Saturday, December 13, 2014

December 13, 2014 UPDATE: Conversation with government employee...

     On Monday, Dec. 8, I finally talked with Jeff Martin on the phone about the Account Statement mentioned in my previous UPDATE. I introduced myself and informed him that I am looking for government employees who know how to be good neighbors that uphold our state and federal constitutions. Then I gave him the Customer Number which is referenced on the Account Statement. I also reminded him of the messages he left on my answering machine. Jeff was polite and willing to discuss my concerns and answer questions. I asked Jeff why my fines were still in Appeal, since my appeals ended months ago. I asked if Labor  and Industries had put me in suspension in order to avoid resolving my protests according to our constitutions. He could not answer that, but he said that he would research it.
     Our conversation lasted a good 15 minutes as I reiterated many of the points that I have made in this blog. The first point being that the constitution protects my right to publish a list of my skills. Jeff responded with the fact that the constitution applies to the federal government and the states are free to execute their own laws. I pointed out that my sons and my father did not serve in war in order that states can fine American citizens $1500.00 for hanging a flier on a bulletin board. Jeff tried to argue that I was demeaning the sacrifices of soldiers by applying their service to my fines, as if my protests were too petty and the fines too miniscual to fall under the sacrifices of life and limb. WOW! He thought that I was demeaning their sacrifice and service to our country! Evidently, Jeff could not see that he had it exactly backwards. Labor and Industries demeans the service of our soldiers by issuing outrageous fines for innocent activity. Hmm... I am beginning to get confirmation of my belief that government employees have strange and backward thinking and reasoning which they use to justify government outside constitutional restraints.
     I also pointed out that the Washington State Constitution says that governments exist to protect and maintain individual rights. His job exists to protect and maintain individual rights and the Washington State Constitution says that the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Then, Jeff took the tact that unfortunately we do not live in a moral society anymore and that he had seen many elderly people damaged by unlicensed contractors. My response, "Oh, Jeff, are you accusing me of being a danger to my neighbors? If you are, then you need to prove that to a jury of my good neighbors before you fine me $1500.00." I said, "Go after the bad guys. You cannot protect the innocent by punishing the innocent."
    Jeff had fallen for the belief that government needs to control everything in order to protect everyone. This is how government employees and attorneys justify all that they do. They convince themselves they are the good guys, even to the point of preventing people from painting a window sill for their neighbor for a dollar. Then, Jeff brought up the "gray areas" of the law. I said, "Yes, government attorneys expand the application of law beyond reason and common decency in order to issue fines and collect revenue. If the law is in a 'gray area,' it is best to err on the side of the constitution, rather than err on the side of abusive application of law."
    Jeff again lamented that we do not live in a moral society and we need government to protect people. He said that our constitutions are not sufficient to deal with today's society. I brought up John Adam's quote, "This constitution is written for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other." I said, "Therefore, when I find my government employees acting immorally, I am going to stand against it. When government employees try to shove a corn cob up my ass, I am going to stand against it!" I told Jeff that they have gotten their hooks into a guy who has been standing up to government employees for 20 years. I mentioned the government schools dumbing down generation after generation and Jeff said that he would not send his children to government schools. Wow! I said that he and I would get along very well as friends without government interference. I said that government needs good people in its employ. I said that most government employees are just trying to do a good job and justify their job in their own minds, --but that I do believe that there is corruption and evil at the top of government. I think the idiots at the top saw a need to raise revenue for their operating budget and they saw stretching their administrative law to include fining the general public on the basis of vague interpretation of law.
    I was simply trying to educate a government employee. Jeff could not defeat my arguments. He knows what I am saying is true, but these guys like him need to be shocked out of their "go along with the crowd of government employees" in order to collect a paycheck. I told Jeff that I simply could not do what he does to his neighbors. I could not participate in fining people $1500.00 for innocently hanging a flier on a bulletin board. My conscience would not allow it. I could not look a neighbor in the eye and tell him that he is a bad neighbor who owes the government employees $1500.00 for hanging a flier on a bulletin board. Good grief!!!
    The moral to this story is that "government employees and I simply have different beliefs and that we are basing our actions on those differing beliefs." Jeff bases his actions on the belief that government must protect the innocent by fining the innocent. I believe that that is preposterous and delusional. It is a false justification for more government power and control which is outside of constitutional restraints. The truth is, "the government is full of people who see themselves as the saviors needing to protect the population." It is natural for man to want a positive self image, but government employees are not looking correctly at reality. They are public servants, not saviors. They are to maintain individual rights, not punish the innocent in order to save the innocent. Government does not exist to insert itself into every transaction and agreement between individuals. I do not need to have government permission to serve my neighbors. I do not need government approval before I purchase or sell a firearm. I do not need government approval to hang a flier on a bulletin board, or publish a truthful list of my skills.
   Government employees like Jeff can be educated. Jeff knows that I would not and could not do to him what he is participating in doing to me. The thing is, Jeff, and the rest of the government employees should have been educated properly in the government schools. But, they were not. They are not equipped to stand on the founding principles of this nation. Fifty years of failing and worsening government schools has bought us to this state of out of control government and bureaucracies. And also brought us to half of the population being dependent on government,--dependent on their neighbors' taxes for welfare and a government employee paycheck.
    All I can do is do my best to educate...
   Jeff said that he would find out for me what is going to happen to me next. What are my government employees going to do to me next in executing their fines? Jeff said he would call me back, but he has not done so, yet. Perhaps I will need to call him again.

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