Thursday, October 15, 2015

October 15, 2015, UPDATE: Patiently waiting...

     I have waited over a month for a response from my government employee Assistant Attorney General Linda Williams, after correcting her nonsensical correspondence which contained inaccuracies in almost every sentence. Obviously, she does not want to respond to me and correctly resolve my unconstitutional citations--resolve them according to our Supreme Law of the Land and her own Oath of Attorney. Quote from her inacccurate letter which she sent to me: "There is no further action that can be taken on the matter by this office." This just goes to show you what kind of people hold government office today.
    Well, I decided to write again to Attorney General Bob Ferguson. He needs to be kept informed of what his underlings are doing because he likely assumes that they are competently resolving issues when he asks them to, just as he asked AAG Linda Williams. If he never hears from me again, he will naturally assume that all has been taken care of...
    It has not been taken care of. Here is my letter to Ferguson:

October 9, 2015

TO: Attorney General Bob Ferguson
1125 Washington Street SE
P.O. Box 40100
Olympia, WA 98504-0100

FROM: Russ Hinds
1**** ****  Ln
*****, WA 9****

SUBJECT: Important information you may need in order to properly supervise your assistants.

  1. As requested by U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby, I forwarded a copy of my COMPLAINT seeking enforcement of 18 USC 241 and 242 to your office on August 1, 2015.
  2. Your office passed my COMPLAINT down to AAG Linda Williams. Evidently, your office and yourself expected AAG Williams to properly respond to me in order to resolve my COMPLAINT according to Constitutional guidelines.
  3. AAG Williams responded to me with a letter that contained many inaccuracies which I was required to correct in order to maintain simple and clear communication. [AAG William's letter and my response correcting her/our communication are enclosed with this letter in order that you may be kept informed of what your underlings are doing]
  4. My letter correcting our communication was sent on September 5, 2015. Over one month has passed without receiving an acknowledgment of the corrections from AAG Williams.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson,
This letter is informing you of problems within the offices which you are the leader and supervisor. Please make yourself aware of these problems by reading the enclosed correspondence. Your assistant's official correspondence is embarrassing to your office and to you personally. Incompetence and ignorance in government offices concerning our good neighbor civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land is an outlandish ridiculous development in today's government employees. Especially, considering the fact that the people's representatives have written U.S. Code 18.241 and 242 in order to provide penalties for government employees who disregard our Supreme Law of the Land.

As of today, I have not received a timely response from AAG Linda Williams. It appears to me that she does not intend to respond to me, choosing instead to ignore the simple constitutional issues which are brought to the fore by my COMPLAINT. Please note that resolution to my unconstitutional fines and loss of liberty could not be made simpler if only government employees would abide by their Oath of Office/Attorney. I'm asking for your personal effort to see that my unconstitutional fines are withdrawn and that all government employees abide by our state and and federal constitutions. ...Please don't embarrass yourself and other government employees any further. We the People have been watching the decline of good government for decades—even trying to head it off! You know what I am saying is true...

Thank you,


     Will Ferguson respond to me? I wonder... I don't think that he has the integrity and courage to respond. I'll even place bets on it. Instead of serving We the People under the constraints of our state and federal constitutions, he has a government and a bunch of government employees that he needs to protect and circle the wagons around.
   Isn't it fun learning what your government employees are made of? It kind of blows away your hope that they are doing their job correctly and competently. They need an epiphany back to the Supreme Law of the Land and "Good neighbors do their civic duty to support and abide by our state and federal constitutions."