Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30, 2015, UPDATE: Government employees digging their hole deeper...

    According to the signature date on the following "WARRANT," Jeff Martin, Revenue Agent, filed paperwork with the Clerk of the Court of Spokane County for warrant to collect the $1000.00 "unregistered contractor" fine before he received my letter. Perhaps that was the reason for his phone call, to let me know what their next move was.
   I do not know what Jeff's reaction was to my letter which is in the previous June 17, 2015, UPDATE, as I have not contacted him, nor has he contacted me, except to mail me more paperwork from the court, this WARRANT:

    You would think that an issue over hanging a truthful flier on a bulletin board could be resolved in one face to face encounter between me and the guy complaining about my flyer. However, dealing with government employees is the same as dealing with mechanical robots. They do not hear, they do not reason, and they are not good neighbors. The government does not love you.
   So, what am I supposed to do with this WARRANT? I guess I just stick it in the files with the rest of their nonsensical paperwork. Fools! They remind me of kindergarten children playing "I'm the boss" games. Seriously! These people expect me to play their unconstitutional games with them as if they are the gods of the planet. And they have nothing but time and money from the government coffers to never end their assault. Me thinks this is not how our government was intended to work. It is certainly not intended for government employees to ignore our state and federal constitutions. That is plain and simple and that is all that should be needed to back them off. But, no. I am simply dealing with fools "just doing their job" from top to bottom. Not one of them would willingly stand before a jury of good neighbors and do what they are doing. They do what they do from their desk, form their office, and they won't talk to me in a language that acknowledges our Supreme Law of the Land. I cannot force them to be civilized responsible neighbors. We are at an impasse still. As long as they desire to consider me a bad guy, or a scofflaw, to justify their never-ending assault they will do what they are doing. No one will hold them accountable to our Supreme Law of the Land. I will not play their game by their unconstitutional rules. That is final.
   Bureaucrats acting as lawmakers, law enforcers, and "judge and jury" is wholly unconstitutional. It is wholly tyrannical. It is not how this nation was intended to operate. Our founders of this great nation experienced the same things I am experiencing. Ben Franklin wrote of it in his satire Rules by which a Great Empire May be Reduced to a Small One, 11 September 1773. Here are some excerpts: 

VII. When such Governors have crammed their Coffers, and made themselves so odious to the People that they can no longer remain among them with Safety to their Persons, recall and reward them with Pensions. You may make them Baronets too, if that respectable Order should not think fit to resent it. All will contribute to encourage new Governors in the same Practices, and make the supreme Government detestable.

Are not all government employees secure in their positions and pensions? Government employees "just do their job" according to the Psalm 2 crowd at the top who direct their unconscionable duties and conduct their performance reviews. Every duty and decision is designed to insure that government is always right and always worthy of unquestionable obedience, never mind the Supreme Law of the Land. --And there lies the solution to out of control government employees. Simply make them abide by our state and federal constitutions. 

X. Possibly indeed some of them might still comfort themselves, and say, “Though we have no Property, we have yet something left that is valuable; we have constitutional Liberty both of Person and of Conscience...
... To annihilate this Comfort, begin by Laws to perplex their Commerce with infinite Regulations impossible to be remembered and observed; ordain Seizures of their Property for every Failure; take away the Trial of such Property by Jury, and give it to arbitrary Judges of your own appointing, and of the lowest Characters in the Country, whose Salaries and Emoluments are to arise out of the Duties or Condemnations, and whose Appointments are during Pleasure. Then let there be a formal Declaration of both Houses, that Opposition to your Edicts is Treason, and that Persons suspected of Treason in the Provinces may, according to some obsolete Law, be seized and sent to the Metropolis of the Empire for Trial; and pass an Act that those there charged with certain other Offences shall be sent away in Chains from their Friends and Country to be tried in the same Manner for Felony. Then erect a new Court of Inquisition among them, accompanied by an armed Force, with Instructions to transport all such suspected Persons, to be ruined by the Expense if they bring over Evidences to prove their Innocence, or be found guilty and hanged if they can’t afford it. And lest the People should think you cannot possibly go any farther, pass another solemn declaratory Act, that “King, Lords, and Commons had, hath, and of Right ought to have, full Power and Authority to make Statutes of sufficient Force and Validity to bind the unrepresented Provinces in all cases whatsoever.” This will include Spiritual with temporal; and taken together, must operate wonderfully to your Purpose, by convincing them, that they are at present under a Power something like that spoken of in the Scriptures, which can not only kill their Bodies, but damn their Souls to all Eternity, by compelling them, if it pleases, to worship the Devil.

    Here we have the exact thing I am experiencing, "perplex their commerce with infinite regulations impossible to be remembered and observed." Isn't this true today?  And then "ordain seizures of their property for every failure." Isn't the above WARRANT seizing my property just as in Franklin's day? "Take away trial of such Property by jury and give it to arbitrary Judges of your own appointing." Doesn't this hit home with my experiences, too? LOL! Man, this is funny. Administrative Law Judges are just another government employee trying to convince me I owe the government $1500.00 for hanging a truthful flier on a private bulletin board.!  These idiots employed by the government have no idea of their own idiocy! No concept whatsoever of our nation's history and the principles upon which our state and federal constitutions were written. They have no idea of a "public servant" and they have made themselves "public masters." Neighborly interaction between the people and government on a basis of common sense and common decency has become non-existent. In fact, every interaction has become adversarial from the courtrooms down to the Departments, WDLI and DMV especially noted. 
    Question: Why aren't our government employees, law makers, lawyers, and judges aware of the writings of our founding fathers? For me to attempt to communicate "founding principles" with people who are oblivious and ignorant while they seek first to protect the positions they hold in government is obviously an effort in futility. That is why the objective of this blog is to educate them and the public whom they are sworn to serve under the constraints of our state and federal constitutions. 
    Notice that I should not be required to do this. I should be able to take comfort in our state and federal constitutions and in the government employees who swear an Oath of Office to support those constitutions.
    This blog is clear and complete proof that government employees are the problem. We the People are not the problem!
     Let it be said here that there has been a deliberate effort of the Psalm 2 crowd to gain positions of authority and influence in all the institutions that created and maintained this once great nation.  The Psalm 2 crowd has successfully taken over government, education, media, banking, and commerce. They have done this successfully since 1913 when the power to print America's money was given to international banking interests. The banking and corporate interests have published their designs and intentions to bring the Earth under their rule in the form of their "New World Order." And they have exploited the ignorance of government employee minions like Jeff Martin, Revenue Agent, and also the ignorance of our elected representatives. If in failing to gain cooperation by ignorance and deceit, they moneyed powers have bought and paid for government employees and representatives who will carry out their agenda of managed economy, commerce, and travel. Liberty and unalienable rights GONE!

      I pray that our neighbors employed by the government will soon come to their senses and do their good neighborly civic duty to support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land, for ourselves and our posterity. Idiots governing idiots doesn't work, just as Daniel Webster said...
   Wake up people! Get ahold of your family and friends who are employed by the government and educate them in the simple truth. Teach your children the simple truth... lest they be taught to worship their government masters. 

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