Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 12, 2015 UPDATE: Better communication; What do I do with this apology and encouragement to get legal assistance?

     On the 6th of November I received an email from the office of Attorney General Bob Ferguson which contained a PDF response to my letter informing them of the embarrassing inaccurate response sent to me by his Assistant Attorney General Linda Williams. This PDF letter is very readable! Wow! How about that? It even contains an apology for the inaccurate first response from Williams. There is also a large paragraph that encourages me to seek assistance from an attorney to find "other legal remedies regarding the constitutionality of the state law in question." He even gives me an email address and a phone number to contact for assistance. This is quite interesting...
   My instant analyzation of this good letter gives me the impression that the whole group of government employees I am dealing with are "just doing their job" without sticking their neck out to make a point of "doing their job according to the plain English of our state and federal constitutions." You see, they want someone to tell them that it is okay to do their job according to our Supreme Law of the Land. They can't make that decision on their own because it might upset the chain of command. This letter makes me feel like I have to do their job for them to get permission for government employees to abide by their own Oath of Office/Attorney. Where is the joy for their own heart if I have to make it safe for them to do their job correctly under the restraints of our state and federal constitutions? There is no joy for them if I do all the work while they remain incapacitated by their self-preservation and fear of upsetting the apple cart. After it is safe for them to come out of hiding, then they may find some joy and relief by doing their job correctly--"correctly" means not ignoring our constitutions while assaulting their neighbors with unconstitutional legislation and enforcement.
    Here is how our state and federal governments have gotten out of control. The lower ranking government employees just go with the flow, following orders without protesting unconstitutional law and directives from their supervisors. The cronies in the top executive offices want to maintain the status quo and pat themselves on the back for "protecting the public," and whatever other bullshit that they want to justify their existence with.  Unconstitutional incompetence run amok! And no government employee has the stones to stand up for their own Oath of Office.
   Meanwhile, I am fascinated at a government employee, a low rank Inspector Phillip Jordan, who willingly MAILS a citation to his neighbor for hanging a truthful flyer on a bulletin board. How can that guy do that? I couldn't do that. If an infraction was worthy of my attention, I would go give the guy a citation face to face, NOT MAIL IT! Chickenshit dipshits working for the government can phone a neighbor and lie to him to get a mailing address, but can't even read the simple English of our state and federal constitutions, AND THEN THE WHOLE CABAL OF GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES CIRCLE THE WAGONS AROUND THEIR UNCONSTITUTIONAL CITATIONS! And then, when I finally get a decent response from a government employee, that employee wants me to get an attorney to help me fix things for them??? FREAKING AMAZING! Well, I would like to fix things for them, but they can fix it themselves if they will simply abide by their own Oath of Office! Does all this shit seem totally ridiculous to you?
    I won the argument here from the very beginning. I really did. I even correctly pointed out that administrative law does not apply to the general public, and that if it did apply, our state and federal constitutions are Supreme OVER administrative law. Good grief!
    Here is the letter from Senior Assistant Attorney General Stephen T. Reinmuth:
    See? It is a nice letter, but what am I supposed to do with it? Perhaps I will take it to a constitutional attorney if I can find one, and see if he would like to help me fix things for the government employees so that they do not have to be conflicted between following orders and adhering to their Oath of Office.
   Anybody know of a good constitutional attorney? Any other suggestions? Maybe I should run for governor on the platform, "Good neighbors, and good government employees, do their civic duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions." My goodness!