Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 2, 2015, UPDATE: Finally got a response from U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby regarding my COMPLAINT in federal court.

    On July 20, 2015, three months after sending U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby a copy of my complaint, I received a letter from ??? ...well, it is hard to tell who it is from. There are 3 different names on the signature line. Ormsby's name is typed first, an illegible signature followed by "for" is under Ormsby's typed name, and Arne Ahmed, Assistant U.S. Attorney is under the handwritten signature. I think the practice of signing documents by persons other than the writer of the document is pretty new. I was raised to take responsibility for my words and actions. If my office needed to send out a document under my authority, I would take the 3 seconds to review it and sign it myself. ---It used to be that way, but when I worked for the National Park Service in the '80s I noticed a lot of silly things going on. I needed to correspond with the GSA motor pool coordinator and was told how to write my correspondence. I wrote my letter my own way, diffused a controversy, and corrected an error in the procurement of 2 vehicles for the National Monument where I worked. The GSA motor pool coordinator and I got along very well after that because I did not attempt to demand and bully him in changing the vehicle replacements from pick-ups to SUVs. I simply pointed out that I wanted to work with him to make his job easier, and that I did not want to be opponents at loggerheads.---
      Anyway, Ormsby's letter is short, claiming that he does not accept complaints from citizens, and that I need to work through Washington state's Attorney General. LOL! How crazy is that? I mean the Assistant Attorney General Angela Zurlini has been my opponent in my APPEALs.
     It is standard procedure for government employees to avoid taking responsibility while passing the buck. They also like to misdirect us "ignorant citizens" who have a "personal problem with government and government authority." Put the disgruntled citizens on a wild goose chase to get them distracted and off the plate. That is the best way for government official to dodge adhering to their Oath of Office when adhering to it would make waves within the government system of things. We used to have statesmen who would stick their neck out to guard our Supreme Law of the Land. We don't have those anymore, and certainly not in the bureaucratic levels of government. Grabbing the ball and rocking the boat by curtailing out of control government upsets too many government employees. Bureaucarts love their jobs, and if they are painted in a bad light, they get very upset. Ormsby sure as heck does not want to enforce U.S. Code 18.241 and 242 by charging the WDLI inspectors, AAG Angela Zurlini, and the two Superior court judges for violating the U.S. Code.
    Here is the letter from Ormsby's office:
     Do you see what We the People are up against?    We are up against human nature. It is natural for government employees to protect government and other government employees. It is not human nature to admit mistakes by government and government employees. Admitting mistakes upsets a lot of people, especially the ones who made the mistakes. And the ones who made the mistakes in my case are many. It includes a whole department of state government that has been "policing for profit" for a long, long time. That is a huge, HUGE mistake that would entirely overturn the apple cart in Washington State government, showing that all the government paid lawyers who went along with the nonsense to be incompetent in their duties and disregarding their Oath of Attorney. It has taken decades for government incompetence and misuse of authority to move from where it was in 1950 to where bureaucracy is today. Turning the apple cart around would bring a huge shock to state and federal government. Maintaining the status quo is the standard for all government employees because that is much easier than admitting government overreach which might result in government employees losing their jobs by downsizing government.
     That is what it is... That is the simple truth, and little ol' Russ is making a fuss. He needs to be "the bad guy," the "disgruntled citizen who has extreme disdain for government." Well, I do not have extreme disdain for government. Good government is necessary, however, what we have now, after 50 years of disregarding our Supreme Law of the Land, IS NOT GOOD GOVERNMENT!
    Here is my letter back to Ormsby with further inquiry into who exactly has my COMPLAINT:

August 1, 2015

TO: U.S Attorney Michael C. Ormsby
Suite 340 Thomas S. Foley U.S. Courthouse
P.O. Box 1494
Spokane, WA 99210-1494

FROM: Russ Hinds

SUBJECT: Further inquiry regarding Complaint Seeking enforcement of 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242

Mr. Ormsby,
Thank you for sending my Complaint Seeking enforcement of 18 U.S.C. 241 and 242 directly to the FBI as stated in the letter your office sent to me dated July 17, 2015 [copy attached]. I appreciate all efforts to resolve the issues cited in the Complaint, however, your letter fails to note exactly who in the FBI has received my Complaint. Who may I contact regarding the status and resolution of my complaint?
Did your office, or the FBI offices, assign a tracking number to my Complaint? Please provide the name of a local FBI representative to whom I may personally submit my complaint so that I may be kept informed of the process, progress, and official record regarding proper resolution of the Complaint. I am having a tremendous amount of difficulty finding a government employee who will joyfully take up the task of upholding our Supreme Law of the Land and our U.S. Code 18. 241 and 242.
Let it be on record here in this letter that I have been given the run around by the gentleman who answers the 1-800 number for the local FBI offices. It turns out that he works from an office in Washington DC, and he will not cooperate by giving me an address to officially submit my Complaint with the FBI.
Let it also be noted that I am making every reasonable effort toward submitting and resolving my Complaint with the proper person(s) responsible for enforcement of our U.S. Code according to their Oath of Office to uphold our Supreme Law of the Land.
As requested in your letter, I will send a copy of my Complaint to the Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson along with copies of our correspondence. We do need to work together to get proper resolution according to our Supreme Law of the Land. I am more than willing to discuss the Complaint with any and all government employees who are required to bring the Complaint to an intellectually honest and correct resolution, however, I seem to be a sort of “hot potato” or nuisance to government employees who may desire to avoid controversy over our good neighbor civic duty to uphold our Supreme Law of the Land. [Note the irony!]
Please provide me the name of the person with the FBI to whom you sent my Complaint so that I may be kept informed and included in the timely process and resolution. The issues within the complaint have spanned almost 4 years, a ridiculous amount of time! And over this time period there has not been any government employees who are willing to be accountable for their actions and/or lack of action. For an example, please note the ridiculous signature on your letter to me:

Cathy Harris [? illegible] for
Arne Ahmed, Assistant United States Attorney

--under your--

Very truly yours,
MICHAEL C. ORMSBY, United States Attorney.

Who is “Cathy Harris?” Is she the mail clerk? The fall guy? The lowest rank government employee with the least amount of protection from accountability? I used to work for the federal government. I know how government employees desire to avoid being held accountable for their actions and/or lack of action. Muddling up simple issues which can be clearly and correctly resolved by adhering to our Supreme Law of the Land is common among government employees because there is a large block of high ranking government employees who have deliberately placed the simple 6th grade wording of our Supreme Law of the Land in dispute and debate in their effort to increase the size and power of government.
My Complaint is a wonderful way of educating government employees to find the joy of being good neighbors who do their civic duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions. Many of our good neighbors have given life, limb, and treasure under their Oath to “defend our constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic” in war and foreign conflicts [my father and 3 of my sons included]. It seems to me that the risks assumed by our military servicemen are much much greater than the risks of ranking bureaucrats who cowardly desire to avoid accountability and the controversy that may be generated by competently and confidently taking a stand “defending our constitution” in their cushy air conditioned government offices. Is defending our Supreme Law of the Land risky and dangerous in government offices?
I am very much sorrowed by all of the obfuscation, intellectual dishonesty, and lack of accountability that I have witnessed throughout appealing the $1500.00 in 2 citations issued for hanging a truthful flier on a private bulletin board. From the beginning, the inspectors who issued the citations did not sign their names to the citation on the line provided for accountability. Neither did one of the inspectors sign his official statement regarding our phone conversation. This is pitiful and completely embarrassing for government employees! --You will note that I do sign my letters and documents... [and the inspectors mailed the citations rather than handing them to me face to face with a show of credentials! Good grief!]
Neighbor to neighbor, decent human being to decent human being, I am asking for your help. I have been looking for good neighbor government employees who are not afraid of adult conversations regarding such controversial issues such as our Supreme Law of the Land and Oaths of Office/Oaths of Attorney. Please help me further along resolving the issues cited in my Complaint.

Very sincerely,
Russ Hinds

Attachment included

    Integrity... self respect... courage... desire to lead in the right direction according to the Oath of Office... Do government employees have those qualities? Does Ormsby have them? We shall see.
   So, I sent a letter and a copy of my COMPLAINT to Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson. What will he do with it? Ignore me for months and months? Toss it in the garbage can? Send me on another wild goose chase, like "Hey Russ, you need to work with the legislature to get the law changed." ??? NO! NO! NO! I do not need to work with the legislature. ALL OF YOU GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES NEED TO ABIDE BY YOUR OATHS OF OFFICE and correct your mistakes!
     We the People are not the problem. We the People do not need training in adhering to our state and federal constitutions. Government employees need training in adhering to our state and federal constitutions, the Supreme Law of the Land!
     If government employees want to deny my right to publish a list of my skills and deny my right to a jury trial of good neighbors, then they need to get We the People to change the Supreme Law of the Land first! We the People have not changed the documents that have chartered our state and federal governments. Incompetent government employees, incompetent government paid lawyers, and incompetent legislators have disregarded our state and federal constitutions for too many decades. No government employee can show me where We the People have changed our Supreme Law of the Land. On the contrary, We the People have given life, limb and treasure to preserve the Supreme Law of the Land for our posterity... simple, simple, simple! Get over it! And admit your mistakes!
   Here is my letter to Washington State Attorney General Bob Feruson:

August 1, 2015

TO: Attorney General Bob Ferguson
1125 Washington Street SE
P.O. Box 40100
Olympia, WA 98504-0100

FROM: Russ Hinds

SUBJECT: U.S. Attorney Ormsby's instructions for the enclosed complaint

Mr Ferguson,
Please find the enclosed correspondence with U.S Attorney Mike Ormsby regarding his instruction to file the enclosed COMPLAINT with your office.
By reviewing the enclosed documents, you will find that I have had a very difficult time insisting that my constitutionally protected rights and liberties be upheld by Washington Department of Labor and Industries employees. Apparently, if We he People do not stand up for our rights and liberties, we will lose them to government employees who seem to willfully disregard our Supreme Law of the Land and our Washington State Constitution.
You may also find benefit from my blog which thoroughly records my efforts to educate government employees concerning our Supreme Law of the Land, the history and significance of our founding principles, and the Oaths of Office/Attorney our public servants are required to agree with prior to taking public office. Blog url: ---------------------

The Washington State Constitution establishes the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land and also requires Washington State government employees to “protect and maintain individual rights.”
Hanging a truthful flier on a private bulletin board is protected under the First Amendment to our Bill of Rights.
The right to a speedy trial by jury is protected under our Sixth and Seventh Amendments to our Bill of Rights.

Please help me educate government employees to their good neighborly civic duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions by resolving the issues, and ending the continuing harassment by Washington state government employees, cited in my COMPLAINT according to our Supreme Law of the Land. Resolution is easy and simple, however, intellectual dishonesty has prevailed in almost 4 years of defending myself through the APPEAL process.
Please give prompt attention to my efforts. I look forward to hearing from you about correcting the overreach of Washington Department of Labor and Industries.

Sincerely thank you,
Russ Hinds


   Does Bob Ferguson have the integrity, the self respect, and the courage to do the right thing according to our Supreme Law of the Land? 
    We shall see!  I hope these government employees are learning a lot about the simple truth here...

----The COMPLAINT can be read in my March 26, 2015, UPDATE.----