supreme Law of the Land. I am quite capable of independent thought based in truth, common sense, and common decency and based in OUR civic duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions. Are you capable, or do you prefer to follow the misguided crowd down the road to tyranny?
    The citation, fine, and Account Statement billing me $500.00 are bogus and outside of law. I have not been convicted of a crime by a jury of my good neighbors. Your efforts to collect the fine are lawless acts in a nation founded upon the Rule of Law. Ignoring the Supreme Law of the Land is a lawless act and is still considered treason by those who have given life, limb, and treasure to preserve our Supreme Law of the Land for their posterity.
    Please withdraw your citations and comply with our state and federal Constitutions.

Russ Hinds 

     Now I need to inform the legislators of this letter. It takes over 2 hours for me to do that through their email system, but it is necessary. When I visit them in person, hopefully they will have some idea of what is going on, and what has been going on for over 3 years. This is certainly not how government is supposed to work... 
    I do hope I get the courtesy of a written response from Dir. Joel Sacks. I'll bet that he doesn't have the courage to respond to me in writing. I'll bet he will prefer to ignore my letter and pretend that I don't exist. He will likely let his subordinates handle it. They will drag it out till the end of time... Simple communication between good neighbors is not supposed to work this way... However, the government employees have marked me as some kind of enemy and threat to their system. They must prevail... 
   Bullshit! They must get in line with our state and federal constitutions! 

Here is the threatening Account Statement:  

Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10, 2015, UPDATE: Went back to Spokane offices of Washington Dept. of Labor and Industries to visit Jeff Martin, Revenue Agent.

    On Friday, January 9, I paid a visit to the WDLI office in Spokane hoping to speak with Jeff Martin, Revenue Agent. Rather than having a sit down discussion of my supposed "Account," Jeff came out of his office to speak with me at the Receptionist counter. This was where I had the conversation with his partner in crime on December 30. I thought Jeff being named as my contact on the "Account Statement" would require a more thorough discussion and explanation in his office, or a small conference room. That did not occur. I take that to mean that I am not wanted in their offices. I am to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. Last week, I understood being kept at the counter because the other revenue agent was not listed as my contact, but Jeff preferring to keep the meeting minimal and out of his office shows that he would prefer to stay out of my dispute with WDLI. His own words verify that,"Your account statement says that you owe zero. I have not been given any duty to collect on the account. Your account is still in appeal according to the statement. I am not involved."
    When Jeff came out, I introduced myself and informed Jeff that I wanted to show him that I am a human being, and I also wanted to see if he was a human desiring to be a good neighbor who does his civic duty to uphold our Supreme Law of the Land. Jeff said, "Yeah, it is good to be able to put a face to those we are corresponding with." Jeff was a nice enough fellow, but he seemed to be a little uncomfortable. I hope he realized that I did not put him in an uncomfortable position, his superiors did that. But, Jeff displayed no government employee arrogance, as is common with many government employees.
     I asked Jeff what he had found out would be the next thing WDLI is going to do to me. He had said on the phone before Christmas that he would find out and get get back to me. Obviously, he never called me back. Jeff said that my citations were still in appeal. He doesn't know what will happen until my case comes out of appeal and is given to him with instructions. He is stalling and pushing responsibility off of himself and up the chain of command. This is common practice for government employees. They always dodge responsibility as quickly as possible. We have seen this throughout my blog. They blame the statute, the legislature, their job, but no government employee wants to stick their neck out and take a stand on upholding our state and federal constitutions.
    I told Jeff that I am there because it is my desire to have these citations resolved according to our Supreme Law of the Land. I said that I don't want my citations put in a never-never land on the bottom of a stack of files somewhere. If it is buried and kept buried, it will never be resolved according to our state and federal constitutions. Resolving issues according to our constitutions by striking down the unconstitutional citations or a trial by a jury of good neighbors is the last thing WDLI employees at the top want. Everything they have done, which is recorded in this blog, proves that they do not want any discussion or consideration of our state and federal constitutions. Divert, delay, and dodge are standard procedure for government employees. Every person minding his own business and attempting to scratch out a living needs to know what to expect when they get ensnared in the government's web of accusations and procedures...
    I told Jeff that he needs to know what is going on so that he can stand up to his superiors according to our Supreme Law of the Land. "Jeff, I was told in my appeal hearing that I could not paint a windowsill for a neighbor without first having a contractor's license. They said I could get a shovel and pick up dog poop in the yard, but I couldn't paint a window sill."
   Jeff said, "Yeah, but you could not stick the shovel in the sod and dig up the lawn without having a landscape license."
   WTF?... "Hasn't the pendulum swung way out of bounds? Isn't that crazy? I am trying to educate government employees. That is why I am here and that is why I have a blog. Do you know that a government employee lied to my father over the phone. He claimed to be a client who wanted me to finish remodeling his dad's bedroom..."
    "Yeah, I read your blog.."
     Hallelujah!!! Right on! Then we talked a little more about ethics in government employees and some more about good neighbors upholding our state and federal constitutions. Other people standing and waiting at the receptionist counter got to hear a lot of good stuff! Jeff could not do much more than agree with me. He had read my blog and he knew that I had already gone to the legislature, and my state representative had even filed a "Helping the Local Handyman Bill," so Jeff knew that he could not divert me by saying, "You need to take it up with the legislature." I would have said emphatically in front of everybody, "I did already do that and they are working a getting a handyman bill passed." LOL! I like taking away their diversions!
    This is not the way government is supposed to work... Government today is an assault on the public, and not a public servant. I have been through three years of nonsense. Assaulted by a pack of government employees trying to convince me that I am a bad neighbor who deserves to pay the government employees $1500.00 for hanging a flyer on a private bulletin board. It reminds me of children in daycare trying to be boss over other children in daycare... Or the rich kid clique in high school trying to bully the poor kids in high school. I think some government employees need to grow up and accept the fact that we do have state and federal constitutions which are fought and died for. It is time to put government employees back under the constraints of our constitutions. Perhaps even get rid of about two thirds of the government employees. According to our state constitution, government employees exist to protect and maintain individual rights. It is disgusting to encounter adults acting like children by pretending that they are abiding by our Supreme Law of the Land. I stopped playing "pretend" when I was in elementary school...
    Jeff insisted that he is out of the picture because the Account Statement says zero. I thanked him for his attention and bid goodbye, leaving Jeff to carry on pretending that he is supporting and defending our state and federal constitutions.
   I'll need to update my representatives. The bureaucracies which they have created are creating nightmares for the public whom they are supposed to be serving...  The public are beating their head against bureaucratic walls when the representatives ought to be beating the bureaucracies over the head with with our state and federal constitutions. ...It is a lot easier to run a constitutional government. Out of control government is impossible to manage... Good grief! Get a clue!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31, 2014, UPDATE: Visited the office of Washington Department of Labor and Industries in Spokane.

    Yesterday, I went to the WDLI offices in Spokane to visit with Jeff Martin. Jeff was out of the office until after the 5th of January, but I did get to visit with his partner in crime. There are at least 2 Revenue Agents stationed in Spokane. Very nice neighbor. I was politely greeted and a neighborly conversation was allowed to occur. I started by asking what did Jeff find would likely be the next steps of WDLI in pursuing their citations against me. I pointed out that the letters with the citations include several threats, and one letter names my "household" in the threats. Obviously, threatening my mother creates a lot of anger in my heart and mind.
     After showing the revenue agent a copy of my flyer, she asked the question, "Are you a licensed contractor?" ...pause... I have to pause here because I do not see the relevancy of the question. Somehow the government employee thinks it is relevant. Somehow the government employee thinks that you need to have a license before you can publish a list of your skills in order to serve your good neighbors. Here we go... now we get into a conversation where I must destroy all the fallacies that have been pumped into this government employee's head. She is going to rattle through all of the government's justifications for issuing me the citations... This is nuts! Evidently, these government employees are not capable of an independent, moral, and just reasoning process. The best they can do is repeat the justifications that have been given to them by their "superiors."
    While keeping a pleasant demeanor, I asked her, "Does it say on my flyer that I am a licensed contractor?" I do not need to have a license to do work for my neighbors. According to the constitution, I have a right to publish a list of my skills. She responded that the constitution does not apply to state laws, to which I replied, "I was surprised to find that the Washington State Constitution says that the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. No matter what your government lawyers say, supreme still means supreme! And government employees still take an Oath of Office to support our Supreme Law of the Land." That shut her down on that. She begins to realize that she is not going to convince me, nevertheless that does not stop her from trying.
   Do I need to list all of her straw man scenarios designed to put fear in me as I work with good neighbors without having a license from the state to do so? They are all same... designed to make me think that I need the government to protect me from my neighbors and protect my neighbors from me.
1. There are crooked apartment owners who look for unlicensed people to repair their apartments, and then they tell the service provider that they are dissatisfied with the work done and will not pay. They know that the unlicensed repairman cannot go to WDLI to force compensation for work done because he is not licensed. Therefore, I need to be in the system so that I can get WDLI to force the crooked apartment owner to pay me. She said these crooks scour Craigslist looking for people who do not publish their license numbers. 
Answer: WOW! Everybody is a criminal in the minds of government employees... And since government employees are good guys, they are the ones who can save you... So, because there are bad apartment owners, I need to be fined $1500.00 for hanging a flyer on a bulletin board??? How the hell does that compute in her mind? "Well, it seems to me that we have civil courts and small claims courts to use to force crooks to pay for services rendered."

2. She gave an example of a woman who needed her septic system repaired. She hired an unlicensed guy to install a new septic system in her backyard. The system they installed did not work and they tore up her yard and she was unable to recoup damages because the guy was not licensed and bonded. WDLI could not help her because she hired an unlicensed contractor. She could not recoup from the bondsman because the contractor was not bonded. She noticed that I am a man of principle and that I would want insurance for my mistakes to protect my customers. 
Answer: So, because there are bad service providers out there, I need to be fined $1500.00 for hanging a flyer on a bulletin board? How does that compute in her mind? Well, it seems to me that we have civil courts and small claims courts to use to force crooks to pay for damages created." Once again, everyone is a criminal and government employees are the good guys

What is going on here? Is she trying to put me under the spell she is under? She wants me to participate in her system because her salary depends on it, and she is the good guy. She is blind to the fact that BAD GUYS attempt to extort $1500.00 from people who publish a list of their skills and post them on a bulletin board.

3. Fairness. Here she brings up the downturn in the economy and WDLI started receiving complaints from their licensed contractors who were losing work supposedly because unlicensed contractors were coming from Idaho and Montana and competing for work with lower bids because they were unfairly without the burden of complying with WDLI regulations. WDLI needed to crack down on the "underground economy." 
Answer: Good grief! "Underground economy" is just another scare word. It is bad... I reminded her that the Soviet Union had a centralized economy and 25 million people starved to death. If it wasn't for the underground economy, 50 million people might have starved to death. The underground economy is a good thing. People doing things without government interference is a good thing. If licensed contractors are complaining about unfair regulations and unfair competition, then they ought to change the regulations. Let people do what they want to do. If I want to hire my neighbor to help me build a garage, I may choose which ever neighbor I want to choose, and then work together as good neighbors without government employee interference... If he screws me over, I can take him to court. If I screw him over, he can take me to court. Gee, I am not falling under her spell...

   We went on to discuss the moral foundations of law, and how government lawyers apply law and interpret law to benefit government. There is no moral foundation for fining me $1500.00 for hanging a flyer on a bulletin board. I told her that one of my goals was to educate government employees, and that I appreciate her willingness to listen to me. I said the pendulum has swung too far and the little guys like her need to be equipped to stand up to their misguided "superiors." 30 years ago, no government employee would have had the audacity to issue $1500.00 fines to my father, and my father would not have put up with it. He would have punched the government employee in the nose. Why do you think I should put up with it?
   I succeeded in giving her a lot to think about. However, I have reconsidered my request that all government employees be given training in our state and federal constitutions and the history surrounding those constitutions. It is now obvious that training in constitutional government would be insufficient. From the above, and from all the rest of my experiences with government employees, THEY NEED TO BE TAUGHT HOW TO REASON CORRECTLY ON THE BASIS OF MORAL AND RIGHT CONDUCT TOWARD YOUR NEIGHBOR. They fall for the nonsense coming down from their "superiors." The government employees at the bottom carrying out the orders from above simply shove aside any and all conviction that comes from the fact that their good neighbors would not do to them what their superiors are asking them to do to their good neighbors. These low level minions collecting their government paychecks NEED TRAINING IN MORAL VALUES FOUNDED IN LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR AND DOING THE RIGHT THING INDEPENDENT OF ALL THE FALSE AND FLIMSY JUSTIFICATIONS CITED BY THEIR SUPERIORS FOR MORE AND EXPANDING GOVERNMENT POWER AND CONTROL. They need to be unbrainwashed... and that would be hard to do since their paychecks, their means of taking care of themselves, depends on them following orders from their superiors.
   What a mess. I could not do what they do. I would quit, and my superiors would be glad I quit. They would easily find a low IQ replacement for me. Looks to me like it is going to take some bad shit hitting the fan before America is to return to a moral constitutional republic with liberty and justice for all.
  I pray that this blog is educating some people... Geeze... and then you have the whining contractors begging the government to protect them from people who simply want to serve their neighbors. How low will America go? Shame, shame, shame... Where is integrity, dignity, independence, and a desire for honesty, simplicity, and friendly communities? Where? Where are those things? They certainly are not found being taught in government schools... Excuse me. I am done. I need to go throw up now...

EDIT: Oh, while I was throwing up I remembered one other funny thing that the revenue agent said. While talking about needing to be bonded she mention that she herself had hired a contractor to remodel her bathroom. When it was done the lights blinked off and on again randomly. The plumbing in the shower leaked and she has not been able to take a shower in her new bathroom. She said that she was glad she used a licensed contractor because his being bonded and insured will make it right--- then she paused and second to think and asked herself why the remodel wasn't done correctly in the first place. ----then she answered her own question, as if expecting me to be saying what she was saying... "the contractor probably sent over an employee who did not know how to do the work properly..." I looked at her kind of puzzled, but moved on to another point. LOL! I guess I was having an effect. Good reasoning that cannot be argued with must have flustered her a little. Oh well!
    It must be said that "We the people should not have to educate and unbrainwash government employees every time we encounter them 'just doing their job.'" They should be able to think and reason in terms of common sense, common decency, and good neighbors prior to getting their government job. They can't just fine people $1500.00 without a conviction by a jury of good neighbors. That is what our constitutions say... Good grief!

     Due to the fact that I know history, and also have colorful relatives and ancestors, I was amused with the business card that I picked up at the WDLI office in Spokane. Seems they really do have a position titled "Revenue Agent." In the 1920's my Missouri backwoods grandpa was a child. It was during Prohibition. Grandpa was posted down the road from the moonshine still to watch out for "revenuers." LOL! That cracks me up. I cannot imagine carrying around a business card that says "Revenue Agent." It is also amusing to me that the backwoods Missourians were smarter than today's supposedly educated population. The backwoods moonshiners resisted government interference and extortion, too. I just bring that up because it tickles me. I do know that distilling liquor in improperly constructed stills can poison and and kill people. My great grandpa's still never poisoned or killed anyone. If it did, grandpa said it would have killed him and my great grandpa, and grandma, and aunts, uncles... They drank their own White Lightin', too. LOL! ...Must have been fun outsmarting the revenuers back then. I love adventure!
   Anyway, from my perspective and upbringing I would be embarrassed carrying around a business card that says, "Revenue Agent." Perhaps other people just don't know any better... LOL!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 13, 2014 UPDATE: Conversation with government employee...

     On Monday, Dec. 8, I finally talked with Jeff Martin on the phone about the Account Statement mentioned in my previous UPDATE. I introduced myself and informed him that I am looking for government employees who know how to be good neighbors that uphold our state and federal constitutions. Then I gave him the Customer Number which is referenced on the Account Statement. I also reminded him of the messages he left on my answering machine. Jeff was polite and willing to discuss my concerns and answer questions. I asked Jeff why my fines were still in Appeal, since my appeals ended months ago. I asked if Labor  and Industries had put me in suspension in order to avoid resolving my protests according to our constitutions. He could not answer that, but he said that he would research it.
     Our conversation lasted a good 15 minutes as I reiterated many of the points that I have made in this blog. The first point being that the constitution protects my right to publish a list of my skills. Jeff responded with the fact that the constitution applies to the federal government and the states are free to execute their own laws. I pointed out that my sons and my father did not serve in war in order that states can fine American citizens $1500.00 for hanging a flier on a bulletin board. Jeff tried to argue that I was demeaning the sacrifices of soldiers by applying their service to my fines, as if my protests were too petty and the fines too miniscual to fall under the sacrifices of life and limb. WOW! He thought that I was demeaning their sacrifice and service to our country! Evidently, Jeff could not see that he had it exactly backwards. Labor and Industries demeans the service of our soldiers by issuing outrageous fines for innocent activity. Hmm... I am beginning to get confirmation of my belief that government employees have strange and backward thinking and reasoning which they use to justify government outside constitutional restraints.
     I also pointed out that the Washington State Constitution says that governments exist to protect and maintain individual rights. His job exists to protect and maintain individual rights and the Washington State Constitution says that the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Then, Jeff took the tact that unfortunately we do not live in a moral society anymore and that he had seen many elderly people damaged by unlicensed contractors. My response, "Oh, Jeff, are you accusing me of being a danger to my neighbors? If you are, then you need to prove that to a jury of my good neighbors before you fine me $1500.00." I said, "Go after the bad guys. You cannot protect the innocent by punishing the innocent."
    Jeff had fallen for the belief that government needs to control everything in order to protect everyone. This is how government employees and attorneys justify all that they do. They convince themselves they are the good guys, even to the point of preventing people from painting a window sill for their neighbor for a dollar. Then, Jeff brought up the "gray areas" of the law. I said, "Yes, government attorneys expand the application of law beyond reason and common decency in order to issue fines and collect revenue. If the law is in a 'gray area,' it is best to err on the side of the constitution, rather than err on the side of abusive application of law."
    Jeff again lamented that we do not live in a moral society and we need government to protect people. He said that our constitutions are not sufficient to deal with today's society. I brought up John Adam's quote, "This constitution is written for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other." I said, "Therefore, when I find my government employees acting immorally, I am going to stand against it. When government employees try to shove a corn cob up my ass, I am going to stand against it!" I told Jeff that they have gotten their hooks into a guy who has been standing up to government employees for 20 years. I mentioned the government schools dumbing down generation after generation and Jeff said that he would not send his children to government schools. Wow! I said that he and I would get along very well as friends without government interference. I said that government needs good people in its employ. I said that most government employees are just trying to do a good job and justify their job in their own minds, --but that I do believe that there is corruption and evil at the top of government. I think the idiots at the top saw a need to raise revenue for their operating budget and they saw stretching their administrative law to include fining the general public on the basis of vague interpretation of law.
    I was simply trying to educate a government employee. Jeff could not defeat my arguments. He knows what I am saying is true, but these guys like him need to be shocked out of their "go along with the crowd of government employees" in order to collect a paycheck. I told Jeff that I simply could not do what he does to his neighbors. I could not participate in fining people $1500.00 for innocently hanging a flier on a bulletin board. My conscience would not allow it. I could not look a neighbor in the eye and tell him that he is a bad neighbor who owes the government employees $1500.00 for hanging a flier on a bulletin board. Good grief!!!
    The moral to this story is that "government employees and I simply have different beliefs and that we are basing our actions on those differing beliefs." Jeff bases his actions on the belief that government must protect the innocent by fining the innocent. I believe that that is preposterous and delusional. It is a false justification for more government power and control which is outside of constitutional restraints. The truth is, "the government is full of people who see themselves as the saviors needing to protect the population." It is natural for man to want a positive self image, but government employees are not looking correctly at reality. They are public servants, not saviors. They are to maintain individual rights, not punish the innocent in order to save the innocent. Government does not exist to insert itself into every transaction and agreement between individuals. I do not need to have government permission to serve my neighbors. I do not need government approval before I purchase or sell a firearm. I do not need government approval to hang a flier on a bulletin board, or publish a truthful list of my skills.
   Government employees like Jeff can be educated. Jeff knows that I would not and could not do to him what he is participating in doing to me. The thing is, Jeff, and the rest of the government employees should have been educated properly in the government schools. But, they were not. They are not equipped to stand on the founding principles of this nation. Fifty years of failing and worsening government schools has bought us to this state of out of control government and bureaucracies. And also brought us to half of the population being dependent on government,--dependent on their neighbors' taxes for welfare and a government employee paycheck.
    All I can do is do my best to educate...
   Jeff said that he would find out for me what is going to happen to me next. What are my government employees going to do to me next in executing their fines? Jeff said he would call me back, but he has not done so, yet. Perhaps I will need to call him again.