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August 22, 2014 UPDATE: Insight into the nature of average people and government employees

     Since I have not had anymore communication with government employees, I am lacking topics for discussion on this blog. Seems I have pretty much offended everyone involved in my dispute with Inspectors Phillip Jordan and Michael Thrams. LOL.. It is kind of funny how my government employees are running away from me and the issues I have brought up while defending myself against out of control government employees. They don't want to deal with me because I am right and they are wrong.
    Think about all the "officials" in their "exalted" positions of authority whom I have had contact with. Aren't they glad to have their experience with me put behind them? I am sure they are very glad! I have run my course through their maze of nonsense and I can do nothing more to involve them in the controversial discussion about adhering to their Oath of Office, the oath they took to support the Supreme Law of the Land. It is controversial to them in their mind because they don't want it to be clear and simple. They want to live in the fog where they can falsely claim that their actions are congruent with their Oath of Office.
    I suppose I could file a civil lawsuit against the individuals involved in my case. I could sue them for denying me my constitutionally protected civil rights in a federal court-- which are my right to publish a truthful list of my skills and my right to a speedy trial by a jury of my neighbors. That would cost a lot of money for subpoenas and filing fees and etc. Plus it would be another crap shoot dealing with federal judges and lawyers who are not grounded in common sense and common decency. I would be steered into roadblocks and stonewalls as the government employees do everything possible to discourage me.
     Anyway, my case is finished and filed into the vaults of government records... which most all of those records will never be looked at again... I would be quite surprised if I am contacted by these government employees about this case. I bet that they have figured out that if they don't poke the hornet's nest, they won't get stung. LOL...  They don't like their pretended positions of prestige publicly proven to be out of constitutional restraints. They don't like their crony cliques around the water coolers in government buildings exposed for what they truly are. They want to continue to pretend that everything government employees do is lawful, correct, and good for society because society could not function correctly without themselves being secure in their government jobs. They really are delusional... Government employees must justify their existence by deluding themselves and protecting government and all that government employees do. Trouble is, this "hornet" has simply and clearly forced them to look at reality; their reality of disregarding our Supreme Law of the Land.
    Here are some insights into the nature of man. Obviously, individuals, including government employees, want a positive self image. They want to look at what they are doing as something worthwhile and necessary. No one wants to be told that their job is not necessary, or that it is unconstitutional and a deterrence to a properly functioning civil society. Obviously, my role in this dispute over publishing a list of my skills has been to destroy the government employees delusions of being necessary to the proper function of society. I was put in the position of correcting their errors--which these people simply do not want to acknowledge their errors--their acting outside the constraints of our Supreme Law of the Land.
  The truth is, I am dealing with "individuals," not "government." But, these individuals I am dealing with do not have a foundation built on absolute truth and morality and common sense and common decency. They do not have the heart to follow what is right when wrong is exposed to them front and center! And right between their eyes! They follow something, though. What is it they are following? Government employees simply follow the written dictates of government employees. They follow the Revised Code of Washington, the Administrative Procedures Act, and the Washington Administrative Code.  After 100 years of growing government and bureaucracies, the RCWs, the APA,  and the WAC have become superior to the State and federal constitutions. In fact, they have become the laws of God. They seem to be the only means for government employees to examine their conduct toward their neighbors. If what they do can be said to be "according to law," then they have no other need for anything to guide their conscience and also no need for the Supreme Law of the Land to guide their conscience.
    I have run into this "no conscience" nonsense before. It happened during my unwanted divorce. I was served divorce papers by my wife's lawyer, Mr. D. Gene Fink of Yreka, CA. I had to laugh... "D. Gene Fink," degenerate fink! What parent would name their child that? Good grief! God has a sense of humor! Anyway, I went to the office of D Generate Fink so that I could shake his hand for filing garbage into the Superior Court for the County of Siskiyou. In their filing for the "No Fault" divorce of which I was not-at-fault according even to the "no fault" stipulation, Fink and my wife asked the court for alimony, custody of my sons, child support, and for me to pay her attorney fees. ABSOLUTELY NO CONSCIENCE! WOW! I was young and could not make sense of it. Not even after my hilarious effort to shake the Fink's hand for filing their outrageous demands with the court.
    I entered the Fink's office in Yreka and asked to see the Fink. The receptionist asked if the Fink was my attorney?
   "No, but he is my wife's attorney."
   "What is your name and what is the matter concerning your request to see Mr. Fink?" she said while writing on a memo pad.
   "My name is Russ Hinds and I would like to shake Mr. Fink's hand for having the gall to file garbage with the Superior Court."
   She snapped. Her face took on an ugly scowl. "Mr Fink is in a meeting until this afternoon, and he has another meeting scheduled after that. He is not available."
    "Can I wait here just to shake his hand between his meetings?" I asked while pointing at the comfortable furniture in the waiting area.
    Agitated... "No! You cannot wait here..."
    "Okay, I'll wait outside. Perhaps I can catch him on the way to his car."
    It was about 11:00 AM according to the big red clock on the building across the street from the Fink's office. Conveniently, the pavement for the Finks parking lot was joined with the parking pavement belonging to the Motel 6 next door. I parked just a few yards away from the Fink's office in the motel's parking spaces. I sat on the trunk of my car waiting for the Fink until about 2:00 PM when a motorcycle cop rolled up to me. He approached me on foot and asked what I was doing.
   "Listening to music on the trunk of my car."
   "Why are you here? We had a call from someone claiming that you are harassing them."
   "I am just waiting for Mr. Fink to come out so that I can shake his hand for filing garbage with the Superior court." That began a short conversation about my upcoming divorce and circumstances surrounding it. While we were talking, a nice new Lincoln pulled up with the window being rolled down.
   "Who is that?" I asked the cop.
   "That is Mr. Fink."
   "Oh good! Mr. Fink, I just wanted to shake your hand for having the gall to file garbage with the Superior Court..." I said as I stuck my hand in the window.
    Fink was a little taken aback and said, "It is all according to California law. By law I am not allowed to talk with you because I am working for your wife."
    "Working for my wife? You're not working for my wife. You want me to pay your attorney fees. You are working for me!"
    The cop is standing there with a smile on his face. He had told me of his recent divorce...
    "It is all according to the law..."
    The cop says, "Mr Hinds, you shook his hand. Now you can move on, okay. You need to leave now."
    "Yeah, okay. I'll leave now." That was one of the nicest cops I have ever met. The other cops just want to write revenue tickets.
    So, there you have it. People simply lack a conscience guided by common decency and caring about your neighbor according to a proper definition of justice and right and wrong. Morality and love your neighbor do not exist in "according to the law."
   I have always understood that there is a moral foundation for law and for the correct and just application of law. However, it has now become very brightly obvious to me that government employees and many of my apathetic and ignorant neighbors do not care about morality, justice, and liberty being the foundation upon which law is written. Once a law is recorded into statute, every government employee is free to interpret it and apply it in any fashion that suits them, or benefits them. The moral foundation and proper application and the "intent" of the law is disregarded, distorted, and convoluted to the point that any effort to correct injustice and misapplication results in the very things I have written about in this blog. Government employees ganging up on a little guy who is insisting that the Supreme Law of the Land be upheld, supported , and defended, just as our servicemen and women give life and limb for taking an Oath to defend our constitutions against all enemies foreign and domestic.
    Well, where does a good conscience based in "loving your neighbor as you love yourself," and based in "doing unto others as you would have them do unto you" come from? IT COMES FROM THE AUTHOR AND DEFINER OF LOVE, AND "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR!" As I have said before, our Creator desires a society of good neighbors who care about one another, and about justice, morality, liberty, common sense, and common decency.
    Christians who love the words preserved for mankind which define morality, justice, liberty, individual responsibility, and common decency are supposed to be like me. Desiring to treat my family, friends, and neighbors according to God's definitions of goodness and righteousness. There simply is no way I could do what government employees and corrupt lawyers do to their neighbors. I do not fit in with their "system" and their self serving use of "according to the law." If, in order for me to feed my family, I had to issue $1500.00 in fines to people who post truthful fliers on private bulletin boards, then my family would starve. I could not violate my good conscience in order to keep getting a government paycheck. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES LIKE INSP. PHILLIP JORDAN, INSP. MICHEL THRAMS, AND AAG. ANGELA ZURLINI DO.
    Love God first and He will teach you how to love family, friends, and neighbors in justice and liberty and in respect for others. However, the government employees I have been acquainted with in this blog only have respect for the people who give them a paycheck, which is their immediate supervisors and the misguided corrupt bureaucratic chain of command. The minions enforcing the thousands of pages of RCWs simply lack a guiding positive influence upon their lives and their actions. They lack the truth of scripture, therefore they lack the ability to determine what is right and what is wrong according to the Words of our Creator. Therefore, their bible is "according to the law," the convoluted and twisted laws of men.
   As for me, I would prefer to live in a society where love your neighbor, where justice, where liberty, where our constitution and common decency are enforced. America has left 3 or 4 generations behind. They know no other authority than the authority of "government." "Government" and "self" are the only things that can control the actions of people who do not know the Truth and who must choose between feeding their family with a government paycheck while going along with injustice, or getting ostracized and fired for refusing to issue unconstitutional fines.
   I could not be a government school teacher, either. I would not teach lies and error to my neighbors' children. I could not exclude God and right and wrong from my classroom. I could not leave generations of children behind, and ignorant of the simple loving truth of their Creator.
    America used to be a Christian nation with Christian institutions of higher learning and with Biblical foundations of law, moral foundations of law.  Our American history proves that fact, even though America has never been perfect. But, the deliberate dumbing down of generation after generation in the government schools has forced me to deal with idiots all the way through this blog, from the inspectors, to the Washington State Supreme Court, to the governor's office, to some of the legislators...   Is there any hope of turning America around?
   Nope... not until America's fathers, mothers, and pastors take back their role to love, lead, teach, take care of, and protect their children from the government schools... thus NOT LEAVING GENERATION AFTER GENERATION IGNORANT OF THE TRUTH PRESERVED FOR MANKIND, THE GOLDEN RULES OF A LOVING AND CIVILIZED SOCIETY.
    America is declining and will not turn around until, "He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I (the Lord) will come and strike the land with a curse." Malachi 4:6. 

Hmmm.. it is interesting to me how my heart has always been with my children, and I have always desired to love, lead, teach, take care of, and protect my children, but idiot government employees gave their blessing and your tax dollars to a selfish mother who thought the barstool social life was more important than loving, leading, teaching, taking care of, and protecting her children. I was prevented from being the father that my Creator designed me to be. I did the best I could. I even stood against the injustice of idiot government employees, but I was alone.
   I'd like an apology. Perhaps if America's fathers and mothers would start training their children in the love of God's truth and His definitions of goodness and evil, perhaps they would apologize for raising up generation after generation of idiots to fill positions of government authority who reward the guilty and punish the innocent... Perhaps my children and their mother would come to know and love the Truth, too.
   Seems to me America is at a crossroad. Turn to love of God and neighbor, or continue to leave generation after generation behind.

“Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of Men and Citizens. The mere Politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them. A volume could not trace all their connections with private and public felicity...And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.”
President George Washington.

    Insight into the nature of average people and government employees leads me to believe that government employees will continue to follow the dictates of government while enslaving the average people to pay their salaries. Government employees are not going to oppose unconstitutional directives and risk losing their government paycheck.
    Seems also like the average Christian men and churches will not turn around and stop leaving generation after generation behind until the curse on the land becomes unbearable.
     Thank your pastor and teacher. Thank your watchman, and thank your shepherd in the pulpit. Sarcasm! They have not the courage to say what I say. Let God be my judge, and let Him decide if my words are correct. And let the reader take heed and find the truth for himself, just like I have been forced to do. In other words, I did not ask to be put in this position and say the things that I say. All I wanted was a happy wholesome family, a decent job, and my own home... I did not expect to be put through all of my crazy adventures. What a mess living in a society that does not know right from wrong, justice from injustice, and cares nothing about either one...
   But, perhaps "It is all according to law." Good grief! Try to win an argument with an idiot! I have won the argument about government employees being outside constitutional restraints, but the end result is that it does not matter a whit to them. Perhaps this wise proverb applies to government employees who know only that the government is taking care of them:

"Though you grind a fool in a mortar and pestle as someone might crush grain, his stupidity still won't leave him." Proverbs 27:22
     I have crushed government nonsense with the simple truth, like a hammer. Yet their stupidity won't leave them.

     There is another way. Learn and do the right things according to the definitions of your Creator, and He will take care of you, and He will be your God. Government is not and cannot be god... but if you are stupid enough to follow the commands of government many atrocities are likely to occur. Just like they occurred under dictators like Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Ze Dung, etc.

EDIT August 23, 2014: I just came across this picture on the web. I love it when people see what I see...

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