Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014, UPDATE: Still learning while still standing...

    Some things just give me pause to think. And when I think, I analyze quite thoroughly attempting to figure out what others are thinking, and how their thoughts make them do what they do or say what they say.
    First, before I tear into the ineptitude of government employees, I do want to thank all of those who have shown me their support, courtesy, and respect. Some have done their best attempting to resolve and correct the problems I have brought to light in this blog. Even, going so far as to write and support legislation to change the "law." (I put "law" in quotes because it is not really law at all. Any law that is abhorrent to the Constitution is "null and void of law" according to Marbury v. Madison.) Their help and support has been very much appreciated. Proof of that is in the fact that I have been reluctant to publish some of the names while publishing correspondence and dialogue. I am going to continue to refrain from publishing names of people who seem to be supporting my efforts, even as I dissect their correspondence in an effort to understand their position on my issues. I must admit that I have a hard time understanding how some people can contradict themselves and the principles which they claim to hold in conversations and correspondence with me. I must wonder if those contradictions are deliberate or subconsciously seeking to avoid controversy and avoid sticking their neck out.
    Throughout my many battles in this life, I have been alone, standing alone while defending myself and common sense and common decency. I am now going to burn my last bridge, if that is how this supporter of mine wants to view this post. This post may prompt this last government employee, who still speaks to me via email, to stop any further communication. I am not desiring to break off communication and friendship, but I cannot control their decisions and actions. If they take offense, it is on them... I am just trying to do my part in educating the public through this blog.  The public needs to know who is holding the reins of government and how they comprehend their duties as legislators, representatives, public servants, etc. I have been standing alone all my life. I don't mind if I am forced to continue doing so...
     After I published the September 8, UPDATE, I sent this Email to my last government employed friend who still speaks to me.


TO:  ---


E-MAIL: -- 
PHONE: ---
SUBJECT:  Man fined $1500.00 for looking for a job.


Dear --,
Thanks for responding to my last email. I really appreciate it! I have another UPDATE which I have sent to my Reps. I really want some movement and resolution to my issues. Please know that I am not finished pestering. And there are some other things I can do to try and get attention and exposure. What if I hang another flier on a private bulletin board? What are your government employees going to do to me if I do that? Put me in jail? Is that what government employees want to do to their neighbors who demand that their constitutionally protected God given rights be supported and upheld by government employees? What will it take to get these issues resolved correctly according to our Supreme Law of the Land?
Sincerely, and I am sincere!

RESPONSE REQUESTED:  Russ has requested a response to this message.

    Here is the email I received in response:

From: ----
To: me
Sent: Tue, Sep 9, 2014 2:58 pm
Subject: RE: NC RR: Man fined $1500.00 for looking for a job.
Russ, please keep pestering!

Legislatively, nothing will happen until the next session begins on January 14, 2015.  That seems like a long way away, but, in reality, we don't have a lot of time to prepare bills and strategy for the coming session.

I know I have said this before, but I will say it again.  Legislators don't know what it is like on the other side of the curtain unless you tell them.  A corollary to that is that they probably won't be able to divine the solution to the problem unless you find it for them.

Russ, imagine what our situation SHOULD look like.  Then within that broad spectrum between that and present day reality, pick a few key things that could be changed to move us in that direction.  THOSE are the ideas that can be the foundation for bills that can be introduced in the legislature.  These are incremental changes.  We didn't get this way in just one session and it is not realistic to believe we can take it back in one.

Put your thinking cap on, study the regulations you've become a victim of, come up with a couple ideas that could become bills, and get prepared to testify in Olympia in the event any of those bill get legs under them.

Hope this helps.

Warm regards,

Notice above that this guy is still stuck on writing and passing a bill in the legislature rather than simply abiding by his Oath of Office to support our Supreme Law of the Land. That really bugs me. And then, he wants me to study the regulations and come up with ideas...??? Didn't we elect our reps to do that and to keep government employees and regulations in compliance with our Supreme Law of the Land? Does this guy mean, "If Russ wants to live in a nation that has state and federal constitutions, then Russ needs to study regulations and come up with ideas???" MY F---ING GOODNESS!!! I don't want to waste my time doing that shit! I just want to live in peace unmolested by government employees! I just want my government employees to stay within the constraints placed on them by our constitutions! These idiots(pretended statesmen) have placed themselves on a never-ending goose chase incessantly writing bills, AND HE JUST ASKED ME TO JOIN THEM RATHER THAN SIMPLY SUPPORT AND UPHOLD OUR SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND???!!! Gee... duh... gee... duh... gee... duh... F***!!! I am not getting on their silly goose chase wagon while they pretend to be our statesmen elected to support our state and federal constitutions!!!     Okay... sigh... I guess these guys don't have all the connections in their brains hooked up correctly. When you are elected to a government office, you are given and Oath of Office to support our state and federal constitutions, right? Okay... sigh... now have you got that connection hooked up in your brain? You do? Really? Okay... Now let's cement it so that it doesn't become disconnected in your next sentence or thought. Government employees are given an Oath of Office because many men and women have given life and limb in defense of the liberties and rights which are protected in our state and federal constitutions. Got it? "Life and limb" you know? LIFE AND LIMB! Our state and federal constitutions must be very important if people are willing to give life and limb for their preservation.... RIGHT? DO YOU GET THAT? Is that connection in your brain complete and cemented? Yes? Geeze... I hope so! Now stop f***ing with me and do your damn job! Get your government employees out of my face, off my back, and let We the People live in peace and freedom like our fore fathers intended we live. You don't need to write a f***ing bill in order to support our Supreme Law of the Land. Good grief!
    So, I wrote him a nice respectful email back:

From: me
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2014 5:52 AM
Subject: Re: NC RR: Man fined $1500.00 for looking for a job.

Thank you so much for allowing me to continue pestering you. I think you may be the last and only person in Washington state government who is willing to talk to me. 
I'd like to talk to you about perspectives because, after reading your email the first time, something stuck out in it which I kept dwelling on for days. From the perspective that we have state and federal constitutions, I don't think you realized what you were saying to me. Here is the first lines of our Washington state constitution:

SECTION 1 POLITICAL POWER. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.


----, from your email, my first impression was that you wanted me to do your job for you. (Meaning you want me to protect and maintain individual rights rather than my representatives protecting and maintaining individual rights.) 

----, from my perspective, I have been working for 2 years and 11 months to gather enough evidence, information, and simple clarity in my case so that my reps can take the ball from me and do their job as defined in our state constitution, MAINTAIN INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. That is what we elect representatives to do. And we have a government divided into three branches in order that if one branch fails in its mission, the other branch(s) are there to check and balance. If the legislature, in a time of panic and urgency, passes unconstitutional legislation, the governor is there to veto it, and the courts are there to declare it unconstitutional. See? This can be applied vice versa as well. If the executive branch is out of line with the constitution, the legislators are there to bring it back into compliance. This is why we have constitutions to protect and maintain individual rights. BUT, WE DON'T HAVE REPS WHO ARE WILLING TO BRING OUR SUPREME LAWS OF THE LAND TO THE FLOOR OF THE LEGISLATURE. Perhaps they don't know how, or they don't have the gonads... 

So, yes, I would love to work with my reps on a serious effort to bring government employees back under our state and federal constitutions. Whether it be by introducing new legislation, testifying before the legislature, or by educating the public and the government employees. However, as you can see from my defense over the span of 3 years, government employees and representatives really don't want little ol' Russ to educate them. I don't have the credentials, the platform, or the common respect of the government employees and representatives. However, our representatives (YOU) are given the credentials by being elected, and given the platform in the office they hold, and given the common respect by being allowed to say their piece on the floor of the legislature and through other means of taxpayer provided communications, resources, and connections. 

See? From my perspective, what more can I do? It feels like I am trying to push wet noodles across a table while the noodles bombard me with excuses and delay, and delay... Obviously, if no one has the courage to stand up for our Supreme Laws of the Land in our government bodies, we won't have a Supreme Law of the Land anymore. 

So. okay. I will propose some legislation and write an introductory speech for the floor of the legislature and write a concluding summary to the proposed legislation. My next e-mail will be that effort.

Please note that I have delivered a thorough ass whoopin to the government employees involved in my case. They know it, and the last thing they want is for people and legislators to pick up my ball and keep running it into complete victory and exposure. They are just people like you and I and they cannot argue with our civic duty to support and uphold our constitutions because much blood and treasure has been given in defense of our liberty and rights protected in those constitutions. All they can do is play their childish games trying to discourage, con, and intimidate me while hoping the whole ridiculous episode remains under the radar. If you and others would contact the players directly and ask the right questions with confidence and courage, you would have them shaking in their boots. Why do we have constitutions if no one is willing to use them and abide by them? However, if some of the players are confident that they can divert you, distract you, and con you, then they will continue their efforts to shut down discussion. 

Which brings me back to this; these people and people like them have been successful for the last 50 years in shutting down discussion of our constitutions and the proper role of government. This is why it has taken so long for them to bring state and federal governments to the out-of-control situation we are currently in. While conservative constitutional reps like yourself have been seeking "incremental changes" the liberals have been scoring touchdown after touchdown with THEIR "incremental changes." We do have a defense and it is in the fact that Americans have given life and limb for the liberty and rights protected in our Supreme Laws of the Land. Government has expanded WAY TOO FAR already. It is time for a correction. I am sure ----- understands what I am saying as he is a veteran who took the oath defend our constitutions from all enemies foreign and domestic. 

Once again, thanks for letting me pester you. And please run this email past -----. I just want to encourage, inspire, and be part of the solution...

Russ Hinds. 

    See? Wasn't that a nice letter? Well, see if you can decipher what I got in response:


No, I don’t want you to do my job for me, or ------'s.  Just do yours.  How’s that?

It was often acknowledged by the Founders that unless the people are knowledgeable of their rights under God and know the content of the Constitution and Declaration, that freedom cannot be maintained.  And that is precisely what has happened in the United States of America.  In our current state of bureaucratic tyranny, most folks are walking around believing they are free!  Yet, and I quote, “All political power is inherent in the people…”.Where the power resides, so does the responsibility.  The government is the servant, not the master.

Like you,  statesmen like -so and so- are in a small minority because the make-up of the legislature is a reflection of the people.  And yes, we have found many of the representatives to be equally as ill-informed as their constituents.

So you have a job in addition to your regular “citizen-job” of insisting upon government staying within the bounds of the state and federal constitutions and demanding unrestricted rights, under God, as outlined in the Constitution.  You have assumed a position of rare insight into this tyranny and that insight must be shared with others.  And I will state again that any peaceful, constitutional remedy will be relatively slow and incremental.

At a private meeting recently, -------- noted that he sees our gains over the last five years as astounding.  Yes,gains.  He travels all over the country speaking.  He has spoken to folks like us in the USA over 300 times in the last two years.  He has a unique perspective as a citizen of ---------who is sounding a warning to the people of America.  We are witnessing a race between the keepers, who wish to slam the door on us, and the people who are beginning to rise up, educate themselves, and take action.

Again,  Rep/Sen. ----- has pushed the envelope in Olympia far beyond what any legislator has in the last thirty years.  He needs more of the people behind his efforts.  You know, as conservatives we find candidates, work hard to get them elected, and when they lose we go home.  And if they win we go home.  Therein lies the problem.  When they say “We are behind you, Mr. Representative.”  Yes.  W-a-a-ay behind him.

Your job is not a big one, Russ, but it is a very important one.  You have the ability to articulate both the problem and the solution. 

You don’t have to go knocking on doors to do that; just be alert to opportunities to share your predicament and encourage others to become fully informed citizens.

Oh, and by the way, government employees, even if they agree with you in principle, have a vested interest in the status quo.  That’s a tough audience that will produce little fruit.

You are part of a big movement, Russ.  Thank you for your contribution.

    Now let me decipher the above email:
No, I don’t want you to do my job for me, or -----’s.  Just do yours.  How’s that?

Okay, that is pretty easily said, but difficult to prove by your other statements and lack of action.

It was often acknowledged by the Founders that unless the people are knowledgeable of their rights under God and know the content of the Constitution and Declaration, that freedom cannot be maintained. 

Not quite right... It was acknowledged by the founders that unless the people maintain wisdom and responsibility based on morality and religion, then unscrupulous men will gain control of government and pervert the constitutions and enslave We the People.  We the People do know our rights under God and preserved in our constitutions. It is the representatives who deceive the public in their election campaigns promising to restrain government, and then after they are elected, they do not restrain government. IT HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR OVER 50 YEARS! Why won't our representatives do what they promise to do in their campaigns and in their Oath of Office? We the people have been trying to vote in competent statesmen, but once they are elected they freeze up with fear and get wobbly legs and go along with the out of control bureaucracies and their pack of deceitful government paid lawyers, etc. Your next sentence supports what I just said.

 In our current state of bureaucratic tyranny,

See? The inmates are running the asylum....

most folks are walking around believing they are free!

Yes, we are free. We have constitutions protecting our rights and freedoms... but we don't have statesmen protecting our constitutions from the bureaucrats and lawyers who pervert the constitutions. By the way, most folks are like me. They simply want to be left alone under a constitutional government. It is a minority of vocal idiots who have sought to misuse government authority for their own self worth, prestige, and delusions. So, when people like you (conservatives who say they support our constitutions) are elected to office, you let the idiots run all over you and you try to play their game by their rules... Your next paragraph supports what I just said above:

And yes, we have found many of the representatives to be equally as ill-informed as their constituents.

Yes, I know. I just said that. Back to this sentence:

Yet, and I quote, “All political power is inherent in the people…”.Where the power resides, so does the responsibility.  The government is the servant, not the master.

Yes, all political power is rooted in the People's God given power, derived from God, and not delegated to government by God. Government has no god given rights. The rights and authority given to government comes from the people AND WE THE PEOPLE WROTE CONSTITUTIONS TO ENUMERATE AND LIMIT THE POWER AND AUTHORITY OF GOVERNMENT! But government employees and reps are not abiding by our Supreme Law of the Land... We the people are abiding by the Supreme Law of the Land, but government employees are not. How do We the People fix that? Huh? ...How? WE ELECT PEOPLE WHO PROMISE TO SUPPORT OUR CONSTITUTIONS TO OFFICE! ...That is how we fix it. BUT WHEN OUR REPS repeatedly and repeatedly ACT DISHONESTLY PREFERRING TO DECEIVE THEMSELVES BY BREAKING THEIR OATH OF OFFICE AFTER WE ELECT THEM, then what can We the People Do? When government employees pretend to be acting within the constraints of the Supreme Law of the Land while they clearly are not...what kind of delusion grips them? How do they do that? I'll tell you how they do that? They do it by HATING PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO BRING UP OUR SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND!!! We used to have laws against treason, the trashing and disregard of our Supreme Law of the Land, but we the people do not have reps, jurists, and attorneys who will hold government employees accountable to their Oath of Office. It is la-la land in the world of government! Nobody has righteous courage and convictions in government! All that government employees have is deception and denial of reality. They even attempt to cast spells on We the People by using deception and propaganda and phony justifications for expanding government. Government employees attempt to cast spells on We the People to blind us and discourage us. Here is proof:

"Naked castings into the constitutional sea do not warrant judicial consideration or discussion"

See? The AAG attempted to cast a spell on me by using that nonsense! Good grief! It didn't work on me, but it did work on the Administrative Law Judge. The government employee fell for it, but We the people didn't. I didn't! As I said in my previous UPDATE, the government employees have spun a web of deceit and trapped themselves in it. They are the ones who need the epiphany back to reality under our constitutions. We the people are in reality! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE NOT VOTED TO THROW AWAY OUR CONSTITUTIONS, BUT OUR GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES HAVE THROWN IT AWAY ALREADY!!!

Now, you said, "Where the power resides, so does the responsibility." DON'T BLAME WE THE PEOPLE! Blame those who have usurped the power of We the People by disregarding our constitutions. Geeze! Why do I need to write this stuff? Are you under a spell? Once again, it has not been We the People who have written and passed bill after bill after bill that flies in the face of our constitutions. It has been the dishonest representatives who have ignored their Oath of Office and passed bill after bill after bill that grows government miles and miles outside the powers granted to it by We the People. I am starting to wonder if you are one of the dishonest politicians.

"The government is the servant, not the master."
Does the "servant" serve We the People well by disregarding our state and federal constitutions? WHEN ARE THE PEOPLE WE ELECT TO GOVERNMENT OFFICE GOING TO ABIDE BY THEIR OATH OF OFFICE AND COME OUT OF DELUDING THEMSELVES PRETENDING TO BE ABIDING BY OUR CONSTITUTIONS? Please have that epiphany. Please wake up and come out from under the spell cast on your mind. Please open your mind's eye to see the simple truth, and help your associates in government to do the same. We the People are not at fault. And that is proven by the fact that We the People have not repealed our constitutions, our simple and clear contract with government employees.  Rather, government employees have ignored our constitutions... deluded themselves, and trapped themselves in their own la-la land.

So you have a job in addition to your regular “citizen-job” of insisting upon government staying within the bounds of the state and federal constitutions and demanding unrestricted rights, under God, as outlined in the Constitution.  You have assumed a position of rare insight into this tyranny and that insight must be shared with others. 

Yep! I am doing that right now!

And I will state again that any peaceful, constitutional remedy will be relatively slow and incremental.

And it will be even slower if you continue to ignore your Oath of Office which you made to support our state and federal constitutions. IDIOT! ...Pretending to be doing all that can be done to preserve and defend our Supreme Law of the Land. Why do you hamstring yourself by pretending you need a majority to stand with you in support of your Oath of Office? Go get some friends to stand with you if you need them. I'll stand with you, but you gotta get off your ass! It is like "The Emperor Has No Clothes." When the child said it, it was not "incremental." It was huge and almost instantaneous. Just get the gonads to say the simple truth. Just like I am doing!

The rest of the letter does not need to be commented on.
     So, what will I do next? Shall I go hang up another flier and see what happens? Do I write a speech and propose some legislation? Would they take me serious if I did propose legislation? Has this friend unfriended me?
Geeze... why do I have to write this stuff? It is like pushing wet noodles!

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014 UPDATE: Brushed off once again...

On August 24, 2014 I sent the following e-mail to my state representatives; not the entire legislature, just my reps.


TO: My Representative

FROM: Russ Hinds

1*** J^^^ Ln
Elk, WA 99009

E-MAIL: c********r@****.com

PHONE: (509) ***-****

SUBJECT: Man fined $1500.00 for looking for a job.

Please find for your information and amusement the following link to the latest UPDATE on my blog.:

<<<<BLOG URL>>>>

Also, I am still quite curious about exactly who wrote the current RCWs 19.28.041 and 18.27.200(1)(a).
1. Who wrote the above RCWs?
2. How were the above RCWs recorded into law? Vote of the legislature? Bureaucratic request through the Office of the Code Reviser?
3. When were the above RCWs recorded into law?
4. When was the first $500.00 fine given to a private citizen for posting a flyer on a private bulletin board in an effort to serve their neighbor?

Please don't brush me off. Let us quickly get these issues resolved according to our state and federal constitutions. You may forward this public information request to the Director of Washington Department of Labor and Industries as I am sure he/she has the public records and resources to provide complete answers.
Russ Hinds

RESPONSE REQUESTED: Russ has requested a response to this message.

    I got brushed off. Imagine that! Woweee! This has become so comical in showing how people simply want to avoid dealing with me. I am just an "insignificant" incident in the great mechanizations of government and its great mission to create utopia through government action, taxation, regulation, and control. It is time for Russ to be forgotten so that government can continue down its unrestrained path. ...I did not get a response from my representatives in my district.

     Evidently, the issues I have brought up cannot be dealt with by my representatives. Evidently, it is above their pay grade and they are in over their head when it comes to managing behemoth state government. Individual elected representatives cannot govern constitutionally unless they have a majority standing with them. And little old Russ is just some collateral damage who needs to go away and not interfere with the prestigious essential business of governing in the state of Washington.
    Gee... is there any wonder why there is a great deal of angst among the freedom loving patriots in America? Not only has the federal government gotten completely out of control, but state and local governments have become completely out of control, as well. You can see the angst in We the People by the rise of the Tea Party and by all of the internet documentation about citizens being assaulted by their own government. Just look at all the patriot websites on the internet. You will find an overwhelming amount of news concerning government employees run amuck. It is rare to find a government employee who is mindful of our Supreme Law of the Land. There is a definite lack of education in the government work force. They have not been taught American history, founding fathers, and principles of just, limited, and proper governance in a constitutional republic. However, they are being taught extortion con games and "us against them," in law and code enforcement.
     I am sure that there have been thousands of incidents of government abuse and actions outside constitutional authority in the USA before 1992, but my appalled awareness of it began with Ruby Ridge and Waco during the first 2 years of the Clinton presidency. I was shocked and angered at what I saw on the news. I was working for the National Park Service at the time and I could see the attitude of the government employees surrounding me was pretty much the same as the attitude of the government employees participating in Ruby Ridge and Waco. Following those incidents I could see the same Cover Your Ass cover up going on at Ruby Ridge and Waco, as the cover up going on in my little National Monument where I worked. Government employees cover up and and cover their ass in order that no government employee be held accountable. I saw it then and I still see it today, perhaps worse today. Lies and deception were resorted to by government employees to besmirch their victims and justify atrocious government actions leading to unwarranted deaths which were completely avoidable if not for the escalation of government tactics. There was some government employee in the chain of command who was responsible for escalating the atrocities at Ruby Ridge and Waco, but they were not held accountable.
     Neither can I hold government employees accountable for their actions in my many run-ins with them. The shameful thing is, our elected representatives cannot hold government employees responsible for their unconstitutional actions, either. We have a large segment of government schooled society living in a fog of unreality and therefore we have socialist indoctrinated control freaks(saviors) elected to government offices. Then, on the conservative "small government" side, we have elected representatives who hamstring themselves by believing that they can't change the path and growth of government bureaucracies and power. If they cannot resolve a simple little bitty issue such as mine according to our state and federal constitutions, how in the world are they going to reduce the burden of government on We the People? They have hamstrung themselves by refusing to uphold our Supreme Law of the Land and refusing to adhere to their own Oath of Office. Never mind the fact that good neighbors do their civic duty to uphold and defend our state and federal constitutions.
     Nevertheless, I could not be happier! I have thoroughly figured all this stuff out. I mean everything is plain as day and simple as catching rain in a bucket. As I look back at all of my dealings with Washington state government employees, the humor and hilarity mounts up. The ridiculousness of words cobbled together in correspondence from government employees continues to grow in my mind like filling a balloon. I think the balloon has popped because I almost burst out laughing every time I think of something regarding this dispute over publishing a list of my skills in order to serve my neighbors. Remember this quote from AAG Angela Zurlini? "Naked castings into the constitutional sea do not warrant judicial consideration or discussion." Man, how ridiculous is that?!!! "What the hell is a constitutional sea?" Remember that? And the look on ALJ Mark Kim's face during our hearing... He looked thoroughly confused at times and somewhat torn as to what to do. I could tell that he was trying to find a way for both parties in the dispute to save face. He wanted to reassure me that he was a competent decent guy, while also trying to justify (save the face of the Department of Labor and Industries employees) the 2 citations given to me. In the end, all Kim could do was claim that he did not have the authority to judge whether the citations were constitutional or not. It was "outside the scope of this tribunal's authority." LOL! and I mean LMAO! Evidently, it was outside the scope of every good neighbor's civic duty to uphold and defend our Supreme Law of the Land!
    You see? These guys need that epiphany! They are outside common sense! They are in denial of the obvious! They have spun a web of deceit over the decades and they have trapped themselves in it! In their efforts to grow government and their own prestige and power, government employees have trapped themselves in their own web of deceit. Politicians and bureaucrats have disregarded our Supreme Law of the Land and justified it under false pretenses for so long, that the government employees have forgotten that it is every citizen's simple civic duty to support our state and federal constitutions! They have forgotten their Oath of Office and the fact that fellow citizens in the armed services give life and limb for the preservation of our Supreme Laws of the Land! Absolutely shameful! And, if they are not ashamed, I can do nothing but laugh at their brazen stupidity on display throughout this blog.
    Epiphany time! I mean, how stupid must you be in order to avoid the epiphany? Good grief! See? The hilarity of all of this keeps getting bigger and bigger. And when confronted with reality, my state representatives and the bureaucrats have been reduced to ignoring me. That must be their last resort. Ignore me and wait for the issue to go away, rather than muster an ounce of courage to be a good neighbor who supports and upholds our Supreme Law of the Land. Shameful and hilarious! Man, I could not do what they are doing. I have some dignity and self respect. My goodness! Remember this?

"Thanks for contacting me, Russ. If ever there were a poster child for maddening bureaucracy, it's L&I! They serve neither employers nor injured employees well, at all. Compared to about all other state agencies, L&I has got to be the worst."

    That is from an elected state representative. A helpless state representative who evidently can't hold bureaucrats accountable to supporting and abiding by our Supreme Law of the Land. And what is so significant about my little bitty problem? Why can't they resolve it according to our state and federal constitutions? Why do they choose to ignore such a simple and straightforward little problem like mine? Evidently, if they let me win the dispute according to our constitutions, it puts the whole billion dollar bureaucracy in jeopardy.

   Here... Let me buck up We the People's representatives. There is a very large segment of the population who have been watching the expansion of government over the decades, and watching our representatives cater to the socialist whining and nonsense used to justify more government taxes, power, and control. Many of this large segment of the population have contacted their elected representatives over the last 5 decades to protest the growth and intrusion of government, but their efforts have gone unheeded. Representation, common sense, and truth have been disregarded and overwhelmed by the ever increasing number of educated-beyond-their-intelligence career government employees. And all the rules and procedures enacted into "law" have done nothing but place obstacles into the path of correcting out of control government. State and federal governments have simply become an unmanageable beasts. Elected representatives come and go, but the career bureaucrats remain to protect their power and pretended prestige. The career bureaucrats use the con game and propaganda to keep their expansion going. A citizen representative newly elected to office is overwhelmed by all the rules, procedures, and government lawyers jamming confusion and misdirection down their throat. Bottom line, it is chaos and confusion on display while our Supreme Law of the Land is disregarded.
    Imagine this, "A law, or RCW, is considered constitutional until the courts decide otherwise." See the nonsense in that propaganda? We the People who wrote and ratified our state and federal constitutions do not understand what we wrote and ratified, therefore only judges and lawyers can figure out what our constitutions say and mean. Neither can We the People's representatives understand what our constitutions mean. They must defer to the court, rather than point out unconstitutional laws, rules, regulations, and codes. See the idiocy? It is ridiculous! Yet, our elected representatives are falling for it. This simply is true! IT IS EVERY CITIZEN'S CIVIC DUTY TO SUPPORT OUR STATE AND FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONS. AND THAT INCLUDES WE THE PEOPLE'S REPRESENTATIVES WHO TAKE AN OATH OF OFFICE TO DO JUST THAT!!!! I cannot emphasize it any more than I have, but will I continue to speak to blind, deaf, and dumb walls, or will our representatives and government employees have that epiphany? Abraham Lincoln said it this way, "We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution."
    Now, consider the simplicity of my requests concerning my dispute with government employees:
1. I am requesting that my constitutionally protected God given right to publish a list of my skills be supported, upheld, and uninfringed by government employees.
2. I am requesting that my constitutionally protected God given right to a speedy trial by a jury of my good neighbors be granted before my property and liberties are taken away by government employees.
   How simple and clear is that? It can't get any simpler and clearer, BUT LOOK WHAT A MESS HAS OCCURRED AS A RESULT OF ME PLACING A FLIER ON A PRIVATE BULLETIN BOARD...  It has been two years and eleven months... and I still have no letter retracting the $1500.00 in fines...Hell! The government employees and my representatives won't talk to me anymore. I am given the "silent treatment" like a spoiled child might give their parent! Too hilarious! They ought to be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves...
    Aww... Come on guys! Let's resolve this issue according to our Supreme Law of the Land. You can contact me. I won't bite you. It is a good thing to do your neighborly civic duty to support and defend our Supreme Laws of the Land. It brings joy and a clear conscience knowing that you are doing what is right, even while the deluded government employees resent you doing what is right.
    Hey AAG Angela Zurlini, You know that I am right. You know that your side is wrong. Why don't you contact me and be friends and neighbors on the same side? I love my friends and neighbors who do their civic duty as responsible citizens of these United States.  I won't bite you. I will rejoice that you have come around to serving We the People under the constraints that We the People have placed on government employees through our state and federal constitutions. Angela, I honestly am looking for friends. I am uncomfortable with people choosing to make me their enemy. I am not your enemy, rather I am your neighbor and fellow citizen. You and I are both supposed to be living under Supreme Laws of the Land that protect our God given rights and freedoms. I am willing to stand up and protect your rights and freedoms. Aren't you willing to stand up and protect mine?
    I am serious. I really do wish these people would come down to earth and common sense and common decency to be friends and good neighbors... I still have hope that they won't continue to shamefully ignore me... 

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