Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 15, 2014 UPDATE: Just wondering ... and "What if?"

    I am just wondering what Rep. Shelley Short is thinking about my last UPDATE concerning the proper application of Administrative Law. I am pretty sure she is reading my UPDATES. Her Legislative Assistant told me that she(the assistant) reads them. I hope she passes them on to her boss. Therefore, I am writing this UPDATE to get them thinking about "Administrative Law."
    "What if" I am right about the application and jurisdiction of Administrative Law?
    What if there has been a huge mistake about how the bureaucracy enforces its laws?
    What if some idiot bureaucrat knew nothing about executing the laws governing the administration of the program he/she was overseeing?
    What if a low level supervisor read the "Administrative Law" RCW 19.28 whatever, and decided to send out his underling inspectors to issue citations to the general public, instead of confining enforcement to the participants of the program?
     What if the silly government lawyers went along with the bureaucracy's interpretation and application of the law in order to save face and defend the unconstitutional application of administrative law to the general public?
     What if no elected representative of the people had the knowledge and courage to point out the error of applying Administrative Law to the general public?
    What if this misinterpretation of Law was allowed to continue for years and years, unjustly and unconstitutionally targeting the people, the "folks," and the average Joe just looking for some honest work?

  ANSWER to all of the above: It would create a situation in which the government employees could not admit their error because the costs of "making everyone injured by the misapplication of law whole" would be overwhelming to the state budget. Just think of it! How do you make people whole who have been unlawfully prevented from offering their services to their neighbors for years and years? ---BUT KNOW THIS: I am right. Administrative law does not apply to the general public, especially if it flies in the face of our Bill of Rights and our Constitutions, both state and federal. And just think of this: How easy would it be for some dufuss government employees to read an RCW and assume that it applies to all of the general public? Do you have an idea of the simple picture I am drawing? Can you imagine the extent to which government employees would try to cover up such a blatant disregard of our state and federal constitutions? Can you see how they would muddle up things, obstruct things, and try to confuse someone who is contesting their unconstitutional citations? Can you see how they would try to overwhelm and frustrate the defendant? Try to intimidate and blow smoke and lies up his butt?
   Someone in government knows I am right. Someone up there sees the boondoggle. Perhaps an elderly law professor knows what a screw up has been committed here and allowed to continue and grow. Some law professor, or even an elderly Solicitor General of the federal government, knows that I am right. I bet there are more than a few who understand that I am right, but they are afraid to speak up and rock the boat. They don't want to justly correct their error... They would rather that I simply fade away and hold no one accountable... IMAGINE THE UPROAR THAT WOULD FOLLOW AN INDISPUTABLE FINDING OF ERROR AGAINST BUREAUCRATIC ADMINISTRATORS AND LAWYERS FOR WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND INDUSTRIES!!!!! Imagine what would happen to other bureaucratic departments which are acting outside the constraints of our Supreme Law of the Land!!!
    Okay, let me try to explain... My blog here contains all the evidence, even the very own words of the government lawyers and judges, but I need to keep it short and simple.
     Let's start with AAG Angela Zurlini's statement which is found in my June 25, 2013 UPDATE. Zurlini states, "Mr. Hinds does not have a right to a trial by jury in this case." That statement is true if I am part of their program. If I have agreed to work under their program and agreed to have disputes settled within the program by an Administrative Law Judge, then I don't have a right to a speedy trial by jury. BUT I AM NOT PART OF THEIR PROGRAM! I HAVE NOT SIGNED AWAY MY RIGHTS AND AGREED TO HAVE MY DISPUTES DECIDED BY AN ADMINISTRATIVE LAW JUDGE. I am not under their jurisdiction... yet they deliberately acted as if I was under their jurisdiction... Why?!?!?! Why are they acting that way? Do they think that they can blow nonsense up my ass and convince me to go along? Are they simply protecting their revenue collection scheme which cites and fines the general public under laws written to govern within an administration of a government program? Or, are they so confused that they do not know what they are doing? Do they blindly go along with covering their ass just as is normal for all government employees?
   Now let's look at ALJ Mark Kim's statement in his ruling. Kim writes, "This Tribunal does not have the authority to render an opinion regarding the constitutionality of chapter 19.28 RCW. Addressing these arguments falls outside the scope of what this tribunal has authority to address." This statement is true because he only has authority to decide disputes within the administration of a government program. The program is set up for people willing to work under the laws of the program. If a participant in the program has a constitutional argument with the administration of the program, then they need to take the dispute to a state court. A court that is bound by an Oath of Office to support our state and federal constitutions. Administrative Law courts are not bound by the constitution because the program is set up for participants who have agreed to work under the administrative laws of the program. Administrative programs are separate from the general public. THERE IS NO LAW THAT SAYS THAT THE GENERAL PUBLIC CANNOT PUBLISH A LIST OF THEIR SKILLS IN AN EFFORT TO FIND A JOB! THERE ISN'T EVEN A LAW THAT SAYS THE GENERAL PUBLIC CANNOT MAKE ELECTRICAL REPAIRS WITHOUT OBTAINING AN ELECTRICIAN'S LICENSE! SAME GOES FOR A CONTRACTOR'S LICENSE! As I stated in my BRIEFs to the courts, unlicensed maintenance technicians for apartment complexes make electrical repairs all day long. Homeowners make electrical repairs... ADMINISTRATIVE LAW IS SEPARATE FROM PUBLIC LAWS AND STATUTES!

    So... How many government employees are participating in this boondoggle? Does it include Superior Court judges, and Appeals Court judges, and Supreme Court judges?
    CAN REP. SHELLEY SHORT FIND A SEASONED LAWYER WHO WILL GIVE HER A STRAIGHT ANSWER? Or, will they try to blow nonsense up her butt, too. I was never under the jurisdiction of the Administrative Law. However, all those government employees pretended that I was... WHY??? Figure it out! They want the revenue and the power! They have egos that won't admit a mistake. They protect each other and cover each other's ass!
    Sorry for yelling, but HOW MANY OTHER FOLKS HAVE BEEN BOONDOGGLED? And WHEN WILL A COURAGEOUS STATESMAN OR STATESWOMAN STAND UP, EDUCATE HIM/HERSELF, AND GET THE IDIOT GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES BACK TO SUPPORTING OUR CONSTITUTIONS AND DOING THEIR JOB CORRECTLY? It can be done, but someone needs to grab the ball and do it. It should not be that hard. Especially, with this blog in hand. All the evidence is here.
   What a joke! What a mess! What incompetence! My goodness! All the way through my 2 and 1/2 year argument, no government employee was willing to do the right thing! Incompetence and CORRUPTION! COLLUDING ALL THE WAY! I know what I am talking about. I know how government employees think. I used to work for the government... even performing electrical repairs and installations without being licensed... for the government!
    Here is what I am going to do. I am going to let this UPDATE sit for a week or two while I wait for Rep. Short to contact me. If she does not contact me, I will send an email to her Legislative Assistant, followed a few days later by a phone call.
    In the meantime, I hope she does read this blog and she does contact some outside lawyers who will give her some straight answers, even lawyers from outside this state. Surely, she has some contacts and resources whom she can trust. All this incompetence and tyranny must stop! I also hope she contacts me before I contact her. That would be a show of honesty and strength.

Man... do you see how these confused cowardly incompetents have messed up government so much? And do you see what government has done to individuals, cities, counties, states, and everything they touch? Can we just get back to common sense, common decency, and our Supreme Law of the Land???? Good neighbors doing their civic duty to support and defend our state and federal constitutions with liberty and justice for all!!!

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