Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31, UPDATE: For my overseas readers...

   For some time now, the page views for this blog coming from overseas have been exceeding the page views coming from the U.S.A. Who are you guys? What brings you here? Are you hoping America will return to being a champion of liberty and justice for all? Are you hoping the American public will rid itself of the forces of evil who have corrupted our government? Do you wish to see the American people finally wake up and throw out the filthy money changers, counterfeiters, monopolistic corporations, and JFK's "Secret Society" of ruling elite who have control of the worlds banking, commerce, news and entertainment media, and armies?
    Well, don't get your hopes up... America has a long way to go before courage and wisdom replaces apathy and ignorance. There are bright spots and a huge potential here, but the Tea Party and the local churches just keep on beating their drums year after year without having a great deal of success. We don't have a uniting platform that simply spells out the goals of the Tea Party and neither do we have loud powerful Tea Party leaders pulling the wagon in the same united direction. The local churches are not much interested in coming out of their church buildings to speak about personal responsibility in a civilized society, either. The church leaders are not united with a courageous vision of the role of fathers, families, churches, and a PROPER role of government, therefore the churches simply ignore the hammer that is coming down on America while pursuing their a agenda of supposedly "saving souls." Truth is, if they were "saving souls" those souls would be doing something about saving our nation from the politicians, the world ruling elite bankers, and the atrocious government schools(curriculum controlled by the elite's boondoggle United Nations, think New World Order).  The established hierarchy of denominational leaders are cowards unwilling to shake up the nation with the simple truth that hiring the government socialists, Darwinists, and hedonists to miseducate generation after generation is a grave mistake with terrible consequences.
     One bright spot is the fact that there are quite a few lone voices in America who sound very much like this blog, except they don't bring up the simple truth "good neighbors don't mis-educate their neighbors' children, deny their neighbors the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to a speedy trial by jury of good neighbors, and other rights meant to maintain liberty and justice for all." You can't argue with that! BUT, loudly and forcefully standing on that simple truth would likely cause the deluded minions employed by the government to reconsider "Just following orders and doing my job." Christians employed by the government and the government schools might find the courage to stand up against there ignorant misguided supervisors. However, my preference would be for men in the churches to get together and provide an alternative to the government idiot factories(schools) by educating their children within their church. I would like to see every Christian teacher quit their government school job and go to work in alternative church schools. Also, the churches have a lot of talented elderly whose gifts are not being used to educate and love upcoming generations. Competent Christian schools up against government schools would put the government schools out of business. The responsible and loving parents would remove their children from government schools, leaving only the unloving, irresponsible, and gang affiliated students for the government to miseducate according to their nonsensical brainwashing curriculum and deviant sexual-education program.
   From my vantage point and perspective, I am watching a race going on. Will the churches and the American people wake up before the ruling elite get their control grid implemented, or before the ruling elite crash the dollar, or start a new world war? Perhaps the ruling elite money changers will create a false flag in order to institute martial law in America, thus starting a civil war within the U.S. The citizens versus their own government employees... How will that turn out? I don't think it will turn out very good for the government employees who are stupidly willing to point guns at their neighbors. The ruling elite would have to bring in troops from other nations under the excuse of "maintaining order" and "keeping the peace." Boy, if that happened it would certainly wake the sleeping giant of America's middle class who have been simply minding their own business avoiding controversy while trying to make a living for their families. Most average Americans have no desire to enter into our filthy and corrupted government and politics. Thus, the idiot government employee "followers" and miseducated authoritarians fill the void misleading our government and institutions of supposedly higher learning, not to mention the corrupt government employees and politicians who have been bought off by the NWO moneyed elite who control the banks and world commerce.
     Seems to me that there is only a short time before something major happens...
     From my vantage point concerning the local churches in my area, I find that there are a lot of common people whom I can communicate with. They are watching what is happening, and they are hoping for a revival, also. However, my contact with church pastors leaves a lot to be desired. They know we need a revival, but they don't know how to get one going. They are afraid of saying the things I say. They certainly won't tell the men in their churches to get their children out of the government school idiot factories! I guess they simply haven't figured out that mis-educating the last 3 or 4 generations is why our society has fallen into decadence and slavery to the "authorities."
     I don't know, but I suspect that the seminaries teach Romans 13 to the upcoming clergymen in a manner that God wants all men to obey their rulers, rather than oppose tyranny, evil, and injustice.  Of course, that has resulted in America's "church going Christians" obeying the out-of-control government, and the over-educated idiots administering the local government schools. The pulpits have allowed the local civil leaders to decide what is best for the local community, and the local schools. For decades, all that the crony local leaders can do is demand more money and taxes to fix everything from the schools to the roads. The cronies occupying the seats in local government constantly demand more money from the taxpayers. They convince themselves that they are the saviors of "their people," the people who voted for them. Attend a public meeting like school board, city council, or county commission and you will see how little influence the public has on the local "saviors" of the people. That ego thing blinds the cronies to the concept of restraining government interference in society, because if they want to fix society, they obviously need to interfere in society. These cronies want credit for fixing society... "damn the Constitution and constrained government! Don't bring that subject up in my council meeting! Officer, throw that man out of this public meeting! He is causing a disruption in our agenda." Of course, the agenda in the meeting is to make the civil leaders feel good for the heroism they have shown in public office. They won't tolerate any truth that shows them in a bad light and shames them for being outside the constraints of our Supreme Law of the Land. But, the cronies will certainly dig up dirt on their opposition to shame and discredit the opposition.  It is filthy business, and that is why average people avoid the controversy and headache.
   That is where we are in America. I don't think things are gonna change very fast unless something drastic happens. When the doo-doo hits the fan, then the current cronies and government employees might open up to righteous public input on local governance. When the money runs out, or becomes worthless, government employee lay-offs will become necessary, and that will put the government employees in the same boat with the general public. It is the out-of-control printing of money that is keeping federal, state, and local government afloat. If the dollar crashes, so will all the government pensions and freebies crash. That will open a door for the local churches to come fill the void--neighbors helping neighbors, families taking care of their families, etc.
    The only other scenario for America's restoration as a champion for liberty and justice is a sudden inspiration within mainstream Christianity. If mainstream Christianity and the pulpit suddenly realized the folly of mis-educating the last 3 or 4 generations, then they could take action within their church to love, lead, teach, take care of, and protect upcoming generations by removing their children from the government schools and providing a Biblical education within their church, or partnered with other churches. If millions of Christian children were suddenly withdrawn from the government schools, that would seriously shake up the establishment status quo. If America's Christian fathers truly did love their children, they would certainly teach them the truth and protect them from the atrocious government schools. It would be an awakening like Mal 4:6,  He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”

So, I thank all my overseas readers. Your numbers have surpassed the readers in the U.S. Please keep passing the blog along. Perhaps the clergy in your countries may benefit from it. God desires a civilized and neighborly society, and that is why He gave us simple rules to follow. Love God first, and He will teach you how to love family, friends, and neighbors in truth, in righteousness, in goodness, in justice, and in reality. Simple reality without mind fogging delusions which aggrandize the egos of the ruling cronies. If local churches wake up, then the ruling elite won't have success with their rule by force and with their technology based control grid. If the Christian churches will stand together in unity against all the surveillance and propaganda, then we will have liberty and peace.

Grow some gonads, clergy! Teach the simple truth about loving God, his goodness(truth), and our neighbors... Especially to your upcoming generations!

And don't forget that Jesus told His followers to buy a sword if they didn't have one--to protect your family, friends, and neighbors when doo-doo hits the fan.

Wake up America! Get a vision of fathers taking care of their families without government interference and freebies rewarding the ignorant, the irresponsible, and the guilty with your tax dollars... Clean up the crony government, the filthy entertainment media, the propaganda news media, and your churches.

Deut. 32:28,29 They (the U.S.) are a nation without sense,
there is no discernment in them.
If only they were wise and would understand this
and discern what their end will be!

Friday, July 18, 2014

July 18, 2014 UPDATE: Nowhere to go, but to God....

Following the conversation I had with Shelly in my last UPDATE, I have heard nothing. Nothing at all.
After emailing a link to the last UPDATE to Shelly, I have heard nothing at all.

     My communication has been simple, clear, and concise, yet the people's representatives remain stuck. Stuck in some kind of mental fog. I mean, how do you blow off those 5 simple "Whereas"s? It is like blowing off 2 plus 2 equals 4. How does a guy who knows that 2+2=4 communicate with people who don't care that 2+2=4 and somehow prefer to go along with 2+2=5? The simple and clear seems to be what people in the fog want to avoid. Perhaps when people live in the fog all their life, they fear or dislike the clear and simple.
     This blog and my efforts are going nowhere... I am at an impasse, and this is likely the end of it. The people I am dealing with have more than likely established an opinion in their mind that I am a sort of extremist with extreme views. They think that they are not going to convert me to their views, therefore, they have no need to spend any more of their "valuable" time communicating with me. In their minds, it has become time to blow me off (ignore me) and get on with their other priorities maintaining the status quo in the legislature and the government. The small government conservatives must get back to patting themselves on the back for keeping their fingers in the dike, while the big government "tax and spenders" pat themselves on the back for using government to "save the people" and grow the nanny state. After all, that is what We the People need government to do, right?  We need government employees to manage every aspect of our lives so that society functions fairly according to the people who work for the government. What better way to justify your existence than to have good intentions filling a government position that is pretended to be necessary to the proper function of society?
   Impasse... two stubborn objects facing each other totally unwilling to move. That is where I am. I am proud that I have educated and informed on this blog by including all my correspondence with government employees. These government employees have been exposed to the truth. They may not like it, but they have been exposed to the truth. Straight up truth, and in their face truth. All they can do now is blow me off. Force me to go away by shoving me aside...
     Well, okay... If that is what you want to do, fine. I see where it is heading, though. I see where your out of control government train is heading... I see where ALL of it is heading. The TSA groping and "treat everyone like a terrorist'" is heading. I see where the militarization of the police is heading. I see where tax, spend, and regulate is heading. I see where gun control and communication surveillance is heading. I see where disregarding our Bill of Rights is heading. And all of this is coming from none other than government and government employees.... Think about that!
    There is nothing out there to hold government employees back. Our foggy headed "people's representatives" won't hold them back. Obviously, by reading this blog we can see that our Supreme Law of the Land won't hold back government employees, either.  Where else is there to go? We can go to our friends and neighbors for support, but they have about the same influence on government employees that I have. Our friends and neighbors see what I see, but they also can't cut through the fog in the heads of government employees. It is as if our legislators and government employees are under a spell. Helplessly stuck in their own delusions.
      Shelly deludes herself believing that she cannot stand up for our state and federal constitutions because she took an Oath to support our constitutions AND THE LAWS OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON. She said that on the phone to me... Evidently, she can't oppose a law that is clearly unconstitutional because she took an Oath of Office... uhhhh... how does that make sense, Shelly? Excuse me, are you in a fog here? Is there something wrong with my 5 "Whereas"s? Do you want me to let you off the hook because you must support unconstitutional laws and actions of government employees? Nope! Can't do it! I can't let you off the hook, but I do understand the courage and fortitude that you must be lacking. I understand that confronting error requires courage and fortitude, but going along with the crowd at the water cooler in government buildings doesn't take courage and fortitude. Being a "voice of reason" with your finger in the dike doesn't take courage and fortitude. Anyone can do that, but honest sincere deeds takes courage and fortitude to constructively stand against the crowd with nothing but the truth backing you up. Small government Republicans have had their fingers in the dike for over 50 years, Shelly. Wrestle with that in your mind!  
     Evidently, there are 2 water coolers in government buildings. One water cooler where the small government types can pat each other on the back for having their fingers in the dike, and one water cooler for the government employees who want to supervise We the People so that they can pat each other on the back for thinking of ways to justify more laws and more government power. Good grief! My efforts are futile...

     With all that is going on in the news, I see that there is nowhere to go on earth for peace and tranquility. Everything is in chaos and we go from crisis to crisis without rest in between. All the news is negative and everyone is "fighting" something. It exhausts me just to watch the news or log onto the internet. Someone shot down a passenger plane yesterday in Ukraine... Never-ending bomb stories about the middle east and Africa... The economy is not getting better... Illegals invading across the Mexican border... California and parts of the west are hit with the worst drought on record...
    Do I have a word for all of the above? Yes I do! My vision and understanding has become clearer because of this blog experience. Having been through much previous unpleasant encounters with government employees, this experience has given me even more insight and confirmations. Simply put, people cannot do what they have not been taught to do. In other words, if people never hear from the Highest Authority, then they lack the ability to reason and speak according to the Highest Authority. If politicians don't hear condemnation of evil and iniquity from the pulpits, then they lack the ability to condemn evil and iniquity in government. If no one invokes the Authority of our Creator to guide and protect this nation, no one in government will invoke the Authority of our Creator to guide the actions of government and government employees. The natural definitions of liberty and justice, given by Nature's God, are blurred and gray and distorted to fit government, rather than government being restrained to the clear and simple definitions of liberty and justice. And no one has the wisdom and courage to speak out and teach our founding Biblical values of loving God and neighbor, and of loving righteousness and truth, and of loving the black and white reality of the Laws of Nature and Nature's God.
    The pulpits in America are lazy and blind. They take the path of least resistance, maintaining the status quo without rocking the boat. The old "fire and brimstone" sermons are not preached, and criticism of laziness and comfort is not preached... Evidently, the pulpits don't know how to preach the cure, therefore they don't speak out against the evil... Churches have become social clubs where soft comfortable so-called Christians go to to pat each other on the back while ignoring the lost upcoming generations and while allowing a totalitarian police state to control and supervise upcoming generations. Hmmm... perhaps the pulpits think that all they can do is stick their fingers in the dike.... good grief! Is everyone totally helpless like sheep being led to slaughter?
    The situation in America's churches has become less than "lukewarm." If anyone starts becoming warm by showing courage to speak out against evil and laziness, the congregation begins throwing ice water on him to cool him down. If that doesn't work, he is simply "shoved aside"...  Now, I know how the prophets of the Old Testament felt!
    America's pulpits ignoring the evils of out-of-control government is not the cure for America's ills. The cure is simple repentance, but the pulpits don't preach what America needs to repent of! Good grief!  Perhaps for this reason, I was born to testify. Perhaps for this reason, I was given my testimony of my life experiences in this backslidden and foul smelling world full of foul smelling churches who have embraced and gone along with the world, rather than be the "salt and light" of the world.
     First, the pulpits are supposed to be educated in the truth. They are to pass on that knowledge to their congregation. To make the truth understandable requires a knowledge of history. The pulpit should be able to show how the truth, God's word, has been passed down through history. Teaching the congregation about the lack of truth and understanding throughout history should be easy to accomplish. The rise of the dominant Roman Catholic Church who kept the truth in Latin so that the common European could not read it brought on the Dark Ages. Men were burned at the stake for translating the truth into the languages of the common man. The Protestant Reformation and the invention of the printing press brought on the Renaissance. In America, laws on the books that made it illegal to teach a black man to read kept the slaves ignorant of the truth. Fifty years ago, banning prayer and scripture verses in America's government schools has left 3 or 4 generations ignorant of truth. Meanwhile, America's pulpits watered down the truth in order to not "offend" anyone by appearing to be judging them or their life choices. Obvious conclusion: Absent God's convicting truth, pulpits and politicians can only put their finger in the dike... Silly! The blind leading the blind into the ditch!
    Loving God and neighbor comes with a few simple rules. They used to be taught in government schools so that when people discussed "wrong versus right" they had a common reference point to draw from. Today, my efforts to discuss wrong versus right results in nonsense coming from the helpless people who only know how to justify their actions and ignorance by whatever means possible. "I am just doing my job according to the government statutes." "It is the law." "We just need to agree to disagree." It is futile for me to reason with people without first drawing them into a common understanding of the Laws of Nature and Nature's God. Even in America's churches, I have to draw people into the verses in the Bible in order to have a coherent conversation. My courage and outspokenness may annoy them, but they cannot argue with the truth of scripture. I am walking on eggshells while hacking away at nonsense and lies with the sword of truth.
     If the pulpits knew how to present the cure, perhaps then they would feel comfortable exposing evil. If the pulpits knew that their congregations need true salvation, maturity, wisdom, and understanding, perhaps they would be comfortable teaching that from the pulpit, but no one in the congregation wants to be told that they need to seek more wisdom and understanding. It is the old "ego" thing. And the fear of sticking your neck out, thing. The truth is, the last three or four generations have been left behind and comfortable Christians don't want anyone to expose that fact. Nevertheless, I shall point out what I have observed in my life experiences.
   Second, I have never heard a preacher point out that we are all born ignorant of the Truth and that is why Jesus said that we must seek first his kingdom and his righteousness WHICH INCLUDES THE TRUTH THAT DEFINES RIGHTEOUSNESS! We are not born with it, so obviously we all need to seek it! IT IS THAT SIMPLE! Man, if I can humble myself to God and let His truth convict me of error, other people surely can! And, there are verses in the Bible which point out the mindset of men, including so-called Christians, as the end of the age approaches. 2Thess 2:3 is one. There must come a falling away of the church before the Lord returns. It is very difficult to open eyes and hearts in delusional and blind Christianity.

    Government interference in public schools: In government schools, I was a high achiever with straight A's in sixth grade. I learned to stand up to bullies. I even protected the kids who were magnets for derision and ridicule.
     Going to church at a young age got me to tearfully ask to be baptized into Jesus's family. At 8 years old,  I went forward during the alter call and literally said to the preacher, "I want to be in Jesus's family." I earnestly meant what I said, but it was left to me to expose myself to the Bible, which I did. However, when in High School I did the normal things everyone else was doing.
    In High School, "kids will be kids" and there is no Christian instruction in sexual virtue due to the government removing Bible verses and prayer in 1961 and '62. No government teachers could point out the Biblical warnings against promiscuity and blessings of sexual purity and marriage. I knew those things, but I succumbed to the peer pressure seeking "manhood." The end result was that I naively married young at 19, and I was unequally yoked with a wife who had not exposed herself to scripture, but who had been raised in the Catholic Church. (I naively thought Catholics didn't believe in divorcing) Had there been Biblical instruction in the government school I attended, my wife would have been exposed to it, and she may not have chosen to seek greener pastures on top of a barstool. She was a social butterfly who needed and craved the praise of friends as she tried to be the light of the party. I was more down to earth desiring to grow up and raise a wholesome happy family and leave the barstool behind. As well as stop wasting $200.00 a month at the bars every weekend.
    Shouldn't America's pulpits speak out against hiring the government secularists, socialists, Darwinists, and hedonists to miseducate generation after generation in the government schools? If the pulpits spoke out about it, that might give the politicians and the public the courage to speak out about it.

    Government interference in the labor market: Upon graduating High School, a living wage could not be earned working for the local farmers... This is because the competition with illegal aliens for farm labor drove the wages down. The unskilled Mexican laborers either lived 6 to 15 per house or were on some sort of government assistance.  Government subsidized housing, food stamps, and welfare, meant that the farmers could pay them less than a living wage. The farmers were not going to hire me and pay me a higher wage. Nor would they hire other white guys who refused to take government subsidies, thereby needing a living wage from a local farmer. Meanwhile, it was common practice for the illegals to marry white girls and get them on welfare to support their babies... also a way to become a citizen.
    At 12 years old, I went to work weeding onions for minimum wage. The 30-35 man weeding crew was made up of about half High School kids, about a third elderly and transients, and the rest Mexican illegals who could not speak English. I watched the Mexicans seek to weed next to the cute white girls. I saw the Mexicans occupy the ground between the crew and the outhouse in order to harass and "flatter" the white girls. I saw the older brothers stick up for their sisters and get fired for fighting with the Mexicans who blatantly sought to view down the shirts of the girls as they bent over pulling weeds. Needless to say, when I went back to weed onions at 13 years old, there were 20 Mexicans on the crew and only a few High School kids. Who wants to put up with that kind of work environment?
    Shouldn't the pulpits speak up about government interference in the labor market? And lack of border security? Shouldn't they speak up about the established older generation providing work and income opportunities to the upcoming generations? If the pulpits spoke out about it, that might give the politicians and the public the courage to speak out about it.

     Government interference in the rental market: Upon graduating High School and getting married, I needed to find a place to live. I could rent an old apartment for about $150.00 per month. Houses rented from $200.00 to $450.00 per month depending on the quality and size of the house. However, a new guy to town built some new apartments. They were called "low income" apartments because the government paid part of the rent for the low income residents. According to my income at that time, my rent would be only $175.00 per month, but the owner of the apartments got $425.00 per month because the government subsidized my rent. WHAT A SCAM! What a gold mine this apartment owner had going! He was getting rich off your tax dollars! Meanwhile, the other owners of rentals were finding it harder to maintain their rentals and their rents! Government interference in the rental market really did no good at all.
    Then came the government low income mortgage for permanent housing for the poor. In a few years, the apartments and the FHA new homes were being occupied by illegal aliens and drug users...
     Shouldn't the pulpits speak up about government interference in the housing market? Shouldn't they speak up about the established older generation providing reasonable rental and home ownership opportunities to the upcoming generations? If the pulpits spoke out about it, that might give the politicians and the public the courage to speak out about it.

   I was a hard worker and I had skills learned from working with my dad in his many endeavors. I landed one of the best careers available in the local area. I got on as a permanent full time employee of the National Park Service. What a wonderful job! All I had to do was put up with incompetent and lazy government employees(not all of them were) and I could transfer to other National Parks like Redwoods, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone, etc. I could raise a family in God's country and have the security of a government job and benefits package! Wow! I was doing fine...
   When my sons were old enough to be baby sat, my wife thought it was time to get her social life back. Meaning, time to go back to the bar every weekend. She would pull her hair out and bite her nails fearing that she was missing out on some important stuff going on at the bar when I refused to go. Arguing over that and finances took its toll. She also didn't like the prospect of moving away from her hometown--her friends in the barstool congregation...Oh, there were no friends our age in the church congregation in that town. The churches were dead because the younger generations moved the congregation to the barstool. That left the oldest generation in church praying for the congregation at the bar... government schools dumbing down generation after generation?
    Shouldn't America's pulpits be taking up the slack where government schools are failing? Shouldn't churches be teaching Christian history, founding fathers, personal responsibility, virtue, wisdom, justice, liberty, and mercy? Shouldn't churches be teaching about salt and light, the role of citizens, the role of churches, the role of fathers, the role of family, and the proper role of government? How about our American heritage and the American Dream? America used to be a melting pot where people of all faiths and cultures melted into a common "mostly Christian" American culture and traditions. Government schools and filthy entertainment media have succeeded in dividing the American people. No more common heritage and melting pot. Hitler was right when he said, “When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already... What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”
    If America's pulpits spoke up about these things, it would give the politicians and the public the courage to speak up about these things.

    Government interference in fathers and families: My wife initiated a "no-fault divorce" which I did not want. Simple! Any judge desiring to protect the innocent in his court can see that a husband who is not at fault and who does not want a divorce is innocent and therefore should not lose his children and income. There are two ways the judge in my divorce can go. He chose the wrong way. He chose not to protect the innocent husband and his children. Rather, this judge chose to give his blessing to the guilty by stating, "Shacking up and tending bar are not sufficient grounds to remove the children from their mother. If I did that, I would need to remove children from other mothers who are shacking up and tending bar." This judge chose to enable and reward the bad choices of a narcissistic mother rather than point out her error. This judge missed an opportunity to educate and save my wife and family. He could have simply pointed out that family law was not written to make it legal for at-fault adulterous mothers to throw away not at fault fathers and keep his children and income.Then he could have returned my sons to me to be raised in a happy wholesome home which did not revolve around a barstool lifestyle. This may have caused my wife to reconsider her stupidity and selfishness. Lost people need people to point them in the right direction, not bless and enable their wrong direction!
    Shouldn't America's pulpits be pointing America's judges in the right direction? Wouldn't that save a lot of people and reduce the grief of injustice? What about the children of divorce growing up without fathers and without the Father in heaven? Jesus brought a F(f)ather's love to mankind, but America's dumbed down population doesn't know that. A loving earthly (f)ather will point his children to our heavenly Father who desires to teach us how to love family, friends, and neighbors in truth, righteousness, and justice. But, America's pulpits are not uniting fathers in this effort. What is wrong with America's pulpits? Are they content with hiring the government schools to miseducate Christian children and expose them to overwhelming unchurched peer pressure into drugs, sex, violence, bullying, and alternative lifestyles?
     Shouldn't the pulpits speak up about government interference in fathers and families? Shouldn't they speak up about fathers and mothers doing the role God gave them to do? A role that leads to truth and a resurrection to eternal life? If the pulpits spoke out about it, that might give the politicians and the public the courage to speak out about it.

    Notice the commercials on television asking for money to "save the children." Shouldn't those commercials be asking for money to save the fathers and mothers? If the fathers and mothers were doing their God given job, then their children would not need saving! Soon, America will be asking the government employees to "save their children." America is already collapsing into a third world nation. I wanted to save my children, but the government employees allowed them to be taken from me against my will. The government employees even used your tax dollars to subsidize the destruction of my family by providing free rent to my ex while forcing me to subsidize my ex's bar tab with over $30,000.00 in cash. I thought my neighbors were smarter than that! Evidently, NOT! Where are courageous men in the pulpit?

    Then there is this blog about government employees disregarding our Supreme Law of the Land and fining a guy $1500.00 for hanging an innocent flier in a private bulletin board--without a constitutionally required speedy trial by jury... Where are the real men in the pulpit who understand that this nation will not improve without a return to the God of the Bible? Why aren't they teaching, uniting, and standing for doing the role God gave men to do? God wants men to raise up Godly offspring. Why aren't we doing that? Are America's preachers and fathers blind? Are they preferring to deny the obvious truth about their condition and the condition of upcoming generations?

    The world won't get better until there is an awakening to the God of the Bible. The economy won't get better. The wars and conflict won't get better. The dying neighborhoods won't get better, and the drought in California won't get better until America turns and seeks God while repenting of their many sins. Chief among those sins is hiring the government secularists, socialists, Darwinists, and hedonists to miseducate generation after generation. And the other chief sin is government employees enabling and rewarding irresponsibility and ignorance with welfare, free rent, free food, free atrocious government schools, and free healthcare (free abortions for the promiscuous). It is the role of fathers to love, lead, teach, take care of, and protect their children and loved ones. That is NOT the role of government employees...
    If the pulpits spoke out about it, that might give the politicians and the public the courage to speak out about it. Without the pulpits speaking about these things, I am at an impasse. I shall sit back and watch what happens. My conscience is clear. I have been speaking out about these things for over 20 years. I will not have a millstone tied on my neck and I will not be cast into the sea...
Luke 17:2 It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin.
    Seek first His kingdom and don't stop seeking it until you find it. "He who seeks finds..." "Blessed are the humble to God, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

2Chron. 7:14, If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

         I am not the only one who has had the courage to hold America's pulpits to account. In 1873, Charles Finney spoke these words to his fellow shepherds in the pulpit: 

Brethren, our preaching will bear its legitimate fruits. If immorality prevails in the land, the fault is ours in a great degree. If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discrimination, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in religion, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it. Let us not ignore this fact, my dear brethren; but let us lay it to heart, and be thoroughly awake to our responsibility in respect to the morals of this nation.

    If the pulpits won't speak God's honest truth, no one will... except me evidently! But, I am tired... 

Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11, 2014, UPDATE: Finally got in touch with my state representative.

  I had a good conversation with Representative Shelly Short. I must give her credit and sincerely thank her for being willing to correct government overreach. She is honestly trying to hold back the runaway train of out of control government. She and a few others made a good effort by trying to get the "Handyman" bill passed. There are people in the legislature who want to get our liberties back, but they are outnumbered by the vain politicians who want to be "saviors" fixing society by using legislation and government force. Actually, there are simply a lot of weak minded and unprincipled politicians who fall for nonsense coming from lobbyists, lawyers, and bureaucrats. These unprincipled politicians are simply oblivious to We the People's state and federal constitutions, the Supreme Law of the Land.
     It was mentioned in our conversation that in our government, all laws are considered "constitutional" until the state Supreme Court declares otherwise. Obviously, that may take years to do while the law remains in place setting itself up as "established" law. This is utter nonsense! Over time, the vaguely written law is incrementally reinterpreted and applied subjective to the executive agency tasked with enforcing the law. The bureaucrat and the government lawyer can say, "That is the way we have done it for years, and all the challenges to our enforcement were denied in the appeals process. Our enforcement procedures were upheld. It is the law now..."
     So, the target of the law must win his right to live free and unmolested by taking his challenge of the law all the way to the Supreme Court. How fu---king stupid are these government employees and how stupid do they think We the People are? Obviously, this process leaves We the people out of our own law enforcement and leaves us with no option other than butting heads with government employees who want to justify their own existence. The process also sidesteps our neighborly civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land. WHAT HAPPENED TO TRIAL BY JURY IN THIS PROCESS? I SAY AGAIN, WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHT TO FACE OUR ACCUSERS IN A SPEEDY TRIAL BY JURY? Our public servants have forgotten that, and their Oath of Office to support our Supreme Law of the Land. Our state and federal constitutions were written to protect We the People from out of control government employees by protecting We the People with the inalienable right to a speedy trial by jury!
    Here is the thinking of immature selfish government lawyers and bureaucrats seeking to CYA and justify their existence, "Let it be established practice that people fined and harassed through Administrative Law do not have a right to a speedy trial by jury where We the People can decide guilt or innocence and also whether the law is just and complying with our Supreme Laws of the Land, our duly ratified state and federal constitutions." The general public faces a gaggle of misguided government employees rather than his good neighbors... HOW THE FU-- IS THAT GOING TO WORK OUT OVER THE YEARS? THIS BLOG SHOWS HOW IT IS GOING TO WORK OUT! We the People are forced to live under the dictates of misguided government employees. "Dictates"? Dictatorship? Is that the kind of government our constitutions established? NO, IT IS NOT! But, the imbeciles employed by the government don't know any different. They forget their Oath of Office and the fact that our young men and women give their life and limb to defend our liberty and our constitutions from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. That falls squarely into the definition of imbecilic.

imbecile —n: 1. a person of very low intelligence (IQ of 25 to 50), usually capable only of guarding himself against danger and of performing simple tasks...

    See! Government employees are only capable of guarding themselves (CYA) against danger (public scrutiny) and they have not mentally matured beyond a sophomore in high school and they are only capable of performing simple tasks.

sophomore ---n: 1. sophomore is a student in their second year of high school or college. They are usually considered the useless class: Urban dictionary

sophomoric ---adj: 1. suggestive of or resembling the traditional sophomoreintellectually pretentious,   overconfident, conceited, etc., but immature: 

     Fifty years of atrocious government schools has given us government employees such as the ones I have been butting heads with, from the state Supreme Court on down! For over two and one half years, I have been butting heads with sophomores in high school. Hmmm...  Seems I mentioned that before in several of my blog posts....
     Rep Shelly Short and others on the "restrain government" side of the isle, think that they are doing all they can do. They can't figure out ways to defeat the sophomores with simple truth and the wisdom of our forefathers who wrote and ratified our Supreme Law of the Land. What is worse? Imbecilic sophomores, or helpless statesmen lacking the communication skills, and principles, and values of our founding fathers? 
    On the phone Shelly mentioned that all she and others could do was stick their fingers in the dike... 
    Well, hell... Let me help them out!

The "Out of Control Government" Caucus in the 

Washington State Legislature

I. Whereas the people of the Great State of Washington have ratified the Washington State Constitution in order to establish and limit a state government for the purpose of maintaining individual rights while affirming that all political power inherently remains with "the people,"  Article I, Section 1 of the Washington State Constitution...
II. Whereas the Constitution of the Great State of Washington names the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, as the Supreme Law of the Land, Article I, Section 2 of the Washington State Constitution......
III. Whereas the duly elected Legislators of the Great State of Washington have sworn/affirmed an Oath of Office to support our Supreme Law of the Land,  Article I, Section 6 of the Washington State Constitution, and Article VI of the U.S. Constitution...
IV. Whereas other officers of the government of the Great State of Washington have sworn/affirmed an Oath of Office to support our Supreme Law of the Land, Article I, Section 2 of the Washington State Constitution, and Article VI of the U.S. Constitution...
V. Whereas the liberty and inalienable rights protected within the Supreme Law of the Land exist at the cost of life and limb freely given by the Honorable Military Service of fellow citizens undertaking an Oath to "support and defend our and our Constitutions from all enemies, foreign and domestic," 10 U.S.C. SS 502...

Let it be hereby established, this "Out of Control Government" Caucus; for the purpose of uniting the member legislators and their resources to educate, inform, empower, and inspire all public servants to do their neighborly civic duty supporting our Supreme Law of the Land by opposing and holding to account out of control government employees who, knowingly or unknowingly, fail to keep their activities and performance of their duties within the constraints placed on them by our state and federal constitutions.

Tasks and methods of educating, informing, empowering, and inspiring public servants shall be:
1. Collecting and recording incidents of out of control government employees neglecting their neighborly civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land. Ignorance of the Supreme Law of the Land is no excuse for government employees. 
         A. This Caucus shall provide a web page where citizens and government employees can become educated and informed of government employees acting outside their constitutional authority.
 a. An education section may provide an accurate and concise review of U.S. history from the pilgrims until present day, with links to other websites that go into greater detail about our founding documents, and the writings of those great men and martyrs who inspired our founding documents and form of government, John Lock, Blackstone, Montesquieu, Algernon Sidney, Bastiat, etc... also a link to a conservative view of "Common Law versus Case Law" and America's slip from morality based Common Law to state employee (statist) based Case Law.

b. A section of the web page shall be devoted to stories of out of control government employees in action and shall provide a means for anonymously submitting incidents by whistle blowers, as well as links to contact members of this caucus.

c. The stories of individual government employees acting outside their authority while disregarding our Supreme Law of the Land, appropriately compiled and recorded, shall include the names of the government employees and the parts of the Supreme Laws of the Land which have been violated; or disregarded, such as a denial of the individual's right to face his accusers before a jury of good neighbors.

         B. The caucus shall meet monthly/quarterly to discuss ways to educate and recruit more legislators to the caucus and to practice communication skills which articulate the basic foundations of constitutional republican government, as opposed to government ideology that attempts to be the parent or "nanny' of the general public for the benefit of the vain "I'm a great parent" sophomoric legislators, government lawyers, and bureaucrats. We the People are not the children of the state!
2.  The members of this caucus shall seek funds to provide for the activities of this caucus, both public and private contributions. A record of said funds and expenditures shall be kept and made public, linked with the Caucus website.
3. The members of the caucus shall use the funds to seek out experts on law and history and use their talents to educate themselves, the government employees, and the general public by providing symposiums, publicity, and public events.

Motto: No fear! Hold government employees to their civic duty to support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land in all activities of government. Being on the right side of good government will attract and enlighten the sophomores... While out of control government will continue to make government an enemy of the We the People who wrote and ratified our state and federal constitutions. 

Signatures of members of the "Out of Control Government" Caucus




     Now, that is a good start, Shelly. Please get your finger out of the dike and start putting some concrete in the hole. I am here to help, and there is great potential. Especially, considering there is a real possibility of a catastrophic correction in the way our state and federal governments have been taxing and spending. By forming such a caucus people will know where to go when the doo-doo hits the fan...


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014, UPDATE: In a pickle... and some interesting speculation.

       I am in a pickle because recording my dealings with state representatives and others on this blog creates discomfort for the people I am trying to work with. Naturally, they do not want me to put them in a bad light on this blog. But, how can I put people in a bad light if they are on the right side of the issues being discussed on this blog. Are they unsure of their own position on the issue? Are they afraid of firmly standing up for what they believe is right? Here is the bottom line of my argument:

"Good neighbors do their civic duty to support and defend our Supreme Laws of the land." 

    Can our state representatives take a stand on that notion? Even after taking their Oath of Office, our representatives have wobbly legs when it comes to making a firm inarguable statement like the one above.

     Several months ago, I attended a conservative group's meeting. Representative Joel Kretz was there to speak about his efforts at the state house in Olympia, WA. After his speech, I asked him a question, "If a constituent called your office and informed you of some bureaucrats disregarding our state and federal constitutions, would you, or could you, contact the bureaucrats and inform them that you do not approve of disregarding our Supreme Law of the Land?"
   Kretz replied, "Yes."
    Of course, he replied yes in front of a crowd of constituents, but remember the correspondence I had with him? His quote from and email he sent to me:
Unfortunately, as a State Representative, I am bound by ethical restraints which prohibit me from providing legal advice, or intervening in this matter. If there is some requirement in the RCW that you believe should be changed, that is something that might be the subject of a bill, and something we could look into. 
     Instead of holding his fellow PUBLIC SERVANTS accountable to their Oath of Office, Kretz wants to write a bill???? This leads to an interesting observation. An observation that expands on a statement I made in my May 28 UPDATE:
"Our weak legislators don't want to stick their neck out and hold people accountable to their Oath of Office to support our Supreme Law of the Land."
      So, how do you avoid confronting an error on the part of your colleagues and the executives overseeing the bureaucracy without embarrassing them or calling them out on their error? You change the target of the error from an individual government employee, to a law. It is not the government employee's fault, it is the legislation's fault. The "legislation" is held accountable to "support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land," while individual government employees are not accountable to "support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land...."... Hmmm... WTF???  
     Here is the thinking of our legislators (our representatives), "The individual government employee didn't make an ERROR which he ought to be held accountable for, rather the law was poorly written... therefore, my constituent who is suffering from the ERROR of individual government employees needs to work with me to get the law modified." That makes everyone happy and no individual government employee is held accountable to supporting and defending our Supreme Law of the Land. MY GOD! HOW RIDICULOUS AND SLIMY IS THAT? HOW COWARDLY!!! HOW WEAK! THEY CAN'T EVEN STAND UP FOR THE TRUTH OF OUR SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND!!!! What is spinning around in the minds of our representatives? How do they justify to themselves this type of thinking on their own part? Are there some unspoken rules upon entering service in our state houses? Does orientation for freshmen legislators pump their heads full of nonsense like this,"Legislators are not to determine for themselves what is 'constitutional' or not, rather that role is given to the judiciary branch of government. Legislators write law and pass law, and the judiciary, the Supreme Court, judges whether the law is constitutional." 
    See what I mean? These subtle notions cloud and convolute the fact that "Good neighbors do their civic duty to support and defend our Supreme Laws of the land."  ...and little ol' Russ is being a nuisance calling us out on it! Russ is actually demanding that we be good neighbors, and if we don't support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land, then Russ portrays us as bad neighbors on his blog... 
   See the pickle I am in? If I try to get my issues resolved correctly, then I am a nuisance and a threat, and further communication with me must be avoided in order to keep their name out of my blog. 
    Apparently, what I want is the opposite of what our reps and government employees want. I want accountability to "Good neighbors do their civic duty to support and defend our Supreme Laws of the land." Good grief! What is wrong with that? Why can't we hold our government employees and representatives to our constitutions? No one in government wants to take responsibility to holding their colleagues to supporting and defending our Supreme Law of the Land. Do these people see how ridiculous they look? Geeze... there is joy and a clear conscience when you do the right thing, but these people think that protecting out of control government employees is the right thing. And I can't force anyone to be good neighbors. They need to WANT TO BE good neighbors doing their civic duty. That is why they need that epiphany! Our representatives really do need to get out of the fog of nonsense and define the jurisdiction of Administrative Law. 
     On June 24th, I emailed the entire legislature of Washington State. I got a few good responses, but not enough. Obviously, my issues are not important enough to draw the attention of most of our representatives. And those that are concerned are not united with other concerned legislators. It is a pretty haphazard way of governing. We "individual citizens" need lots of money to get their attention, or we need a great deal of public awareness with a news media that keeps the public aware. Otherwise, little people like me just get shoved aside. Also obviously, the news media isn't going to pick up a little story like mine. It would be a great story to do about a little guy schooling government lawyers and legislators, but the established news media will not side with the little guy if it places government in a bad light disregarding our Supreme Law of the Land. 
    So, let me irritate some state legislators who had the courage to respond to my email. First, here is my email to all legislators:
Sen/Rep So and so,
Have you read any legal definitions of Administrative Law? The definitions I 
have read follow my assessment in my most recent post to my Blog: 


It is easy to see how over-zealous and ill-informed government employees could 
misapply their Adm. Law. It is also easy to see how the broad definitions could 
be used to pull the wool over the eyes of a "citizen legislator." Bottom line 
though, Adm. Law that is repugnant to our Supreme Law of the Land is "null and 
void of law," Marbury v. Madison. 

Please verify for yourself that all fine revenue collected by the Department of 
L& I goes into the Department's own budget, and not into the general fund. How's 
that for motivating bureaucrats to subjectively push the limits of issuing 
intimidating fines for publishing a list of skills?

We need a victory and a correction if We the People are to survive.

RESPONSE REQUESTED:  Russ has requested a response to this message.

Here is a response:


I wanted to take a moment to let you know that the Senator reviewed your email 
message and couldn't agree with you more. He is very aware of L & I and they are 
keeping a watchful eye on the way they do business. He asked me to thank you for 
the heads-up.

See? They know something is wrong, but they don't correct it.
Here is another response:

Thanks for contacting me, Russ.  If ever there were a poster child for maddening 
bureaucracy, it's L&I!  They serve neither employers nor injured employees well, 
at all.  Compared to about all other state agencies, L&I has got to be the 

Interesting question you raise about the constitutionality of administrative 
law...  The Administrative Procedures Act has been found to be constitutional, 
as it covers public authority DELEGATED to agencies from the Legislature, and 
challenges are brought against agencies for exceeding that authority (often 
called "arbitrary and capricious").

I do not deny, however, that there are too many zealous bureaucrats exceeding 
their authority and who are not held accountable.  I very much share your 
concerns.  In fact, I used to be a state agency director down in Olympia back in 
the 1990s and I saw too many abuses of that sort.

Thanks again for contacting me, Russ.  I appreciate your stimulating me to think 
about things a little more!

All best wishes,

See? They know stuff is wrong, but they don't know what to do about it. The answer is simple. Just be a good neighbor supporting and defending our Supreme Law of the Land according to their Oath of Office. This guy irritated me because he talks out of both sides of his mouth, or thinks he is helpless to do anything about the "maddening bureaucracy." Evidently, someone "found the Administrative Procedures Act to be constitutional" and that is the end of it. In his mind, there is nothing more he can do...  Good grief! He even admits that there are "too many zealous bureaucrats exceeding their authority!" Great stuff! But, where is he on holding government employees to supporting our Supreme Law of the Land? He is haphazard in his thinking!!! He does need to think about these things a little more... I responded in order to get him thinking some more:

Thank you for responding. Thank you very much. Please allow me to comment on one of your statements, though. Here is your quote:

"The Administrative Procedures Act has been found to be constitutional, as it covers public authority DELEGATED to agencies from the Legislature..."

The proper application of Administrative Law WITHIN THE ADMINISTRATION OF A GOVERNMENT PROGRAM is constitutional. So, please!!! Let's not talk past each other. We can find a way to keep our communication and understanding clear, simple, and concise.
My previous communication with you pointed to a blog post that shows how the bureaucrats are applying Administrative Law OUTSIDE the administration of their program, and applying it to the general public as if the general public has consented and contracted to give up our constitutionally protected right to publish, and our constitutionally protected right to a speedy trial by jury, and agreed to have our guilt or innocence decided by an Administrative Law Judge in a year long Appeals process.

So, on a personal basis, when did I and a lot of other folks give up our right to publish a list of our skills and our right to a speedy trial by jury and agree to be fined $1500.00 for posting a flier on a private bulletin board in order to serve our neighbors and make new friends? I and many others have not entered into contract to participate in the administration of a government licensing program, or any other program.
Is there really a statute on the books that makes criminals out of people who post innocent truthful fliers on private bulletin boards? And does not provide for a speedy trial where the accused can face his accusers before a jury of good neighbors?
I am not trying to be provocative. I am just trying to clearly communicate so that I can get you to think about these things. I mean, I grew up believing we have a Supreme Law of the Land, as stated in the Washington State Constitution.

Also note that the legislature cannot "delegate powers" THAT IT DOESN'T HAVE to agencies which are created for the benefit of the voluntary participants in the agency's program. No government agency can FORCEFULLY take away our constitutionally protected right to publish truthful and un-obscene fliers. No government agency can take away our right to a speedy trial by jury. It was actions like these that provoked the writing of our Declaration of Independence. However, a government agency can contract with an individual who voluntarily signs a contract(or application) to participate in the program under the terms (administrative law) of the contract.

We need statesmen who understand these things. We need to maintain a society of good neighbors who do their civic duty to support and defend our constitutions against all enemies foreign and domestic with liberty and justice for all. Too many young men and women have given life and limb to defend our liberty and constitutions against all enemies, foreign and domestic! Bureaucrats have no moral authority to disregard our duly ratified state and federal constitutions. In fact, it used to be considered treasonous to disregard our Supreme Laws of the Land. Seems to me there is a lot of confusion and unclear thinking/communication going on in the halls of government. ...leading to abuse and tyranny.
Thanks again for responding,


    I phoned my Representative Shelley Short. I talked to her Legislative Assistant who said that Shelley is busy attending meetings in Olympia. She said that Shelly would be glad to talk with me, and will call when she returns from Olympia. The LA kept saying that Shelley's "Handyman Bill" is still a priority of Shelley's. Again, why are these people so obsessed with "bills?" I told her that I was not really concerned about the bill, but I would rather have the issue resolved according to our constitutions. I said that it appears to me that the government employees do not want the issue resolved according to our constitutions. They want it to remain unresolved so that they can carry on with their current activities, which is issuing revenue citations to people.
    How can I come to any other conclusions than what I have written here? Obviously, no one in the state government wants to be schooled by little ol' Russ. Well, I'd like to be schooled by some of my public servants. But they won't talk to me. I think it would be great to get a call from the Director of WDLI and have him walk me through Administrative law, its historic application, and how it complies with our Supreme Law of the Land. Are they afraid to talk to me? I'll drive over there if invited to have a face to face conversation. Or, they could send me a letter answering my questions. Honest open dialogue is a good thing! This blog is a good thing if you are on the side of  "Good neighbors do their civic duty to support and defend our Supreme Laws of the land."  It is too simple! Too simple for government employees with convoluted minds to have that epiphany... my goodness!
    I'd like it if Shelley would school me on those things. She would have to research it and learn about it herself, and that would uncloud her mind. We need representatives with unclouded minds! And courage to stand on our Supreme Law of the Land. 

   On the speculation I mentioned in the heading, something interesting happened at the Supreme Court for the State of Washington. Supreme Court Justice James Johnson resigned. James Johnson was not one of the justices who "unanimously" decided to deny my Request for Waiver of Fees. However, I did mail him the same letter I sent to the 5 of 9 Justices who "unanimously" decided to deny my Request. James Johnson resigned and has now joined up with the Freedom Foundation. Check out the story here:

Hmmm... Can I speculate that my letter in my January 1, 2014, UPDATE had an influence on his decision to resign?  I wonder...