Saturday, November 12, 2016

NOVEMBER 12, 2016 Submission to President-elect Donald Trump's website.

Trump asks for ideas to make America great again. I have submitted the following:

--America's bureaucrats at all levels have for too long been regressing away from our Supreme Law of the Land, ignoring their own Oath of Office and ignoring the life, limb, and treasure given by our military families to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. As Federal and state governments have grown out of control, the parasitical bureaucrats have even ignored  U.S. Codes, broken our laws such as 18.242. The U.S. Justice Department, including the FBI, is tasked with enforcing U.S. Code 18.242: "Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, ... shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both;..." I have a simple and clear case to remind our public servants that good neighbors do their civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land. This case would empower the rank and file public servants to refuse unconstitutional directives from the corrupt executive bureaucrats. Instead of bureaucrats ignoring their own Oath and looking for ways to undermine our state and federal constitutions, a paradigm shift could break out among government employees looking for ways to support and preserve our Supreme Law of the Land for our posterity. The government employees have both denied my right to publish a list of my skills under the color of law, and refused to grant a trial by jury before seeking to extort $1500.00 in fines from me. My case is fully recorded with all correspondence from my public servants on my blog. It is too easy and too black and white. Here is a huge and simple opportunity to return this nation back to our founding principles. Please check it out;

My case is too easy. I have done all the work here. The record is completely recorded on this blog. My fake and phony public servants have completely exposed themselves here. They need to be corrected so that other government employees will know what our Supreme Law of the Land is, and what it should mean to their own conduct.
Enforcing US code 18.242 would create the paradigm shift that Donald Trump needs among government employees in order to "make America great again."
For our posterity, and for my father and 3 sons who have risked life, limb, and treasure to defend our Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. They fought foreign enemies while domestic enemies have been ignoring their Oath of Office and destroying our liberties protected in our Supreme Law of the Land here at home.
Pray for a paradigm shift. A return to liberty, and justice for all. A return to civility, responsibility, virtue, and honesty.
Dishonest government employees ignore and violate their own Oath of Office...

Friday, January 15, 2016

January 15, 2016 UPDATE: No communication.

    I have not had any communication from the FBI, which is supposed to have received my complaint requesting enforcement of U.S. Code 18.241 & 242, from U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby's office. I have not had any lawyers contact me following my correspondence asking for their assistance.  I have not heard anything from Washington Department of Labor and Industries, AND I have not heard anything more from the Washington State Attorney General's office.
    WDLI and all the government offices that have been involved with these unconstitutional citations DO KNOW where I stand and what they are up against. I am sure that they just want the whole thing swept under the rug so that they may continue their assault on our Supreme Law of the Land. They want no one in government to be held accountable and that means that they will not contact me any further to provoke anymore BLOGGING on this case.
    I am done with these people. They have learned what they will learn. I am, and have been, talking to walls. There is little more I can do.
   To my neighbors who work for the government, THANK YOU. Thank you for showing me your true colors and your childish fears of being held accountable to your Oath of Offices. I have learned much about weak minded government employees who fear the boogie man who signs their checks more than they are willing to support our state and federal constitutions. I know you guys like I know the back of my hand. I used to work for the government... and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. Your neighbors and fellow citizens of this nation have given life, limb, and treasure to preserve our constitutional republic and the rights that those contracts protect. Yet, you follow the out of control idiots in higher office, rather than follow the simple instructions upon which your jobs are established. Perhaps you know that your jobs and duties are not sanctioned by the state and federal constitutions, yet you pretend to be a necessary part of society rather than the burden that you truly are on society. Shame, shame, shame on you! Shame on you personally, for being such people of weak mind and character... May your deeds result in your just rewards. May you be treated the same way you have treated your fellow man when THE BOOK is opened to settle accounts. May the same injustice you have served upon others be served upon you. As for mercy for your sins, you have the same opportunity as everyone else. You can repent and have that epiphany I have spoken so much about in this blog.

    I am done.
    I am informing the readers of this blog that I shall not be initiating any more contact with your government offices. Should you contact me, then I will respond in the same manner that I have been responding. That is all. Let your own actions be on your own head. Let your weak minds and weak character be known among all your family, friends, and neighbors. Let your posterity know that you aided and abetted and directly worked to subvert our Supreme Law of the Land. Let the truth be front and center in the eyes of ALL the American people. And let the American people exhaust their patience and long suffering concerning those who have disregarded our Supreme Law of the Land, and throw off the corrupt government employees of weak mind and character.

    I shall take with me, the peace of mind, and the confidence that I did everything in my power to educate government employees and defend our state and federal constitutions for our posterity. My children will not look me in the eye and say, why didn't you do anything to preserve liberty, justice, and a constitutional government. May the children of weak minded government employees curse their parents for being people of weak and corrupt character, and for deliberately throwing our Supreme Law of the Land out the window.

Thank you to all my readers. I am sure that you have learned right along with me, and I am sure you are appalled right along with me... God bless the good who love liberty and justice for all!

Russ Hinds

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1, 2015 UPDATE: Seeking help from attorneys.

    I finally decided what to do with the nice letter from Senior Assistant Attorney General Stephen T. Reinmuth. I sent letters of request to a couple of civil rights organizations to see if I could get their attention. With the letters, I also sent copies of Stephen's letter. Perhaps these civil rights attorneys will decide to give me a hand.
    Before I publish my letter of request on this blog, I want to untangle some nonsense that is found in Stephen's letter. You see, these government employees are like most Americans. They are shallow thinkers. They hear a clever cliche and don't bother to think it through. They just go on repeating it as if it is the gospel truth. Then, since they fall for the snippet, they act and perform their duties as if the incomplete cliche is gospel and complete. Then they try to get the public, ME, to fall for the nonsense the same way they do.
    I have already untangled a lot of nonsense coming from government employees, but let me list a couple here. First, I untangled the application and jurisdiction of "Administrative Law." Administrative Law governs the administration of a government program. Administrative law governs people who sign up to participate in the government program. Administrative law does not apply to the general public who has not signed away their constitutionally protected rights in order to participate in the government program. Administrative law does not overrule constitutionally protected rights and liberties. SIMPLE! It can't get any simpler!
    Another bunch of nonsense I untangled is the "Helping the Local Handyman" bill that Rep. Shelley Short introduced to the legislature. These legislators, and all government employees, need to simply uphold our Supreme Law of the Land and repeal unconstitutional legislation, not introduce more nonsensical laws to fix unconstitutional laws. What is so hard to understand about that? Didn't they all take an Oath of Office to support our contracts between We the People and their public servants? It is so frustrating trying to communicate with people who are stuck in la-la land and who willfully refuse to come back to simple reality.
   Okay, the nonsense and deceit in Reinmuth's letter that needs to be untangled is found in his second to the last sentence. "Until there is a change in the electrical contractor law, the Department of Labor and Industries must enforce, and the Attorney General's Office must defend, the law as it currently stands." Does Reinmuth really expect me to fall for that nonsense? Is he forgetting his Oath of Office regarding our Supreme Law of the Land and my right to publish a list of my skills, and my right to a speedy trial by jury? Reinmuth is thinking shallow. He takes his "cliche" directive to mean that he is required to defend legislation, regulations, and statutes that are clearly unconstitutional, thus nullifying our Supreme Law of the Land. Nullifying our Supreme Law of the Land is equal to disregarding his own Oath of Attorney. His position and words to me are completely untenable. Is he really that stupid? Evidently so, and it appears that nearly all government employees are in la-la land doing the same thing. From my perspective, all of this is ridiculous. The citations I received are clearly unconstitutional, and correcting the mistake is way too simple! Yet, the government employees continue to make fools of themselves believing their nonsensical cliches and unconstitutional directives. Our Supreme Law of the Land is written in 6th grade English. It is easily understood by the people who ratified our state and federal constitutions, but these foolish government employees pretend that our constitutions cannot be understood by themselves or by We the People. These government employees defer to to the State and Federal Supreme Courts to tell us what our constitutions really mean. Once again, more ridiculousness! What is a simple and clear thinking person like myself supposed to do with this onslaught of ridiculous nonsense? The citations are absolutely clear nonsense and unconstitutional, yet government employees PRETEND that they are not nonsense! How do you rescue people from PRETEND? How do you pull people out of la-la land when they prefer to invent more nonsense and lies in order to stay in la-la land? SHEESH! least it is as amusing to me. It should be embarrassing to them! Good grief!
    There, I untangled some more nonsense... Here is the letter I wrote in hopes of getting some help from attorneys who are not in la-la land. [Reinmuth's letter to me is uploaded to my previous UPDATE, November 12, 2015]

November 30, 2015

TO: Attorney

FROM: Russ Hinds

SUBJECT: First Amendment case

Dear Mr. Attorney,
Please find the enclosed letter from Stephen T. Reinmuth, Senior Assistant Attorney General of Washington State, which is in regard to my dispute with Washington Department of Labor and Industries. The dispute is over 2 citations with fines totaling $1500.00 issued to me by WDLI for publishing a list of my skills and posting that list on a private bulletin board in an effort to serve my neighbors and make new friends.
The letter asks me to seek legal counsel in my dispute so that my perspective on the administrative law (RCW 19.28) may be properly presented to the appropriate public servants in charge of interpreting and enforcing the law. In my view, the tone of the letter implies that the public servants would like to have the dispute clarified and resolved correctly according to our state and federal constitutions FOR THEM so that they may do their job better in compliance with their Oath of Office/Attorney. My experience dealing with these public servants makes it obvious that they are doing their job by the seat of their pants without the courage to go against the government employee crowd (the machine) which has disregarded our constitutionally protected rights for the last 5 decades, and more.
It is my belief and hope that correctly resolving the unconstitutional issuance of fines for hanging an innocent flier on a private bulletin board in accordance with our Supreme Law of the Land will result in more confidence and courage on the part of public servants who honestly desire to abide by their Oath of Office/Attorney. Public servants adhering to their Oath will bring back some sanity to out of control government...
From you, I am seeking a phone conversation to discuss ways I may pursue victory in standing up for my constitutionally protected rights. Obviously, I am not pursuing this for my own benefit, but for the benefit of all people who desire the freedom and rights protected in our contract with government employees. However, there is some just compensation desired on my part in order to be made whole regarding the expense of appeals and the income lost due to my loss of liberty and due process of law.
In today's out of control government, if we do not exorcise our rights, we lose them.

Please respond via the address, phone, or email above.
Much appreciation for your time,

Russ Hinds                                                                                            enclosure, 2 pages

I would love to get a response from these attorneys. It would be very refreshing to speak to people who do not reside in la-la land.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015 UPDATE: Better communication; What do I do with this apology and encouragement to get legal assistance?

     On the 6th of November I received an email from the office of Attorney General Bob Ferguson which contained a PDF response to my letter informing them of the embarrassing inaccurate response sent to me by his Assistant Attorney General Linda Williams. This PDF letter is very readable! Wow! How about that? It even contains an apology for the inaccurate first response from Williams. There is also a large paragraph that encourages me to seek assistance from an attorney to find "other legal remedies regarding the constitutionality of the state law in question." He even gives me an email address and a phone number to contact for assistance. This is quite interesting...
   My instant analyzation of this good letter gives me the impression that the whole group of government employees I am dealing with are "just doing their job" without sticking their neck out to make a point of "doing their job according to the plain English of our state and federal constitutions." You see, they want someone to tell them that it is okay to do their job according to our Supreme Law of the Land. They can't make that decision on their own because it might upset the chain of command. This letter makes me feel like I have to do their job for them to get permission for government employees to abide by their own Oath of Office/Attorney. Where is the joy for their own heart if I have to make it safe for them to do their job correctly under the restraints of our state and federal constitutions? There is no joy for them if I do all the work while they remain incapacitated by their self-preservation and fear of upsetting the apple cart. After it is safe for them to come out of hiding, then they may find some joy and relief by doing their job correctly--"correctly" means not ignoring our constitutions while assaulting their neighbors with unconstitutional legislation and enforcement.
    Here is how our state and federal governments have gotten out of control. The lower ranking government employees just go with the flow, following orders without protesting unconstitutional law and directives from their supervisors. The cronies in the top executive offices want to maintain the status quo and pat themselves on the back for "protecting the public," and whatever other bullshit that they want to justify their existence with.  Unconstitutional incompetence run amok! And no government employee has the stones to stand up for their own Oath of Office.
   Meanwhile, I am fascinated at a government employee, a low rank Inspector Phillip Jordan, who willingly MAILS a citation to his neighbor for hanging a truthful flyer on a bulletin board. How can that guy do that? I couldn't do that. If an infraction was worthy of my attention, I would go give the guy a citation face to face, NOT MAIL IT! Chickenshit dipshits working for the government can phone a neighbor and lie to him to get a mailing address, but can't even read the simple English of our state and federal constitutions, AND THEN THE WHOLE CABAL OF GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES CIRCLE THE WAGONS AROUND THEIR UNCONSTITUTIONAL CITATIONS! And then, when I finally get a decent response from a government employee, that employee wants me to get an attorney to help me fix things for them??? FREAKING AMAZING! Well, I would like to fix things for them, but they can fix it themselves if they will simply abide by their own Oath of Office! Does all this shit seem totally ridiculous to you?
    I won the argument here from the very beginning. I really did. I even correctly pointed out that administrative law does not apply to the general public, and that if it did apply, our state and federal constitutions are Supreme OVER administrative law. Good grief!
    Here is the letter from Senior Assistant Attorney General Stephen T. Reinmuth:
    See? It is a nice letter, but what am I supposed to do with it? Perhaps I will take it to a constitutional attorney if I can find one, and see if he would like to help me fix things for the government employees so that they do not have to be conflicted between following orders and adhering to their Oath of Office.
   Anybody know of a good constitutional attorney? Any other suggestions? Maybe I should run for governor on the platform, "Good neighbors, and good government employees, do their civic duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions." My goodness!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 15, 2015, UPDATE: Patiently waiting...

     I have waited over a month for a response from my government employee Assistant Attorney General Linda Williams, after correcting her nonsensical correspondence which contained inaccuracies in almost every sentence. Obviously, she does not want to respond to me and correctly resolve my unconstitutional citations--resolve them according to our Supreme Law of the Land and her own Oath of Attorney. Quote from her inacccurate letter which she sent to me: "There is no further action that can be taken on the matter by this office." This just goes to show you what kind of people hold government office today.
    Well, I decided to write again to Attorney General Bob Ferguson. He needs to be kept informed of what his underlings are doing because he likely assumes that they are competently resolving issues when he asks them to, just as he asked AAG Linda Williams. If he never hears from me again, he will naturally assume that all has been taken care of...
    It has not been taken care of. Here is my letter to Ferguson:

October 9, 2015

TO: Attorney General Bob Ferguson
1125 Washington Street SE
P.O. Box 40100
Olympia, WA 98504-0100

FROM: Russ Hinds
1**** ****  Ln
*****, WA 9****

SUBJECT: Important information you may need in order to properly supervise your assistants.

  1. As requested by U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby, I forwarded a copy of my COMPLAINT seeking enforcement of 18 USC 241 and 242 to your office on August 1, 2015.
  2. Your office passed my COMPLAINT down to AAG Linda Williams. Evidently, your office and yourself expected AAG Williams to properly respond to me in order to resolve my COMPLAINT according to Constitutional guidelines.
  3. AAG Williams responded to me with a letter that contained many inaccuracies which I was required to correct in order to maintain simple and clear communication. [AAG William's letter and my response correcting her/our communication are enclosed with this letter in order that you may be kept informed of what your underlings are doing]
  4. My letter correcting our communication was sent on September 5, 2015. Over one month has passed without receiving an acknowledgment of the corrections from AAG Williams.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson,
This letter is informing you of problems within the offices which you are the leader and supervisor. Please make yourself aware of these problems by reading the enclosed correspondence. Your assistant's official correspondence is embarrassing to your office and to you personally. Incompetence and ignorance in government offices concerning our good neighbor civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land is an outlandish ridiculous development in today's government employees. Especially, considering the fact that the people's representatives have written U.S. Code 18.241 and 242 in order to provide penalties for government employees who disregard our Supreme Law of the Land.

As of today, I have not received a timely response from AAG Linda Williams. It appears to me that she does not intend to respond to me, choosing instead to ignore the simple constitutional issues which are brought to the fore by my COMPLAINT. Please note that resolution to my unconstitutional fines and loss of liberty could not be made simpler if only government employees would abide by their Oath of Office/Attorney. I'm asking for your personal effort to see that my unconstitutional fines are withdrawn and that all government employees abide by our state and and federal constitutions. ...Please don't embarrass yourself and other government employees any further. We the People have been watching the decline of good government for decades—even trying to head it off! You know what I am saying is true...

Thank you,


     Will Ferguson respond to me? I wonder... I don't think that he has the integrity and courage to respond. I'll even place bets on it. Instead of serving We the People under the constraints of our state and federal constitutions, he has a government and a bunch of government employees that he needs to protect and circle the wagons around.
   Isn't it fun learning what your government employees are made of? It kind of blows away your hope that they are doing their job correctly and competently. They need an epiphany back to the Supreme Law of the Land and "Good neighbors do their civic duty to support and abide by our state and federal constitutions." 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2, 2015, UPDATE: I received a response from WA Attorney General Bob Ferguson regarding my letter and COMPLAINT.

     It is both amusing and annoying... What can I say? Attempting to communicate with government employees about things that they do not want to deal with is amusing and annoying. The documents I sent to AG Bob Ferguson were passed on to an assistant attorney general in the Labor and Industries Division. Obviously, Ferguson did not want to supervise his underlings in Labor and Industries Division. He did not want to keep himself informed of what his underlings are doing...
     Government is a mess because there is no leadership at the top who insist on all government employees following their Oath of Office. The primary focus of all government employees is revenue generation and protecting their job. That is it! That is all they care about. Government is corrupt.
     Here is the incomprehensible letter from AAG Linda Williams:

    She says in her first sentence that I left a voice mail. I didn't. Is she confusing me with another annoyed victim of unconstitutional bureaucratic citations? Good grief! I had to respond in order to correct her inaccuracies. What a mess! These people are pitiful! Here is my letter back to her, mailed today:
September 5, 2015

TO: Assistant Attorney General Linda Williams
Labor & Industries Division
P.O. Box 40121
Olympia, WA 98504-0121

FROM: Russ Hinds
1****** **** Ln
Elk, WA 99009

Dear AAG Williams,

Thank you for your written correspondence dated August 21, 2015, regarding my packet of documents which I sent to AG Bob Ferguson as instructed by U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby. However, I do not appreciate being totally confused by the inaccurate statements made in your correspondence!

Your first sentence thanks me “for your recent voice mail.” Sorry, I have not left a voice mail with AG Ferguson's office. I simply followed Ormsby's instructions to seek resolution through the WA AG's office by sending Ferguson a copy of my Complaint seeking enforcement of 18 USC 241 and 242, which was filed with Ormsby's U.S. Attorney's Office.

Your next paragraph points out that your office cannot “provide legal advice to citizens.” I am not looking for legal advice, I am looking for government employees who will competently take actions according to their Oath of Office/Attorney and correct bureaucratic over-reach and violations of our Supreme Law of the Land. May we have an honest conversation “citizen to citizen” regarding your constitutional directives as a public servant to support our Supreme Law of the Land? Good neighbors do their civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land. Much life, limb, and treasure has been given to defend our Supreme Law of the Land and preserve it for our posterity...

Now, I regret to say that it is impossible to communicate with neighbors employed by the government who seem to communicate in inaccuracies and wrong assumptions. For clarity of understanding between you and I, let me correct your letter by sentence. Your words are in italics:
“Your complaint and phone message indicate that you plan to file a lawsuit for the violation of your constitutional rights.”
There was no phone message. Are you confusing my correspondence with another victim of government over-reach who phoned your office in distress seeking relief from public servants who ignore their Oaths of Office and our Supreme Law of the Land? Please help the poor guy! He is your neighbor, not an enemy of the state!
As you should be able to see from the correspondence I sent you, I do not intend to file a lawsuit, rather, I am continuing to look for government employees who will do their good neighbor civic duty to uphold and abide by our state and federal constitutions and correct the mistakes of bureaucrats who issue citations which fine people for posting truthful fliers on private bulletin boards in violation of our 1st Amendment to our Bill of Rights. Then, these same bureaucrats deny their good neighbor the constitutionally protected right to a speedy trial by jury of good neighbors.
The correspondence I sent you clearly seeks enforcement of U.S. Code 18 242 and 241 through the office of U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby. His office, along with the FBI, are charged with enforcing the U.S. Code. Are their any government employees who will do their job competently and with good conscience? That is all I am asking. We have state and federal constitutions which were written expressly for government employees to do their job by. I do not need to file a lawsuit to ask my government employees to do their job correctly. Now, I know that is not difficult for anyone to understand, however, government employees and politicians have been ignoring our Supreme Law of the Land for so many decades, it may take an epiphany on their part to bring them back to simple reality. Please have that epiphany, if you can.
According to the constitutions, the powers of government are divided into three branches, NOT CONSOLIDATED IN THE BUREAUCRACY. Meaning--according to our state and federal constitutions, bureaucracies cannot write regulations, statutes, and laws; enforce regulations, statutes, and laws; and adjudicate regulations, statutes, and laws. Our Declaration of Independence was written because the king's minions were doing just that to the colonists at the time prior to the U.S. Revolutionary War, 1775-1783. [Why do I have to write this stuff for my government employees?]
Based on the paperwork you submitted, it appears that you did not prevail in your proceedings with the Office of Administrative Hearings.”
After denying my request for a speedy trial by jury, Administrative Law Judge Mark Kim made it illegal for himself to abide by his Oath of Attorney by stating quote, “The Office of Administrative Hearings is unable to render an opinion regarding the constitutionality of 19.28 RCW. Addressing these arguments falls outside of the scope of what this Tribunal has authority to address. '[T]he power of an administrative tribunal to fashion a remedy is strictly limited by statute.'” How crazy is that? Good neighbors do their civic duty to uphold our Supreme Law of the Land. Does ALJ Mark Kim believe that his civic duty has been removed from him by statute?
Our records indicate that you appealed this decision to the Spokane County Superior Court, where the decision of the Administrative Hearings Board was affirmed.”
Both judges, Marianne Mareno and Gregory Sipolt, each hearing one of the two citations issued for the same flier on the same bulletin board on the same day, denied my requests for my constitutionally protected right to a speedy trial by jury. Evidently, they decided to pretend that our state and federal constitutions do not exist, and that their Oaths of Office do not exist. Both judges ignored my right to publish a list of my skills, and agreed with AAG Angela Zurlini, when she incorrectly stated in her trial brief, “Mr. Hinds does not have a right to a jury in this case.” Zurlini simply threw our Supreme Law of the Land out the window. The citations could have been resolved in less than six weeks if my constitutionally protected right to a speedy trial by jury would have been granted hastily following the issuance of the citations. Dozens of government employees making a mockery of justice and conducting a circus of nonsense attempting to convince me that I am a bad neighbor who deserves to pay the government employees $1500.00 for hanging an innocent flier on a private bulletin board simply is not going to work with me. If government employees accuse me of being a bad neighbor who is a danger to his neighbors in order to justify fines and loss of liberty, then we have a constitutionally prescribed process to determine guilt or innocence, the speedy trial by jury. What I am writing here in this letter is simple and clear. Any good neighbor on a jury panel would be able to clearly understand what I have written here. AND, that is exactly why government employees have denied my constitutionally protected right to a speedy trial by jury in order to preserve their “policing for profit” scheme. Bureaucracies get away with their schemes because our neighbors know that our public servants will not abide by their Oath of Office and that it costs more to dispute an unconstitutional citation than to just pay the fine. Me thinks you guys are not supposed to work that way.
The Washington State Court of Appeals further agreed with the Board.”
The Washington State Court of Appeals did not rule on the Board's decision. Rather, my Request for  Fee Waiver was denied by the Washington State Supreme Court. The Court of Appeals never heard my case.
Although your fine was reduced, it is clear you were dissatisfied with the outcome.”
Neither of the unconstitutional fines were reduced. I am dissatisfied with the outcome, and I am dissatisfied with communication that contains so many inaccuracies that it makes communication impossible.
Further, your letter expresses your frustration because you were cited because you put up a flier indicating that you perform electrical work.”
I have been performing electrical work since the time I was in high school, then throughout all of the jobs I have had in construction, maintenance, and government employment. I have never sought government permission to perform my services for my employers or any of my good neighbors who needed my services.
While I empathize with your exasperation, there is no further action that can be taken on the matter by this office.”
Constitutionally bound public servants should not exasperate the public whom they are supposed to be serving under the constraints of our state and federal constitutions. In questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution.” THOMAS JEFFERSON
There is more your office could do in keeping with your Oath of Office/Attorney, but your “empathy” is appreciated. Good grief! Why not be a normal human being and give a care about our Supreme Law of the Land and the life, limb, and treasure sacrificed to preserve the Supreme Law of the Land? What “invisible hand” is keeping you from being a normal human being who cares about her neighbors?
I understand that you plan to file a lawsuit.”
No, I do not plan to file a lawsuit. That would be a waste of time and money. However, I am still looking for government employees who are willing to abide by our state and federal constitutions, and their Oath of Office/Attorney. I have all the evidence you need in order to correct and constrain out of control bureaucracies and government employees. Just ask for the evidence, and I will gladly provide it to you.
Please do not hesitate to contact me directly to address further concerns.”
I have contacted you directly through this letter in order to address further concerns. My letter is written in simple English which any literate American ought to be able to understand. The points that I made are clear and concise and cannot be refuted because they are true. It is your duty as a public servant to abide by and preserve our state and federal constitutions for ourselves and our posterity. If you cannot bring yourself to do your civic duty, then you should not be in public office.
As a citizen not employed by the government, I have limited resources to hold government employees to their Oath of Office. That is precisely why we have Oaths of Office for our public servants!
Obviously, the vast majority of public servants ignore our Supreme Law of the Land and their own Oath of Office/Attorney while they use the full force of government resources to obliterate an individual's rights and liberties. WASHINGTON STATE CONSTITUTION Article 1 Section 1 “All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.”

You, Linda Williams, have our state and federal constitutions to back you up should you decide to uphold them rather than pretend that they do not exist. Please do not follow the crowd employed by the government who are blindly leading our once great country into tyranny in order to generate revenue and protect their jobs. Please feel free to call or write. I would love to hear from you again.
Russ Hinds
    My goodness! Am I communicating with children? Are there any adults employed by government? Can I maintain any hope for government employees? Can they be saved? Can they be taught to abide by their Oath of Office/Attorney?
    Children like to play "pretend." Make believe land is great fun for children. Government employees like to pretend unalienable rights do not exist. La-la land is great fun for government employees... They like to pretend that the people they persecute and extort are bad guys... because that generates revenue for their salaries, benefits, and pensions...
    They need the epiphany out of la-la land...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2, 2015, UPDATE: Finally got a response from U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby regarding my COMPLAINT in federal court.

    On July 20, 2015, three months after sending U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby a copy of my complaint, I received a letter from ??? ...well, it is hard to tell who it is from. There are 3 different names on the signature line. Ormsby's name is typed first, an illegible signature followed by "for" is under Ormsby's typed name, and Arne Ahmed, Assistant U.S. Attorney is under the handwritten signature. I think the practice of signing documents by persons other than the writer of the document is pretty new. I was raised to take responsibility for my words and actions. If my office needed to send out a document under my authority, I would take the 3 seconds to review it and sign it myself. ---It used to be that way, but when I worked for the National Park Service in the '80s I noticed a lot of silly things going on. I needed to correspond with the GSA motor pool coordinator and was told how to write my correspondence. I wrote my letter my own way, diffused a controversy, and corrected an error in the procurement of 2 vehicles for the National Monument where I worked. The GSA motor pool coordinator and I got along very well after that because I did not attempt to demand and bully him in changing the vehicle replacements from pick-ups to SUVs. I simply pointed out that I wanted to work with him to make his job easier, and that I did not want to be opponents at loggerheads.---
      Anyway, Ormsby's letter is short, claiming that he does not accept complaints from citizens, and that I need to work through Washington state's Attorney General. LOL! How crazy is that? I mean the Assistant Attorney General Angela Zurlini has been my opponent in my APPEALs.
     It is standard procedure for government employees to avoid taking responsibility while passing the buck. They also like to misdirect us "ignorant citizens" who have a "personal problem with government and government authority." Put the disgruntled citizens on a wild goose chase to get them distracted and off the plate. That is the best way for government official to dodge adhering to their Oath of Office when adhering to it would make waves within the government system of things. We used to have statesmen who would stick their neck out to guard our Supreme Law of the Land. We don't have those anymore, and certainly not in the bureaucratic levels of government. Grabbing the ball and rocking the boat by curtailing out of control government upsets too many government employees. Bureaucarts love their jobs, and if they are painted in a bad light, they get very upset. Ormsby sure as heck does not want to enforce U.S. Code 18.241 and 242 by charging the WDLI inspectors, AAG Angela Zurlini, and the two Superior court judges for violating the U.S. Code.
    Here is the letter from Ormsby's office:
     Do you see what We the People are up against?    We are up against human nature. It is natural for government employees to protect government and other government employees. It is not human nature to admit mistakes by government and government employees. Admitting mistakes upsets a lot of people, especially the ones who made the mistakes. And the ones who made the mistakes in my case are many. It includes a whole department of state government that has been "policing for profit" for a long, long time. That is a huge, HUGE mistake that would entirely overturn the apple cart in Washington State government, showing that all the government paid lawyers who went along with the nonsense to be incompetent in their duties and disregarding their Oath of Attorney. It has taken decades for government incompetence and misuse of authority to move from where it was in 1950 to where bureaucracy is today. Turning the apple cart around would bring a huge shock to state and federal government. Maintaining the status quo is the standard for all government employees because that is much easier than admitting government overreach which might result in government employees losing their jobs by downsizing government.
     That is what it is... That is the simple truth, and little ol' Russ is making a fuss. He needs to be "the bad guy," the "disgruntled citizen who has extreme disdain for government." Well, I do not have extreme disdain for government. Good government is necessary, however, what we have now, after 50 years of disregarding our Supreme Law of the Land, IS NOT GOOD GOVERNMENT!
    Here is my letter back to Ormsby with further inquiry into who exactly has my COMPLAINT:

August 1, 2015

TO: U.S Attorney Michael C. Ormsby
Suite 340 Thomas S. Foley U.S. Courthouse
P.O. Box 1494
Spokane, WA 99210-1494

FROM: Russ Hinds

SUBJECT: Further inquiry regarding Complaint Seeking enforcement of 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242

Mr. Ormsby,
Thank you for sending my Complaint Seeking enforcement of 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242 directly to the FBI as stated in the letter your office sent to me dated July 17, 2015 [copy attached]. I appreciate all efforts to resolve the issues cited in the Complaint, however, your letter fails to note exactly who in the FBI has received my Complaint. Who may I contact regarding the status and resolution of my complaint?
Did your office, or the FBI offices, assign a tracking number to my Complaint? Please provide the name of a local FBI representative to whom I may personally submit my complaint so that I may be kept informed of the process, progress, and official record regarding proper resolution of the Complaint. I am having a tremendous amount of difficulty finding a government employee who will joyfully take up the task of upholding our Supreme Law of the Land and our U.S. Code 18. 241 and 242.
Let it be on record here in this letter that I have been given the run around by the gentleman who answers the 1-800 number for the local FBI offices. It turns out that he works from an office in Washington DC, and he will not cooperate by giving me an address to officially submit my Complaint with the FBI.
Let it also be noted that I am making every reasonable effort toward submitting and resolving my Complaint with the proper person(s) responsible for enforcement of our U.S. Code according to their Oath of Office to uphold our Supreme Law of the Land.
As requested in your letter, I will send a copy of my Complaint to the Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson along with copies of our correspondence. We do need to work together to get proper resolution according to our Supreme Law of the Land. I am more than willing to discuss the Complaint with any and all government employees who are required to bring the Complaint to an intellectually honest and correct resolution, however, I seem to be a sort of “hot potato” or nuisance to government employees who may desire to avoid controversy over our good neighbor civic duty to uphold our Supreme Law of the Land. [Note the irony!]
Please provide me the name of the person with the FBI to whom you sent my Complaint so that I may be kept informed and included in the timely process and resolution. The issues within the complaint have spanned almost 4 years, a ridiculous amount of time! And over this time period there has not been any government employees who are willing to be accountable for their actions and/or lack of action. For an example, please note the ridiculous signature on your letter to me:

Cathy Harris [? illegible] for
Arne Ahmed, Assistant United States Attorney

--under your--

Very truly yours,
MICHAEL C. ORMSBY, United States Attorney.

Who is “Cathy Harris?” Is she the mail clerk? The fall guy? The lowest rank government employee with the least amount of protection from accountability? I used to work for the federal government. I know how government employees desire to avoid being held accountable for their actions and/or lack of action. Muddling up simple issues which can be clearly and correctly resolved by adhering to our Supreme Law of the Land is common among government employees because there is a large block of high ranking government employees who have deliberately placed the simple 6th grade wording of our Supreme Law of the Land in dispute and debate in their effort to increase the size and power of government.
My Complaint is a wonderful way of educating government employees to find the joy of being good neighbors who do their civic duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions. Many of our good neighbors have given life, limb, and treasure under their Oath to “defend our constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic” in war and foreign conflicts [my father and 3 of my sons included]. It seems to me that the risks assumed by our military servicemen are much much greater than the risks of ranking bureaucrats who cowardly desire to avoid accountability and the controversy that may be generated by competently and confidently taking a stand “defending our constitution” in their cushy air conditioned government offices. Is defending our Supreme Law of the Land risky and dangerous in government offices?
I am very much sorrowed by all of the obfuscation, intellectual dishonesty, and lack of accountability that I have witnessed throughout appealing the $1500.00 in 2 citations issued for hanging a truthful flier on a private bulletin board. From the beginning, the inspectors who issued the citations did not sign their names to the citation on the line provided for accountability. Neither did one of the inspectors sign his official statement regarding our phone conversation. This is pitiful and completely embarrassing for government employees! --You will note that I do sign my letters and documents... [and the inspectors mailed the citations rather than handing them to me face to face with a show of credentials! Good grief!]
Neighbor to neighbor, decent human being to decent human being, I am asking for your help. I have been looking for good neighbor government employees who are not afraid of adult conversations regarding such controversial issues such as our Supreme Law of the Land and Oaths of Office/Oaths of Attorney. Please help me further along resolving the issues cited in my Complaint.

Very sincerely,
Russ Hinds

Attachment included

    Integrity... self respect... courage... desire to lead in the right direction according to the Oath of Office... Do government employees have those qualities? Does Ormsby have them? We shall see.
   So, I sent a letter and a copy of my COMPLAINT to Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. What will he do with it? Ignore me for months and months? Toss it in the garbage can? Send me on another wild goose chase, like "Hey Russ, you need to work with the legislature to get the law changed." ??? NO! NO! NO! I do not need to work with the legislature. ALL OF YOU GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEED TO ABIDE BY YOUR OATHS OF OFFICE and correct your mistakes!
     We the People are not the problem. We the People do not need training in adhering to our state and federal constitutions. Government employees need training in adhering to our state and federal constitutions, the Supreme Law of the Land!
     If government employees want to deny my right to publish a list of my skills and deny my right to a jury trial of good neighbors, then they need to get We the People to change the Supreme Law of the Land first! We the People have not changed the documents that have chartered our state and federal governments. Incompetent government employees, incompetent government paid lawyers, and incompetent legislators have disregarded our state and federal constitutions for too many decades. No government employee can show me where We the People have changed our Supreme Law of the Land. On the contrary, We the People have given life, limb and treasure to preserve the Supreme Law of the Land for our posterity... simple, simple, simple! Get over it! And admit your mistakes!
   Here is my letter to Washington State Attorney General Bob Feruson:

August 1, 2015

TO: Attorney General Bob Ferguson
1125 Washington Street SE
P.O. Box 40100
Olympia, WA 98504-0100

FROM: Russ Hinds

SUBJECT: U.S. Attorney Ormsby's instructions for the enclosed complaint

Mr Ferguson,
Please find the enclosed correspondence with U.S Attorney Mike Ormsby regarding his instruction to file the enclosed COMPLAINT with your office.
By reviewing the enclosed documents, you will find that I have had a very difficult time insisting that my constitutionally protected rights and liberties be upheld by Washington Department of Labor and Industries employees. Apparently, if We he People do not stand up for our rights and liberties, we will lose them to government employees who seem to willfully disregard our Supreme Law of the Land and our Washington State Constitution.
You may also find benefit from my blog which thoroughly records my efforts to educate government employees concerning our Supreme Law of the Land, the history and significance of our founding principles, and the Oaths of Office/Attorney our public servants are required to agree with prior to taking public office. Blog url: ---------------------

The Washington State Constitution establishes the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land and also requires Washington State government employees to “protect and maintain individual rights.”
Hanging a truthful flier on a private bulletin board is protected under the First Amendment to our Bill of Rights.
The right to a speedy trial by jury is protected under our Sixth and Seventh Amendments to our Bill of Rights.

Please help me educate government employees to their good neighborly civic duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions by resolving the issues, and ending the continuing harassment by Washington state government employees, cited in my COMPLAINT according to our Supreme Law of the Land. Resolution is easy and simple, however, intellectual dishonesty has prevailed in almost 4 years of defending myself through the APPEAL process.
Please give prompt attention to my efforts. I look forward to hearing from you about correcting the overreach of Washington Department of Labor and Industries.

Sincerely thank you,
Russ Hinds


   Does Bob Ferguson have the integrity, the self respect, and the courage to do the right thing according to our Supreme Law of the Land? 
    We shall see!  I hope these government employees are learning a lot about the simple truth here...

----The COMPLAINT can be read in my March 26, 2015, UPDATE.----