Friday, July 11, 2014

July 11, 2014, UPDATE: Finally got in touch with my state representative.

  I had a good conversation with Representative Shelly Short. I must give her credit and sincerely thank her for being willing to correct government overreach. She is honestly trying to hold back the runaway train of out of control government. She and a few others made a good effort by trying to get the "Handyman" bill passed. There are people in the legislature who want to get our liberties back, but they are outnumbered by the vain politicians who want to be "saviors" fixing society by using legislation and government force. Actually, there are simply a lot of weak minded and unprincipled politicians who fall for nonsense coming from lobbyists, lawyers, and bureaucrats. These unprincipled politicians are simply oblivious to We the People's state and federal constitutions, the Supreme Law of the Land.
     It was mentioned in our conversation that in our government, all laws are considered "constitutional" until the state Supreme Court declares otherwise. Obviously, that may take years to do while the law remains in place setting itself up as "established" law. This is utter nonsense! Over time, the vaguely written law is incrementally reinterpreted and applied subjective to the executive agency tasked with enforcing the law. The bureaucrat and the government lawyer can say, "That is the way we have done it for years, and all the challenges to our enforcement were denied in the appeals process. Our enforcement procedures were upheld. It is the law now..."
     So, the target of the law must win his right to live free and unmolested by taking his challenge of the law all the way to the Supreme Court. How fu---king stupid are these government employees and how stupid do they think We the People are? Obviously, this process leaves We the people out of our own law enforcement and leaves us with no option other than butting heads with government employees who want to justify their own existence. The process also sidesteps our neighborly civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land. WHAT HAPPENED TO TRIAL BY JURY IN THIS PROCESS? I SAY AGAIN, WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHT TO FACE OUR ACCUSERS IN A SPEEDY TRIAL BY JURY? Our public servants have forgotten that, and their Oath of Office to support our Supreme Law of the Land. Our state and federal constitutions were written to protect We the People from out of control government employees by protecting We the People with the inalienable right to a speedy trial by jury!
    Here is the thinking of immature selfish government lawyers and bureaucrats seeking to CYA and justify their existence, "Let it be established practice that people fined and harassed through Administrative Law do not have a right to a speedy trial by jury where We the People can decide guilt or innocence and also whether the law is just and complying with our Supreme Laws of the Land, our duly ratified state and federal constitutions." The general public faces a gaggle of misguided government employees rather than his good neighbors... HOW THE FU-- IS THAT GOING TO WORK OUT OVER THE YEARS? THIS BLOG SHOWS HOW IT IS GOING TO WORK OUT! We the People are forced to live under the dictates of misguided government employees. "Dictates"? Dictatorship? Is that the kind of government our constitutions established? NO, IT IS NOT! But, the imbeciles employed by the government don't know any different. They forget their Oath of Office and the fact that our young men and women give their life and limb to defend our liberty and our constitutions from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. That falls squarely into the definition of imbecilic.

imbecile —n: 1. a person of very low intelligence (IQ of 25 to 50), usually capable only of guarding himself against danger and of performing simple tasks...

    See! Government employees are only capable of guarding themselves (CYA) against danger (public scrutiny) and they have not mentally matured beyond a sophomore in high school and they are only capable of performing simple tasks.

sophomore ---n: 1. sophomore is a student in their second year of high school or college. They are usually considered the useless class: Urban dictionary

sophomoric ---adj: 1. suggestive of or resembling the traditional sophomoreintellectually pretentious,   overconfident, conceited, etc., but immature: 

     Fifty years of atrocious government schools has given us government employees such as the ones I have been butting heads with, from the state Supreme Court on down! For over two and one half years, I have been butting heads with sophomores in high school. Hmmm...  Seems I mentioned that before in several of my blog posts....
     Rep Shelly Short and others on the "restrain government" side of the isle, think that they are doing all they can do. They can't figure out ways to defeat the sophomores with simple truth and the wisdom of our forefathers who wrote and ratified our Supreme Law of the Land. What is worse? Imbecilic sophomores, or helpless statesmen lacking the communication skills, and principles, and values of our founding fathers? 
    On the phone Shelly mentioned that all she and others could do was stick their fingers in the dike... 
    Well, hell... Let me help them out!

The "Out of Control Government" Caucus in the 

Washington State Legislature

I. Whereas the people of the Great State of Washington have ratified the Washington State Constitution in order to establish and limit a state government for the purpose of maintaining individual rights while affirming that all political power inherently remains with "the people,"  Article I, Section 1 of the Washington State Constitution...
II. Whereas the Constitution of the Great State of Washington names the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, as the Supreme Law of the Land, Article I, Section 2 of the Washington State Constitution......
III. Whereas the duly elected Legislators of the Great State of Washington have sworn/affirmed an Oath of Office to support our Supreme Law of the Land,  Article I, Section 6 of the Washington State Constitution, and Article VI of the U.S. Constitution...
IV. Whereas other officers of the government of the Great State of Washington have sworn/affirmed an Oath of Office to support our Supreme Law of the Land, Article I, Section 2 of the Washington State Constitution, and Article VI of the U.S. Constitution...
V. Whereas the liberty and inalienable rights protected within the Supreme Law of the Land exist at the cost of life and limb freely given by the Honorable Military Service of fellow citizens undertaking an Oath to "support and defend our and our Constitutions from all enemies, foreign and domestic," 10 U.S.C. SS 502...

Let it be hereby established, this "Out of Control Government" Caucus; for the purpose of uniting the member legislators and their resources to educate, inform, empower, and inspire all public servants to do their neighborly civic duty supporting our Supreme Law of the Land by opposing and holding to account out of control government employees who, knowingly or unknowingly, fail to keep their activities and performance of their duties within the constraints placed on them by our state and federal constitutions.

Tasks and methods of educating, informing, empowering, and inspiring public servants shall be:
1. Collecting and recording incidents of out of control government employees neglecting their neighborly civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land. Ignorance of the Supreme Law of the Land is no excuse for government employees. 
         A. This Caucus shall provide a web page where citizens and government employees can become educated and informed of government employees acting outside their constitutional authority.
 a. An education section may provide an accurate and concise review of U.S. history from the pilgrims until present day, with links to other websites that go into greater detail about our founding documents, and the writings of those great men and martyrs who inspired our founding documents and form of government, John Lock, Blackstone, Montesquieu, Algernon Sidney, Bastiat, etc... also a link to a conservative view of "Common Law versus Case Law" and America's slip from morality based Common Law to state employee (statist) based Case Law.

b. A section of the web page shall be devoted to stories of out of control government employees in action and shall provide a means for anonymously submitting incidents by whistle blowers, as well as links to contact members of this caucus.

c. The stories of individual government employees acting outside their authority while disregarding our Supreme Law of the Land, appropriately compiled and recorded, shall include the names of the government employees and the parts of the Supreme Laws of the Land which have been violated; or disregarded, such as a denial of the individual's right to face his accusers before a jury of good neighbors.

         B. The caucus shall meet monthly/quarterly to discuss ways to educate and recruit more legislators to the caucus and to practice communication skills which articulate the basic foundations of constitutional republican government, as opposed to government ideology that attempts to be the parent or "nanny' of the general public for the benefit of the vain "I'm a great parent" sophomoric legislators, government lawyers, and bureaucrats. We the People are not the children of the state!
2.  The members of this caucus shall seek funds to provide for the activities of this caucus, both public and private contributions. A record of said funds and expenditures shall be kept and made public, linked with the Caucus website.
3. The members of the caucus shall use the funds to seek out experts on law and history and use their talents to educate themselves, the government employees, and the general public by providing symposiums, publicity, and public events.

Motto: No fear! Hold government employees to their civic duty to support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land in all activities of government. Being on the right side of good government will attract and enlighten the sophomores... While out of control government will continue to make government an enemy of the We the People who wrote and ratified our state and federal constitutions. 

Signatures of members of the "Out of Control Government" Caucus




     Now, that is a good start, Shelly. Please get your finger out of the dike and start putting some concrete in the hole. I am here to help, and there is great potential. Especially, considering there is a real possibility of a catastrophic correction in the way our state and federal governments have been taxing and spending. By forming such a caucus people will know where to go when the doo-doo hits the fan...


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