Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31, UPDATE: For my overseas readers...

   For some time now, the page views for this blog coming from overseas have been exceeding the page views coming from the U.S.A. Who are you guys? What brings you here? Are you hoping America will return to being a champion of liberty and justice for all? Are you hoping the American public will rid itself of the forces of evil who have corrupted our government? Do you wish to see the American people finally wake up and throw out the filthy money changers, counterfeiters, monopolistic corporations, and JFK's "Secret Society" of ruling elite who have control of the worlds banking, commerce, news and entertainment media, and armies?
    Well, don't get your hopes up... America has a long way to go before courage and wisdom replaces apathy and ignorance. There are bright spots and a huge potential here, but the Tea Party and the local churches just keep on beating their drums year after year without having a great deal of success. We don't have a uniting platform that simply spells out the goals of the Tea Party and neither do we have loud powerful Tea Party leaders pulling the wagon in the same united direction. The local churches are not much interested in coming out of their church buildings to speak about personal responsibility in a civilized society, either. The church leaders are not united with a courageous vision of the role of fathers, families, churches, and a PROPER role of government, therefore the churches simply ignore the hammer that is coming down on America while pursuing their a agenda of supposedly "saving souls." Truth is, if they were "saving souls" those souls would be doing something about saving our nation from the politicians, the world ruling elite bankers, and the atrocious government schools(curriculum controlled by the elite's boondoggle United Nations, think New World Order).  The established hierarchy of denominational leaders are cowards unwilling to shake up the nation with the simple truth that hiring the government socialists, Darwinists, and hedonists to miseducate generation after generation is a grave mistake with terrible consequences.
     One bright spot is the fact that there are quite a few lone voices in America who sound very much like this blog, except they don't bring up the simple truth "good neighbors don't mis-educate their neighbors' children, deny their neighbors the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to a speedy trial by jury of good neighbors, and other rights meant to maintain liberty and justice for all." You can't argue with that! BUT, loudly and forcefully standing on that simple truth would likely cause the deluded minions employed by the government to reconsider "Just following orders and doing my job." Christians employed by the government and the government schools might find the courage to stand up against there ignorant misguided supervisors. However, my preference would be for men in the churches to get together and provide an alternative to the government idiot factories(schools) by educating their children within their church. I would like to see every Christian teacher quit their government school job and go to work in alternative church schools. Also, the churches have a lot of talented elderly whose gifts are not being used to educate and love upcoming generations. Competent Christian schools up against government schools would put the government schools out of business. The responsible and loving parents would remove their children from government schools, leaving only the unloving, irresponsible, and gang affiliated students for the government to miseducate according to their nonsensical brainwashing curriculum and deviant sexual-education program.
   From my vantage point and perspective, I am watching a race going on. Will the churches and the American people wake up before the ruling elite get their control grid implemented, or before the ruling elite crash the dollar, or start a new world war? Perhaps the ruling elite money changers will create a false flag in order to institute martial law in America, thus starting a civil war within the U.S. The citizens versus their own government employees... How will that turn out? I don't think it will turn out very good for the government employees who are stupidly willing to point guns at their neighbors. The ruling elite would have to bring in troops from other nations under the excuse of "maintaining order" and "keeping the peace." Boy, if that happened it would certainly wake the sleeping giant of America's middle class who have been simply minding their own business avoiding controversy while trying to make a living for their families. Most average Americans have no desire to enter into our filthy and corrupted government and politics. Thus, the idiot government employee "followers" and miseducated authoritarians fill the void misleading our government and institutions of supposedly higher learning, not to mention the corrupt government employees and politicians who have been bought off by the NWO moneyed elite who control the banks and world commerce.
     Seems to me that there is only a short time before something major happens...
     From my vantage point concerning the local churches in my area, I find that there are a lot of common people whom I can communicate with. They are watching what is happening, and they are hoping for a revival, also. However, my contact with church pastors leaves a lot to be desired. They know we need a revival, but they don't know how to get one going. They are afraid of saying the things I say. They certainly won't tell the men in their churches to get their children out of the government school idiot factories! I guess they simply haven't figured out that mis-educating the last 3 or 4 generations is why our society has fallen into decadence and slavery to the "authorities."
     I don't know, but I suspect that the seminaries teach Romans 13 to the upcoming clergymen in a manner that God wants all men to obey their rulers, rather than oppose tyranny, evil, and injustice.  Of course, that has resulted in America's "church going Christians" obeying the out-of-control government, and the over-educated idiots administering the local government schools. The pulpits have allowed the local civil leaders to decide what is best for the local community, and the local schools. For decades, all that the crony local leaders can do is demand more money and taxes to fix everything from the schools to the roads. The cronies occupying the seats in local government constantly demand more money from the taxpayers. They convince themselves that they are the saviors of "their people," the people who voted for them. Attend a public meeting like school board, city council, or county commission and you will see how little influence the public has on the local "saviors" of the people. That ego thing blinds the cronies to the concept of restraining government interference in society, because if they want to fix society, they obviously need to interfere in society. These cronies want credit for fixing society... "damn the Constitution and constrained government! Don't bring that subject up in my council meeting! Officer, throw that man out of this public meeting! He is causing a disruption in our agenda." Of course, the agenda in the meeting is to make the civil leaders feel good for the heroism they have shown in public office. They won't tolerate any truth that shows them in a bad light and shames them for being outside the constraints of our Supreme Law of the Land. But, the cronies will certainly dig up dirt on their opposition to shame and discredit the opposition.  It is filthy business, and that is why average people avoid the controversy and headache.
   That is where we are in America. I don't think things are gonna change very fast unless something drastic happens. When the doo-doo hits the fan, then the current cronies and government employees might open up to righteous public input on local governance. When the money runs out, or becomes worthless, government employee lay-offs will become necessary, and that will put the government employees in the same boat with the general public. It is the out-of-control printing of money that is keeping federal, state, and local government afloat. If the dollar crashes, so will all the government pensions and freebies crash. That will open a door for the local churches to come fill the void--neighbors helping neighbors, families taking care of their families, etc.
    The only other scenario for America's restoration as a champion for liberty and justice is a sudden inspiration within mainstream Christianity. If mainstream Christianity and the pulpit suddenly realized the folly of mis-educating the last 3 or 4 generations, then they could take action within their church to love, lead, teach, take care of, and protect upcoming generations by removing their children from the government schools and providing a Biblical education within their church, or partnered with other churches. If millions of Christian children were suddenly withdrawn from the government schools, that would seriously shake up the establishment status quo. If America's Christian fathers truly did love their children, they would certainly teach them the truth and protect them from the atrocious government schools. It would be an awakening like Mal 4:6,  He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”

So, I thank all my overseas readers. Your numbers have surpassed the readers in the U.S. Please keep passing the blog along. Perhaps the clergy in your countries may benefit from it. God desires a civilized and neighborly society, and that is why He gave us simple rules to follow. Love God first, and He will teach you how to love family, friends, and neighbors in truth, in righteousness, in goodness, in justice, and in reality. Simple reality without mind fogging delusions which aggrandize the egos of the ruling cronies. If local churches wake up, then the ruling elite won't have success with their rule by force and with their technology based control grid. If the Christian churches will stand together in unity against all the surveillance and propaganda, then we will have liberty and peace.

Grow some gonads, clergy! Teach the simple truth about loving God, his goodness(truth), and our neighbors... Especially to your upcoming generations!

And don't forget that Jesus told His followers to buy a sword if they didn't have one--to protect your family, friends, and neighbors when doo-doo hits the fan.

Wake up America! Get a vision of fathers taking care of their families without government interference and freebies rewarding the ignorant, the irresponsible, and the guilty with your tax dollars... Clean up the crony government, the filthy entertainment media, the propaganda news media, and your churches.

Deut. 32:28,29 They (the U.S.) are a nation without sense,
there is no discernment in them.
If only they were wise and would understand this
and discern what their end will be!

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