Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December 31, 2014, UPDATE: Visited the office of Washington Department of Labor and Industries in Spokane.

    Yesterday, I went to the WDLI offices in Spokane to visit with Jeff Martin. Jeff was out of the office until after the 5th of January, but I did get to visit with his partner in crime. There are at least 2 Revenue Agents stationed in Spokane. Very nice neighbor. I was politely greeted and a neighborly conversation was allowed to occur. I started by asking what did Jeff find would likely be the next steps of WDLI in pursuing their citations against me. I pointed out that the letters with the citations include several threats, and one letter names my "household" in the threats. Obviously, threatening my mother creates a lot of anger in my heart and mind.
     After showing the revenue agent a copy of my flyer, she asked the question, "Are you a licensed contractor?" ...pause... I have to pause here because I do not see the relevancy of the question. Somehow the government employee thinks it is relevant. Somehow the government employee thinks that you need to have a license before you can publish a list of your skills in order to serve your good neighbors. Here we go... now we get into a conversation where I must destroy all the fallacies that have been pumped into this government employee's head. She is going to rattle through all of the government's justifications for issuing me the citations... This is nuts! Evidently, these government employees are not capable of an independent, moral, and just reasoning process. The best they can do is repeat the justifications that have been given to them by their "superiors."
    While keeping a pleasant demeanor, I asked her, "Does it say on my flyer that I am a licensed contractor?" I do not need to have a license to do work for my neighbors. According to the constitution, I have a right to publish a list of my skills. She responded that the constitution does not apply to state laws, to which I replied, "I was surprised to find that the Washington State Constitution says that the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. No matter what your government lawyers say, supreme still means supreme! And government employees still take an Oath of Office to support our Supreme Law of the Land." That shut her down on that. She begins to realize that she is not going to convince me, nevertheless that does not stop her from trying.
   Do I need to list all of her straw man scenarios designed to put fear in me as I work with good neighbors without having a license from the state to do so? They are all same... designed to make me think that I need the government to protect me from my neighbors and protect my neighbors from me.
1. There are crooked apartment owners who look for unlicensed people to repair their apartments, and then they tell the service provider that they are dissatisfied with the work done and will not pay. They know that the unlicensed repairman cannot go to WDLI to force compensation for work done because he is not licensed. Therefore, I need to be in the system so that I can get WDLI to force the crooked apartment owner to pay me. She said these crooks scour Craigslist looking for people who do not publish their license numbers. 
Answer: WOW! Everybody is a criminal in the minds of government employees... And since government employees are good guys, they are the ones who can save you... So, because there are bad apartment owners, I need to be fined $1500.00 for hanging a flyer on a bulletin board??? How the hell does that compute in her mind? "Well, it seems to me that we have civil courts and small claims courts to use to force crooks to pay for services rendered."

2. She gave an example of a woman who needed her septic system repaired. She hired an unlicensed guy to install a new septic system in her backyard. The system they installed did not work and they tore up her yard and she was unable to recoup damages because the guy was not licensed and bonded. WDLI could not help her because she hired an unlicensed contractor. She could not recoup from the bondsman because the contractor was not bonded. She noticed that I am a man of principle and that I would want insurance for my mistakes to protect my customers. 
Answer: So, because there are bad service providers out there, I need to be fined $1500.00 for hanging a flyer on a bulletin board? How does that compute in her mind? Well, it seems to me that we have civil courts and small claims courts to use to force crooks to pay for damages created." Once again, everyone is a criminal and government employees are the good guys

What is going on here? Is she trying to put me under the spell she is under? She wants me to participate in her system because her salary depends on it, and she is the good guy. She is blind to the fact that BAD GUYS attempt to extort $1500.00 from people who publish a list of their skills and post them on a bulletin board.

3. Fairness. Here she brings up the downturn in the economy and WDLI started receiving complaints from their licensed contractors who were losing work supposedly because unlicensed contractors were coming from Idaho and Montana and competing for work with lower bids because they were unfairly without the burden of complying with WDLI regulations. WDLI needed to crack down on the "underground economy." 
Answer: Good grief! "Underground economy" is just another scare word. It is bad... I reminded her that the Soviet Union had a centralized economy and 25 million people starved to death. If it wasn't for the underground economy, 50 million people might have starved to death. The underground economy is a good thing. People doing things without government interference is a good thing. If licensed contractors are complaining about unfair regulations and unfair competition, then they ought to change the regulations. Let people do what they want to do. If I want to hire my neighbor to help me build a garage, I may choose which ever neighbor I want to choose, and then work together as good neighbors without government employee interference... If he screws me over, I can take him to court. If I screw him over, he can take me to court. Gee, I am not falling under her spell...

   We went on to discuss the moral foundations of law, and how government lawyers apply law and interpret law to benefit government. There is no moral foundation for fining me $1500.00 for hanging a flyer on a bulletin board. I told her that one of my goals was to educate government employees, and that I appreciate her willingness to listen to me. I said the pendulum has swung too far and the little guys like her need to be equipped to stand up to their misguided "superiors." 30 years ago, no government employee would have had the audacity to issue $1500.00 fines to my father, and my father would not have put up with it. He would have punched the government employee in the nose. Why do you think I should put up with it?
   I succeeded in giving her a lot to think about. However, I have reconsidered my request that all government employees be given training in our state and federal constitutions and the history surrounding those constitutions. It is now obvious that training in constitutional government would be insufficient. From the above, and from all the rest of my experiences with government employees, THEY NEED TO BE TAUGHT HOW TO REASON CORRECTLY ON THE BASIS OF MORAL AND RIGHT CONDUCT TOWARD YOUR NEIGHBOR. They fall for the nonsense coming down from their "superiors." The government employees at the bottom carrying out the orders from above simply shove aside any and all conviction that comes from the fact that their good neighbors would not do to them what their superiors are asking them to do to their good neighbors. These low level minions collecting their government paychecks NEED TRAINING IN MORAL VALUES FOUNDED IN LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR AND DOING THE RIGHT THING INDEPENDENT OF ALL THE FALSE AND FLIMSY JUSTIFICATIONS CITED BY THEIR SUPERIORS FOR MORE AND EXPANDING GOVERNMENT POWER AND CONTROL. They need to be unbrainwashed... and that would be hard to do since their paychecks, their means of taking care of themselves, depends on them following orders from their superiors.
   What a mess. I could not do what they do. I would quit, and my superiors would be glad I quit. They would easily find a low IQ replacement for me. Looks to me like it is going to take some bad shit hitting the fan before America is to return to a moral constitutional republic with liberty and justice for all.
  I pray that this blog is educating some people... Geeze... and then you have the whining contractors begging the government to protect them from people who simply want to serve their neighbors. How low will America go? Shame, shame, shame... Where is integrity, dignity, independence, and a desire for honesty, simplicity, and friendly communities? Where? Where are those things? They certainly are not found being taught in government schools... Excuse me. I am done. I need to go throw up now...

EDIT: Oh, while I was throwing up I remembered one other funny thing that the revenue agent said. While talking about needing to be bonded she mention that she herself had hired a contractor to remodel her bathroom. When it was done the lights blinked off and on again randomly. The plumbing in the shower leaked and she has not been able to take a shower in her new bathroom. She said that she was glad she used a licensed contractor because his being bonded and insured will make it right--- then she paused and second to think and asked herself why the remodel wasn't done correctly in the first place. ----then she answered her own question, as if expecting me to be saying what she was saying... "the contractor probably sent over an employee who did not know how to do the work properly..." I looked at her kind of puzzled, but moved on to another point. LOL! I guess I was having an effect. Good reasoning that cannot be argued with must have flustered her a little. Oh well!
    It must be said that "We the people should not have to educate and unbrainwash government employees every time we encounter them 'just doing their job.'" They should be able to think and reason in terms of common sense, common decency, and good neighbors prior to getting their government job. They can't just fine people $1500.00 without a conviction by a jury of good neighbors. That is what our constitutions say... Good grief!

     Due to the fact that I know history, and also have colorful relatives and ancestors, I was amused with the business card that I picked up at the WDLI office in Spokane. Seems they really do have a position titled "Revenue Agent." In the 1920's my Missouri backwoods grandpa was a child. It was during Prohibition. Grandpa was posted down the road from the moonshine still to watch out for "revenuers." LOL! That cracks me up. I cannot imagine carrying around a business card that says "Revenue Agent." It is also amusing to me that the backwoods Missourians were smarter than today's supposedly educated population. The backwoods moonshiners resisted government interference and extortion, too. I just bring that up because it tickles me. I do know that distilling liquor in improperly constructed stills can poison and and kill people. My great grandpa's still never poisoned or killed anyone. If it did, grandpa said it would have killed him and my great grandpa, and grandma, and aunts, uncles... They drank their own White Lightin', too. LOL! ...Must have been fun outsmarting the revenuers back then. I love adventure!
   Anyway, from my perspective and upbringing I would be embarrassed carrying around a business card that says, "Revenue Agent." Perhaps other people just don't know any better... LOL!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 13, 2014 UPDATE: Conversation with government employee...

     On Monday, Dec. 8, I finally talked with Jeff Martin on the phone about the Account Statement mentioned in my previous UPDATE. I introduced myself and informed him that I am looking for government employees who know how to be good neighbors that uphold our state and federal constitutions. Then I gave him the Customer Number which is referenced on the Account Statement. I also reminded him of the messages he left on my answering machine. Jeff was polite and willing to discuss my concerns and answer questions. I asked Jeff why my fines were still in Appeal, since my appeals ended months ago. I asked if Labor  and Industries had put me in suspension in order to avoid resolving my protests according to our constitutions. He could not answer that, but he said that he would research it.
     Our conversation lasted a good 15 minutes as I reiterated many of the points that I have made in this blog. The first point being that the constitution protects my right to publish a list of my skills. Jeff responded with the fact that the constitution applies to the federal government and the states are free to execute their own laws. I pointed out that my sons and my father did not serve in war in order that states can fine American citizens $1500.00 for hanging a flier on a bulletin board. Jeff tried to argue that I was demeaning the sacrifices of soldiers by applying their service to my fines, as if my protests were too petty and the fines too miniscual to fall under the sacrifices of life and limb. WOW! He thought that I was demeaning their sacrifice and service to our country! Evidently, Jeff could not see that he had it exactly backwards. Labor and Industries demeans the service of our soldiers by issuing outrageous fines for innocent activity. Hmm... I am beginning to get confirmation of my belief that government employees have strange and backward thinking and reasoning which they use to justify government outside constitutional restraints.
     I also pointed out that the Washington State Constitution says that governments exist to protect and maintain individual rights. His job exists to protect and maintain individual rights and the Washington State Constitution says that the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Then, Jeff took the tact that unfortunately we do not live in a moral society anymore and that he had seen many elderly people damaged by unlicensed contractors. My response, "Oh, Jeff, are you accusing me of being a danger to my neighbors? If you are, then you need to prove that to a jury of my good neighbors before you fine me $1500.00." I said, "Go after the bad guys. You cannot protect the innocent by punishing the innocent."
    Jeff had fallen for the belief that government needs to control everything in order to protect everyone. This is how government employees and attorneys justify all that they do. They convince themselves they are the good guys, even to the point of preventing people from painting a window sill for their neighbor for a dollar. Then, Jeff brought up the "gray areas" of the law. I said, "Yes, government attorneys expand the application of law beyond reason and common decency in order to issue fines and collect revenue. If the law is in a 'gray area,' it is best to err on the side of the constitution, rather than err on the side of abusive application of law."
    Jeff again lamented that we do not live in a moral society and we need government to protect people. He said that our constitutions are not sufficient to deal with today's society. I brought up John Adam's quote, "This constitution is written for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other." I said, "Therefore, when I find my government employees acting immorally, I am going to stand against it. When government employees try to shove a corn cob up my ass, I am going to stand against it!" I told Jeff that they have gotten their hooks into a guy who has been standing up to government employees for 20 years. I mentioned the government schools dumbing down generation after generation and Jeff said that he would not send his children to government schools. Wow! I said that he and I would get along very well as friends without government interference. I said that government needs good people in its employ. I said that most government employees are just trying to do a good job and justify their job in their own minds, --but that I do believe that there is corruption and evil at the top of government. I think the idiots at the top saw a need to raise revenue for their operating budget and they saw stretching their administrative law to include fining the general public on the basis of vague interpretation of law.
    I was simply trying to educate a government employee. Jeff could not defeat my arguments. He knows what I am saying is true, but these guys like him need to be shocked out of their "go along with the crowd of government employees" in order to collect a paycheck. I told Jeff that I simply could not do what he does to his neighbors. I could not participate in fining people $1500.00 for innocently hanging a flier on a bulletin board. My conscience would not allow it. I could not look a neighbor in the eye and tell him that he is a bad neighbor who owes the government employees $1500.00 for hanging a flier on a bulletin board. Good grief!!!
    The moral to this story is that "government employees and I simply have different beliefs and that we are basing our actions on those differing beliefs." Jeff bases his actions on the belief that government must protect the innocent by fining the innocent. I believe that that is preposterous and delusional. It is a false justification for more government power and control which is outside of constitutional restraints. The truth is, "the government is full of people who see themselves as the saviors needing to protect the population." It is natural for man to want a positive self image, but government employees are not looking correctly at reality. They are public servants, not saviors. They are to maintain individual rights, not punish the innocent in order to save the innocent. Government does not exist to insert itself into every transaction and agreement between individuals. I do not need to have government permission to serve my neighbors. I do not need government approval before I purchase or sell a firearm. I do not need government approval to hang a flier on a bulletin board, or publish a truthful list of my skills.
   Government employees like Jeff can be educated. Jeff knows that I would not and could not do to him what he is participating in doing to me. The thing is, Jeff, and the rest of the government employees should have been educated properly in the government schools. But, they were not. They are not equipped to stand on the founding principles of this nation. Fifty years of failing and worsening government schools has bought us to this state of out of control government and bureaucracies. And also brought us to half of the population being dependent on government,--dependent on their neighbors' taxes for welfare and a government employee paycheck.
    All I can do is do my best to educate...
   Jeff said that he would find out for me what is going to happen to me next. What are my government employees going to do to me next in executing their fines? Jeff said he would call me back, but he has not done so, yet. Perhaps I will need to call him again.