Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 27, 2014 UPDATE: I got a big uplift this week...Labor and Industries sent me an Account Statement, LOL!

     The turkey is in the smoker! And I need something to do to keep me entertained. So, I'll update this blog because I am still giggling over more silly stuff from government employees. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
     Last week I received an Account Statement from Washington Department of Labor and Industries. Boy, I was starting to feel lonely and forgotten! So, I eagerly opened the envelope and found this:

     The first column is "Debt Type." In that column is "SCS - Contractor Infractions TICKET # NTHRM00462." The second (green) column is "Balance," and it says $1000.00. The third (white) column is Amount in Appeal and it says $1000.00. The fourth (green) column is Total Due Now, and it says $.00. WOW! The account is not due! I have just been told that I do not owe WDLI $1000.00 because it is still disputed in APPEAL.
     I wonder why I was sent this... Is it just a computer generated mailing, or did someone at WDLI read my blog where I pointed out that I have not received any correspondence withdrawing the fines?I have to wonder about these things because it is difficult to follow government employees as they go through their administrative procedures. I like to know why they do what they do, but most of the time what they do doesn't make any sense. And neither does this Statement make any sense. My APPEALS have ended and I was determined by Judge Sypolt and Judge Mareno to be owing the $1500.00 in fines. My APPEAL to the Washington State Court of Appeals did not go through because the Washington State Supreme Court denied my Request for Waiver of Fees. And I was not about to give them any more of my money! Hmmm... What is up?
    The Account Statement had this written on it: "If you have any questions on the items listed on the statement, please contact Jeff Martin at (509) 324-2599 and provide the following customer number: 481733"
    Naturally, I had questions, so I called Jeff and left a message because he was not in his office. Later, I found 2 messages on my answering machine. The first one was a drab statement while he entered the Customer Number into his ccomputer Jeff said that I "owe $1000.00 and $500.00 electrical." He gave me his number so that I could call him back.
    The second message on my answering machine wasn't as drab and monotonous. He seemed a little excited to inform me that I do not owe any money to WDLI. Jeff said that the account is in "suspension" because of "protest" and "appeal." His exact words were, " suspension due to protest and appeal." Man, what does that mean?
    I giggled all day yesterday after I tried to call him back. He is out of the office until Monday, the 1st of October. Is "suspension" where they have decided to put me rather than resolving the issue according to our Supreme Law of the Land? Did the government employees invent a new rule for themselves to follow in order to avoid the black and white Supreme Law of the Land? Just like I have said previously in this blog, the government employees do not want to deal with me anymore. They cannot stand applying their Administrative Procedures according to our Supreme Law of the Land, therefore, they must avoid discussion of the Supreme Law of the Land. Here are my winning points of my defense which these government employees refuse to acknowledge:
1. The Washington State Constitution says, "[governments], are established to protect and maintain individual rights."
2. The Washington State Constitution says, "The Constitution of the United States is the Supreme Law of the Land." That includes the Bill of Rights, my right to publish a list of my skills, and my right to a speedy trial by jury before my liberty and property can be taken from me by government employees.
3. The Washington State Constitution says, "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, and property without due process of law." Due process of law includes a speedy trial by a jury of good neighbors who do their civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land just as our servicemen sacrifice life and limb to defend our constitutions from all enemies foreign and domestic.
4. The Washington State Constitution says, "Justice in all cases shall be administered openly and without unnecessary delay."
   I have won my argument with government employees. They are acting outside constitutional restraints and they know that. They have slipped comfortably into gray areas and pushed their outrageous RCWs beyond "Maintaining individual rights." They need the epiphany back to reality, but they would rather put me in "suspension" in order to fail administering justice "openly," and avoid resolving the dispute according to our Supreme Law of the Land.
    Until we have an open discussion with the intent of abiding by our state and federal constitutions, EVERYTHING these government employees do will be wrong according to our state and federal constitutions. They know I am right and they know the Oath of Office they took, but no one has the courage and integrity to do the right thing. If they want to convince me that I am a bad neighbor who owes the government employees $1500.00, then they need to get a conviction from a jury of my good neighbors. And all of the good neighbors I know DO expect government employees to abide by our state and federal constitutions.
     It amazes me how deep a hole the government employees, including our legislators, have dug for themselves. It is a very deep hole in which government employees have been acting and performing in their "gray areas" well outside constitutional restraints. It has taken over 50 years to incrementally get where we are with out of control government employees, but shining the light of the black and white Supreme Law of the Land on government employees removes the gray areas and exposes their folly.
  In the state of Washington is a group of people who are standing up for their God given constitutionally protected right to own and trade guns without third party government interference. The gentleman, Gavin Siem, has a campaign which states "I will not comply;" meaning that We the People are not going to comply with laws that are unconstitutional. There are open protests being organized here in the state of Washington to defy the unconstitutional I594 law which restricts gun purchasing, trading, loaning, and gifting. "I will not comply."
    I have amused myself as a result of going through all the things recorded in this blog by thinking about forming a protest group in opposition to Gavin Siem's campaign. I should form a group of government employees to counter Siem's protests. Perhaps, "Government employees against Gavin Siem" would be a good name for an opposition organization. We could form different branches of opposition to Gavin Siem. How about "Judges and lawyers against Gavin Siem," and "Code Enforcers and Revenue Collectors Against Gavin Siem?" These groups of government employees could show up at Gavin Siem's protest events holding signs that say, "I will not comply with our Supreme Law of the Land." Wouldn't that be great? As you can see from my experience, that is exactly what government employees are doing. The government employees want We the People to comply with all their thousands of pages of rules, procedures, statutes, and fees, but the government employees won't comply with our duly ratified state and federal constitutions!
    Perhaps I will show up to one of the "I will not comply" events and set up a table across the street from Gavin Siem. I shall have signs saying, "Government employees for 'I will not comply with state and federal constitutions.'" "Judges and lawyers for 'I will not comply with our state and federal constitutions.'" I'll put clipboards on my table and attempt to recruit government employees into joining the opposition against Gavin Siem. Perhaps the government employee pension managers will sign up for "I will not comply with our state and federal constitutions." According to my blog experience, I should be able to collect a lot of signatures and support for my groups in opposition to Gavin Siem!
     See how government employee nonsense and disregard of our state and federal constitutions has gone beyond the pale....?
     I'll call Jeff back next week and see what WDLI wants to do to resolve my dispute according to our Supreme Law of the Land. Perhaps Jeff Martin knows that there is much more joy found in being a good neighbor who does his civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land. I hope so! We need government employees who know how to be good neighbors doing their civic duty to support our state and federal constitutions.

Again, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! ...I'm still giggling at this nonsense!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6, 2014, UPDATE: Election over, now what?

      I gave it a break for a month before the election. My state representatives would be preoccupied with getting elected, so I didn't bother them. Now, what do I do? Shall I continue to press for a constitutional resolution to my $1500.00 fines for hanging a flier on a private bulletin board? I do have time to be a pest, and it doesn't require a lot of money to educate my state representatives. So, yes. I will press on. I really want our state and federal constitutions upheld. Plus, it is quite amusing to make them squirm.
   The only way things will get better is when people demand that they get better. The government employees prefer that their unconstitutional action remain under the radar and uncontested. Screw them! They need to learn how to be good neighbors who do their civic duty to uphold our Supreme Law of the Land. They need to get a grip on reality and stop with the kindergarten con games... And gee whiz! Who would have thunk all of the conning, and bullying, and outright lies would come from our neighbors who are OUR government employees?
   This blog is not finished. Idiocy is on display and it needs to called out. Please continue to check back for UPDATES...