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New thread for Man Fined $1500.00 for Looking for a Job.

The newest UPDATE for May 5, 2014, is at the bottom of this thread, and in the "New Post" thread. 

December 16, 2013, UPDATE: My plan of action and a review....

     I am a man who steps out in faith and does the best he can. Then I watch what happens. I came to the state of Washington on a bicycle with a heavy heart and very little money. I went to Montana seeking other men who could understand my frustration with weak churchmen who were incapable of doing the role God gave them to do. The Christian group that I hung out with in Montana was not ready to listen to my simple message of equipping, inspiring, and empowering fathers to do the role God gave them to do. 
     Sure, every loving father thinks that he is doing the best he can, therefore listening to me was not really at the top of their priority list. They didn't want to hear me point out that America's Christian fathers have left 3 or 4 generations behind by hiring the government socialists, evolutionists, and hedonists to mis-educate their children for the last 50 years. Exposure to the Bible in government schools was outlawed in 1963. Since then, exposure to drugs, recreational sex, and overwhelming peer pressure in the government schools has exploded. 
     I watched the reactions of the men in the group. I learned as I tried to reach out to the men of Liberty Fellowship and connect with the Pastor Chuck Baldwin for over a month. I failed to make real friends, just acquaintances. I stayed with a stranger and his wife and helped them put up firewood for the winter. I was content and happy to watch how my Father in heaven made sure my needs were met. 
    Warm summer weather was coming to an end, so I gave up on Liberty Fellowship in Montana and came back to Washington to stay with my father and his family. 
    So, here I was in Washington with a place to stay, but very little money and no job. That is when I hung a truthful flyer on a private bulletin board... 
    Frustrated in Reno unable to find men who understood my concern over what is happening to generation after generation being raised in atrocious government schools. Forced to leave Reno by crazy circumstances, and I mean crazy! I was fired from my maintenance supervisor job for standing up to an out of control bully. Management was too weak to back me up fearing threats of lawyers and lawsuits. It turned out that the bully I stood up to so offended his neighbors in the condominium complex that the Home Owners Association had to get a restraining order from the Superior Court limiting his time in the fitness center and clubhouse... WOW! They should have backed me up in the first place, but no, they let the bully have his way and that convinced the bully that he could continue running over people and abusing his neighbors.  Six months after firing me, management had to get a Restraining Order on the bully! Ha ha ha! Shame, shame, shame on those who fired me rather than stand up for what is right. 
    Then, I was arrested for telling a cop, “No thanks, buddy. I'll stand right here while you write your ticket.” The cop accused me of “resisting arrest” and threatened me with 50,000 volts from his tazer. I was cited for expired tags, a cracked windshield, and resisting arrest. They tried to trick me into pleading guilty to felony resisting arrest, but I wasn't about to do that. They knew they were lying, and the cops involved were not available to testify at my court hearing, so the judge dismissed all three charges. 
   Here is the order of things: 
--Raised in a good home where I am taught right from wrong.
--Attending school I earned a reputation as a no nonsense tough guy because I stood up to bullies, even defending weaker kids receiving derision and ridicule. 
--Married at 19, first child at 23, second at 25. Time to grow up and raise a wholesome family.
--Exposed to crazy government employees while working for the National Park Service.
--Exposed to a crazy judge in an unwanted divorce. My wife thought the grass was greener on top a barstool, rather than grow up and raise a wholesome family. The insane judge made it legal for at-fault adulterous mothers to throw away not-at-fault fathers and keep his children and income, forcing a caring dad to watch his sons raised in shack-ups and bars, and atrocious government schools. << “Shacking up and tending bar are not sufficient grounds to remove the children from their mother and return them to you...” the words of an insane judge! >>
--Run out of Reno and wiping the dust off my feet as I drove to my mom's house in Klamath Falls, OR. I earned some money in the K Falls area, and then I got on my bicycle for a refreshing 1000 mile ride.
--Wind up in Washington facing another argument with government employees. !!!What the heck???!!!
    God is faithful. He has taken good care of me all through my “education,” and even allowed me to be a blessing for my family here in Washington. I have been provided all the necessary funds to fight the government employees here in Washington. Money has not been a problem until now. I do not have any money to pay fees to the Court of Appeals for the State of Washington. 
    Why have I run out of money now? Well, if I look at this through God's eyes, I can see what He is up to. This victory is not for me. I am not supposed to win this fight. You guys are supposed to win it. I cannot win “Liberty and Justice for All,” but my God will take care of me no matter how things turn out. 
    If you guys want “Liberty and Justice for All,” you have to win it for yourselves. I can't win it for you, and you can't sluff your responsibility off on me. If you want your representatives and government employees to abide by our Supreme Law of the Land, then you have to tell them yourself. God isn't going to give me the victory so that American Christians can continue failing to do the role God asks them to do. Salt and light in a darkening world. Leaving generation after generation behind and ignorant of God's moral truth and love leads to a curse on the land, which is the wrath of God. Mal. 4:6 He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, or else I (the Lord) will strike the land with a curse. 
     I cannot stop out of control crazy government employees. I can only warn my family, friends, and neighbors. What you do is on you, not me. What you pass on to your children, you pass it on to them, not me. I have been warning of these problems for 20 years. That is why I don't have too many friends. People don't want to believe what is right in front of their eyes. Someone has to say these things, otherwise people would complain to God, “I didn't know. No one warned me.” 
     I have done my best to warn. I have also provided a simple way to get your Supreme Law of the Land back, and it is not about calling your representative to demand that the President be impeached. I have just a little story about denying a fellow citizen the right to publish a list of his skills in an effort to serve his neighbors and make new friends. It is about denying “We the People” the right to face our accusers in a speedy trial by jury. It is about denying equal protection under the law and due process of law. It is about providing liberty, justice, and common decency for our posterity. If you want your constitutionally protected rights and freedoms, YOU have to tell your Representatives and Senators whom you have elected to represent your wishes according to their own Oath of Office. 
     Here is a list of material proof that your government employees and representatives are disregarding our state and federal constitutions.

January 27, 2012, UPDATE: 
 The little-bitty inspector shows his disdain for our Supreme Law of the Land in his written statement: 
Russ started in again about our nations constitution.” 
I was taught in school that it is our civic duty to support our state and federal constitutions. 

May 12, 2012, UPDATE:
Assistant Attorney General Angela Zurlini makes this argument in her Brief to the Administrative Law Judge:
Naked castings into the the constitutional sea are not sufficient to command judicial consideration and discussion.”  
My father and sons did not risk their lives to defend a “constitutional sea” against all enemies foreign and domestic! This is purely nonsensical gobbly-gook spewed from the mouth of a government lawyer mis-educated beyond her intelligence.

June 16, 2012, UPDATE:
Governor Gregoire's office writes:
"Again, this is a matter you need to resolve directly with L & I as the Governor"s Office does not have either the staff or the authority to assist you."  
Evidently, the governor does not have “either the staff or the authority” to supervise the executive branch of government assuring that our government employees are abiding by our Supreme Law of the Land.  Who is supervising the out of control bureaucrats, then? No one? No one is holding government employees accountable to the Supreme Law of the Land? These people are friggin nuts!

July 23, 2012, UPDATE: 
Administrative Law Judge Mark Kim makes it illegal for himself to be a good neighbor doing his civic duty to support and uphold our Supreme Law of the Land by writing:
The Office of Administrative Hearings is unable to render an opinion regarding the constitutionality of chapter 19.28 RCW. Addressing these arguments falls outside of the scope of what this Tribunal has authority to address. “[T]he power of an administrative tribunal to fashion a remedy is strictly limited by statute.” Skagit Surveyors and Engineers, LLC v. Friends of Skagit County. 135 Was. 2D 542, 558, 958 P.2d 962, 970 (1998)/ The appropriate forum for such claims is in a court of general jurisdiction such as, Washington State Superior Court. 
ALJ Mark Kim is a confused man. “Supreme Law of the Land” means that our constitutions trump silly statutes and “precedents.” All these government employees are swimming in a toilet trying to grab onto a turd to stay afloat! That is what it is like trying to comprehend and correctly apply 100,000 pages of statutes, codes, regulations, procedures, acts, bills, precedents, and policies. Good neighbors do their civic duty to support and uphold our Supreme Law of the Land. Mark Kim is also an Attorney working for the government who is required by our federal constitution to swear or affirm allegiance to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Simple! Why are they so confused?

January 14, 2013, UPDATE:
AAG Angela Zurlini writes in her Brief to the Electrical Board:
 "The Electrical Board does not have the authority to render an opinion regarding the constitutionality of RCW 19.28 or the issuance of citation number EJORP004884. Addressing these arguments falls outside the scope of what the Electrical Board has authority to address. The power of an administrative tribunal to fashion a remedy is strictly limited by statute. Skagit Surveyors and Engineers, LLCv. Friends of Skagit County,  135 Wash. 2d 542,558,958, P.2d 962, 970 (1998). While Mr. Hinds cites to a constitutional right to free speech, due process, the right to a jury, and equal protection, Mr. Hinds fails to provide any legal authority to support his position that the Electrical Board can decide such issues. Mr. Hinds constitutional arguments are without legal support and should be disregarded." 
The government is making it illegal for themselves to be good neighbors doing their civic duty to uphold and support our Supreme Law of the Land. They need an epiphany! Good grief! Way out there in stupid-stupid land! All of them! At least all of the ones I have confrontations with!

January 21, 2013, UPDATE:
Representative Joel Kretz makes it illegal and unethical for himself to inform our public servants that he does not approve of disregarding our Supreme Laws of the Land in an email to me: 
Unfortunately, as a State Representative, I am bound by ethical restraints which prohibit me from providing legal advice, or intervening in this matter. If there is some requirement in the RCW that you believe should be changed, that is something that might be the subject of a bill, and something we could look into. 
Kretz seems to think that his only role as our representative is to write more laws... or change a few here and there. We don't need anymore laws, you idiot! How about writing and passing a law that requires every public servant to get educated in our founding documents and the history of our forefathers sacrificing their lives to establish and preserve those founding documents for themselves and their posterity. Man, who is keeping the wool pulled over the eyes of our government employees and representatives? Why do they deliberately avoid their Oath of Office? This is ridiculous! Kretz abides by "ethical restraints" but he won't ethically hold his fellow government employees to their constitutional restraints!

Also in the January 21, 2013, UPDATE:
From the office of Senator Karen Fraser:
You state in your email that the "legislature has oversight of the bureaucracies it creates." It is the Governor's office, not the Legislature, that has oversight of the executive state agencies such as Labor and Industries. Perhaps Governor Inslee, who was sworn in today, can be of more assistance to you.  
????WOW!!! I got a letter from the governor's office that states that the governor "does not have either the staff or the authority to assist me” by making sure the executive branch employees are abiding by our Supreme Law of the Land. See? All these government employees do not know what they are doing. They need to know that they are there to serve We the People under the constraints of our Supreme Law of the Land. 

    The government employees are not holding each other accountable to their Oath Of Office to support the Supreme Law of the Land, therefore it is up to We the People to hold them accountable. In fact, the government employees have made it illegal for themselves to support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land. 
    Little ol' Russ can't do it by himself. That would be up to you guys, We the People. Now, take what you know from these last three UPDATES and and call your Washington State Representatives. You can get your constitutions back. I can't do that for you. In the December 12, 2013, UPDATE is a link for Washington State Members of the Legislature. Scroll way down to the bottom of the thread under this one.
    I'll keep standing against bullies and nonsense, but it doesn't work when we are divided and unable to back each other up. One man can’t do it alone. And that reminds me of a couple of movies. Have you seen High Noon starring Gary Cooper? Check it out. It is a great old movie. What about Mr. Smith Goes to Washington starring Jimmy Stewart. Both those guys were standing alone against all odds, until finally people stood up with him to defeat the outlaws and corrupt politicians. 
     If you guys would call your representatives and we got them back onto protecting our Bill of Rights, someone might make a movie about us, Mr. Hinds Goes to Washington on a Bicycle. It could create a snowball effect across the USA. Then you could tell your grandchildren that Hollywood made a movie about you. You were one of the people who called your representative and raised heck about ignoring our Supreme Law of the Land. LOL Funny, funny, funny!!!

God bless America, land that I love, stand beside her, and guide her, with the light that comes from above...
God bless you and go make some good memories for Pete's sake! Standing up to misguided politicians is an opportunity for a lot of good memories. 

For the December 10 and 12 UPDATES click on Older Post below, and scroll way down to the bottom of the thread, but before the comment section. Thank you! 

December 26, 2013, UPDATE: Thoughts on

 the condition of American neighbors,

 and their public servants.

       I am fascinated by some parallels which have become obvious to me because of my 2 year “education” dealing with out of control government employees. The parallels bought to light come from my very good understanding of simple Biblical principles. They are simple because they are so obvious to normal thinking people. These simple principles were known and understood by our founding fathers. “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…” I am fascinated at these words, because I take them for granted and I find it hard to believe that it is/was necessary to write them. The truths are “self-evident,” and that means everyone ought to already know them without having to put it on paper in ink to inform idiots who make it their goal in life to disregard the “self-evident.”
      See? I can’t help it! I am so sick and tired of dealing with people who want to convince me that I have no unalienable rights! I can’t help it. I just can’t stop calling them “idiots.” That really is what they are, though. Misguided government employees want to deny reality by denying and destroying self-evident truths. Notice that our founding fathers knew that government employees always tend to tyranny and abuse of the public. Our ancestors even found it necessary to codify some of the “unalienable rights” in our Bill of Rights, once again, putting the obvious on paper in ink. Evidently, our founding fathers knew that idiots existed, too. Wow! I am not alone. LOL! Even today, there are many others who know that idiots exist. Many of these patriots also know that idiots with the power and resources of big government are capable of atrocities beyond belief. Students of history can name all kinds of atrocities committed by idiots in control of government and large populations of idiots following the dictates of idiots in control of government. North Korea, anyone?… Cuba? Iran?… The dictates of evil men in control of government has resulted in over 260 million deaths in just the last 100 years. Most of these deaths are from their own government, and not from an invasion by another idiot government. 
     If idiot government employees are willing to follow orders and kill their fellow citizens as demonstrated by history, how much easier is it for today’s idiot government employees to harass, fine, and imprison their neighbors to avoid upsetting their supervisors and risk losing their government paycheck? Insp. Phillip Jordan and AAG Angela Zurlini probably would not kill me over posting a flyer on a private bulletin board, but they will go along with fining me $1500.00 and denying me my inalienable right to a speedy trial by a jury of my good neighbors. Their conscience is okay with that because they are “just doing their job,” and “protecting the public” from someone they have [falsely] accused of being a danger to the public. I find this kind of reasoning to be sickening. It is delusional, self serving, and backwards. They convince themselves that they are doing a good thing, when in fact, they are committing a worse crime than hanging a truthful flyer on a private bulletin board. Good Grief! And then, they have that ego critter between their ears which prevents them from admitting that little ol’ Russ is right. They don’t have to admit Russ is right because they have all the resources and power of government backing them up. Witness the list of government employees backing them up:
ALJ Mark Kim
AAG Angela Zurlini
The Electrical Board
The Governor’s Office
State Representative Joel Kretz
State Senator Karen Fraser
Superior Court Judge Gregory Sypolt
Superior Court Judge Marianne Moreno
Supreme Court Chief Justice Madsen and Justices C. Johnson, Fairhurst, Stephens, and Gonzalez 
     How silly and idiotic. Being right and good and just doesn’t seem to matter to government employees anymore. Their game is to shamelessly cover their ass and protect their turf. A little guy like me is just an unimportant nuisance who needs to be flicked off and put in his place. They are arrogant in pursuing their agenda, which is to vainly increase their prestige and self worth by convincing the public that the public can’t live without government employees taking care of them and supervising them. 
     I take comfort in the fact that I am right, and that our founding fathers experienced the same things I have experienced. Yeah, I can prove that! It is right there in the Declaration of Independence. Here are just a few of the grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence: 

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”
     See? Our representatives and government employees have sent out swarms of bureaucrats to harass people over nonsense and eat out their substance by fining them ridiculous amounts of money! Even imposing the fines without a constitutionally required trial by jury.
“For depriving us in many cases of the benefits of trial by jury:”

     Here is a fun one, because it applies to placing me under the jurisdiction of the executive branch (as opposed to the judicial branch and trial by a jury of my neighbors), and placing me under administrative law (pretended legislation):
“He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:”

      Please note that abusive unconstrained government incites people to insurrection making it necessary to have metal detectors and armed guards at the entrances to government buildings:
 “He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us,”

      In every stage of my battle with government employees I have petitioned for redress through all of my appeals based on our Supreme Law of the Land. My repeated appeals have been answered only by repeated injury:
“In every stage of these oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms. Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury.”

     Wow! See? I have things in common with our founding fathers! 
     Our government employees have gone berzerk! We are supposed to have educated people serving in positions of authority, yet little ol’ Russ has a much better education than they do. That is getting pretty bad, because I really am not that smart. I have not attended the institutes of higher learning, yet these government employees who have attended colleges and universities are dumber than I am, …and arrogant! Must be that ego critter between their ears…
     Now let me turn to the fascinating parallels. These parallels stem from an obvious “self-evident truth” which is: “Our Creator desired to create a society of good neighbors.” This self evident truth can also be applied to our founding fathers. Our founding fathers also wanted a society of good neighbors with liberty and justice for all. 
     Our Creator handed down some very good instructions (self evident truths) for maintaining a civil and prosperous society. They are called “The Ten Commandments.” You know, “Thou shalt not murder your neighbor, Thou shalt not steal from your neighbor, Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Those commands are even enhanced with, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself,” and the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You see? Good neighbors don’t murder, steal, and lie about their neighbors, or lie to their neighbors. Remember the Declaration of Independence? “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…” 
     Our founders knew that the Ten Commandments would not suffice as an official government document upon which to organize a government. They and their forefathers had come from the European continent where both religious institutions and government were corrupted and tyrannical. A theocracy could be corrupted just as easily as an all powerful king could be corrupted. Therefore, our founders’ constitution did not place all power in a ruler, but it did divide powers between three branches of government and make all three branches accountable to the people, AND ACCOUNTABLE TO A BILL OF RIGHTS and the entire Constitution. The founders new that good neighbors don’t restrict their neighbors right to freedom of speech, their right to bear arms, or their right to face their accuser before a jury of their good neighbors. Therefore, OUR FOUNDERS CONSTRAINED OUR NEIGHBORS WHO ARE EMPLOYED BY THE GOVERNMENT TO SUPPORT AND DEFEND OUR CONSTITUTIONS, OUR SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. 
     It is a very good parallel. Both, our founders and our Creator, desire a society of good neighbors. A civilized society with freedom and opportunity, with few burdens other than the freedom to love, lead, teach, take care of, and protect your children and family. FREEDOM FROM GOVERNMENT 
INTERFERENCE, and freedom from slavery to taxes and regulation was the main idea for: “Governments are instituted among men to maintain individual rights and liberty.” Good neighbors maintain individual rights and freedoms…
     Don’t the government employees hate that? It is obvious that they do hate it, otherwise they would not be treating me with contempt. All through my blog you can see how they are like little children caught with their hand in the cookie jar while attempting to con me into believing that they are doing the right thing. Now, even the Supreme Court for the State of Washington wants to con me while pretending to be good neighbors doing their civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land.  They are exposed. Yet, they keep digging their hole deeper and deeper, ignoring and trashing our constitutionally protected rights and freedoms. They are not good neighbors. They have made themselves enemies of our Supreme Law of the Land. They have no dignity, and no self respect. Hmmm… I wouldn’t have any self-respect if I was doing what they are doing either. I would repent of it and make it right! Good grief! 
     I really didn’t think my case would rise to a point of exposing the Supreme Court Justices of their disregard of our state and federal constitutions. I thought they knew better. They ought to be ashamed of colluding with other government employees to continue dragging me through the meat grinder of their bureaucratic nonsense for over 2 years. All of this could have been over and done with in 3 weeks if they would have simply allowed me to face my accusers in a speedy trial by jury… It is a shame and they truly are a disgrace to themselves and to their office. Many men have given life and limb to defend our constitutions from all enemies foreign and domestic, while Chief Justice Madsen and Justices C. Johnson, Fairhurst, Stephens, and Gonzalez have disgraced themselves by denying me my due process of law and confounding my efforts to preserve our constitutionally protected rights and freedoms. 
   Here is a funny thought: 
    The Supreme Court justices pretend that our Supreme Law of the Land doesn’t exist, while I pretend that it does exist. It is a child’s game of who can pretend the stubbornest? I can! Because I am right. Even if the Supreme Court Justices and I pretend that our state and federal constitutions were never written, that doesn’t change the fact that they were written. And that parallels with: Even if men pretend that our Creator never wrote the Ten Commandments, that doesn’t change the fact that our Creator did write those Ten Commandments. 
    The founding fathers knew that! They wrote a Constitution and Bill of Rights on the basis of those Ten Commandments in order to maintain a civilized society of good neighbors and good government employees.  John Adams wrote, “Our constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the governance of any other.”
    Obviously, our Washington State Supreme Court Justices and the rest of our government employees are not a “moral and religious people…” What a shame! How do we help them?

January 1, 2014, UPDATE: Letter to Supreme 

Court Justices.

     I have attempted to help our Washington State Supreme Court Justices by writing them a letter. Simple communication should be all that is necessary to maintain a civilized society. Get enough simple and obvious truth out in the open and people will be able to see through error and lies. However, Supreme Court Justices may have the “ego critter” between their ears which prevents them from considering simple communication. LOL… I guess that is why it is said, “He who has an ear, let him hear,” in the Bible. --giggle-- Too many people don’t have ears to hear…
   Here is the letter I sent to the Supreme Court Justices on December 30, 2013:

December 30, 2013

TO: Supreme Court Justice Sheryl Gordon McCloud
P.O. Box 40929
Olympia, WA 98504-0929

FROM: Russ Hinds
##### E **** Ln
Elk, WA 99009 

SUBJECT: Supreme Court No. 89360-8

Dear Supreme Court Justice McCloud,
     This letter is an effort to inform and help my public servants on the Supreme Court Bench remain congruent with the Mission Statement of the Supreme Court and the Oath of Office given to the members of the court. Please be aware that I am having a very difficult time writing what to me is so completely obvious to normal thinking citizens and neighbors.
    All of my neighbors, and also some of my neighbors who work for the government, agree with my conclusions drawn from the fully documented record of my 2 year defense of our Supreme Law of the Land. Many of my neighbors have been amusing themselves by keeping up with the comical and embarrassing performance of government employees as they try to con a fellow citizen (me) into believing that I am a “bad guy” deserving to pay the government employees $1500.00 for hanging a flyer on a private bulletin board.
    To the discredit of Supreme Court Justices, my friends and neighbors are once again laughing at the shameless actions of our government employees. The Supreme Court Justices have issued a silly and evasive ORDER regarding my Request for Waiver of Fees, Supreme Court No. 89360-8. The ORDER is evasive because it attempts to make the Supreme Court Justices appear to be saving public funds.
     It is completely obvious to my readers that the Supreme Court Justices are disregarding their Oath of Office and their Mission Statement which is posted on the Supreme Court of Washington web page. My readers and I can see that the Supreme Court Justices are attempting to conceal their disregard by making themselves to appear to be conserving taxpayer funds. See? I am giggling because this juvenile conduct and ORDER is so obvious and funny. It is an action similar to what I would expect from one of my children who is trying to draw my attention away from some violation of the household rules.  Funny, funny, funny! And made more funny by the fact that the juvenile trick is being performed by the Supreme Court Justices!
    The Mission Statement:

The mission of the Washington Supreme Court is to protect the liberties guaranteed by the constitution and laws of the state of Washington and the United States; impartially uphold and interpret the law; and provide open, just, and timely resolution of all matters. 

     The Oath of Office:

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be), that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Washington, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of the office of judge of the supreme court of the State of Washington to the best of my ability."  RCW 2.04.080

    You can find a complete record of my dealings with out of control government employees here: 

---url to my blog---

    If you have the humility and dignity to laugh at yourselves and your fellow government employees, you will find it quite entertaining and informative to check out the above website. Tens of thousands of page views and counting is pretty impressive to me. 
     Here is a very condensed history of my experience:
1. Washington Department of Labor and Industries mailed me 2 threatening citations totaling $1500.00 for the same flyer on the same bulletin board for the same day without the courtesy of a face to face presentation of credentials. --This falls under the definition of “extortion” by “intimidation” in my Webster’s Dictionary. Webster would also consider it very cowardly because the issuing inspectors avoided a face to face civil conversation where government employees take personal responsibility for their actions. --Actions that do not comply with our neighborly civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land. These Inspectors also debased themselves by deceiving my father over the phone in order to extract a mailing address from him while I was temporarily out of town. 
2. My request for a speedy trial by a jury of my good neighbors was denied/ignored by WDLI for the better part of a year. I was diverted into a costly and time consuming APPEAL process which amounted to nothing more than a gaggle of government employees trying to convince me that I am a bad neighbor who deserves to pay the government employees $1500.00 for hanging flyer on a private bulletin board in an effort to serve my neighbors and make new friends. Administrative Law Judge Mark Kim even made it illegal for himself to do his civic duty to support our state and federal constitutions in writing…WOW! …in his rulings upholding the unconstitutional fines … Mind boggling! It is all there on my website…
3. After going through the motions imposed on me by the bureaucracy, I APPEALED ALJ Mark Kim’s admitted unconstitutional Orders to the Superior Court of Washington for Spokane County. In the Superior Court, my standing in the case was flipped from “defendant” to “petitioner” against my will and against my better sensibilities. Judge Marianne Moreno even made the wild statement, “Mr. Hinds, it seems to me that you don’t have a beef with me or this court, but with the state legislature.” The truth is, I don’t have a beef with anyone. The Inspectors for WDLI have a beef with me as demonstrated by their 2 citations! Does Marianne have a convoluted and cracked mind, or what! She admitted reading the full transcript of ALJ Mark Kim’s HEARING, yet she thinks I have a beef with someone. Evidently she cannot fathom government employees initiating an unconstitutional beef with a fellow citizen.  Both Judges Moreno and Sypolt colluded with WDLI and the Assistant Attorney General’s Office upholding the unconstitutional fines in their rulings, however, I was informed that I could APPEAL to the Washington State Court of Appeals. 
4. I APPEALED to the Court of Appeals and requested a waiver of fees. I have already paid $450.00 in fees in order to defend my constitutionally protected right to publish a list of my skills in order to provide a necessary income to feed myself. I do not have the money to pay additional fees as documented in my Fee Waiver Request which was sent to the Supreme Court for your review. My access to justice and due process of law for C/A No. 31974-1-III has been denied by you. 

    You now have a second chance to do your civic duty as your Oath of Office and your Mission Statement requires. My APPEAL of the second citation sent to me through the mail is on your docket for January 7, 2014, Supreme Court No. 89489-2.
    Please enter this letter into the PUBLIC RECORD under Supreme Court No. 89360-8 for any future reference by the Representatives of We the People, and by any of my concerned neighbors. I will put a copy of this letter on my website for the entertainment and information of my concerned readers. 

Thank you,
Russ Hinds. 
     Are you impressed with how easy it is to expose these government employees? I bet you had no idea how your government employees have been fouling up such a huge, unduly influential, and yet necessary institution in our society for the last fifty years. In our incremental fifty year march toward out of control totalitarian government, those little incremental steps have led to blatant disregard of our constitutionally protected BASIC rights and freedoms. In order to maintain the status quo, government employees are reduced to conning, deceiving, and deliberately frustrating We the People and individuals like me in order to cover their ass and cover their complete disregard of our Supreme Law of the Land, even to the point of attempting to cast a spell on We the People.
     I found out something that irked me in the Letter from the Supreme Court which Denied my Request for Waiver of Fees. In the DENIAL, Supreme Court Chief Justice Madsen used the word “unanimous” to describe the decision of 5 members of the court, whose names she listed in the letter. By using the word “unanimous” I was under the impression that Washington State Supreme Court had a total of 5 members sitting on the bench, and that all five members voted to deny my Request for Waiver of Fees. I was deceived!  There are 9 members of the court! Five of them voted to deny my Request. Only a majority of five???… HUH? What did the other 4 justices think of my Request? Did they have some reservations about disregarding our Supreme Law of the Land? Madsen deliberately did not mention what the other four votes were and instead chose to use the word “unanimous” in their letter to me… WTF????
    Once again, government employees have failed to cast a spell on me. “Unanimous” was put in the letter to discourage me from pursuing further. This conduct is dishonest, appalling, and pathetic! It is time to get our government employees back under control under our Supreme Law of Land. Here a 2 QUOTES attributed to Thomas Jefferson:

 "In questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution." 

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." 

     It really is amazing to me that I have to write down this stuff. I honestly thought most of our government employees already knew this, especially those who are in the highest positions in government. I guess I was naive. I was giving credit where credit was not due… therefore I am trying to help my government employees because I love them. God is love, but some people think government is god. Someone has to teach them! God's wisdom and love teaches people how to love in liberty and justice. What does out of control government do? It teaches people how to get angry, frustrated, and hateful. "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do..."


January 10, 2014, UPDATE: Supreme Court


     I’m done. Very disappointed and done with dealing with idiots. I am truly happy that I did take this opportunity to stand up to nonsense, but that doesn’t negate the reality which I have exposed. Our government employees have thoroughly deluded themselves. Top to bottom. They have convinced themselves that they are the special class that can never be wrong because they have “good intentions” serving the public by saving the public from their invented bad guys. It is a sickness. Mental illness rooted in narcissism. 
   Fortunately, my little case was/is not serious enough for the government employees to be able to demonize me. It was easy for me to point out their error, and they couldn’t argue with it. All they could do was point out that according the them, I “may be” a danger to my neighbors by offering to do small electrical repairs on a truthful flyer posted on a private bulletin board. Then all they could do was deny my right to a speedy trial by jury and due process of law. In a jury trial, people are not convicted on the basis of “they might be a danger to their neighbors.” Obviously, everyone “might be a danger to their neighbor.” Judges may be a danger to innocent people who are dragged into their court. Electrical Inspectors “may be a danger to their neighbor"… and so on. 
    But, it does no good for me to continue to waste my time arguing with these idiots. My story is recorded. It is here for my neighbors to read and learn. Obviously, having seen the leanings of the Washington State Supreme Court, I would be a fool to spend any money and time arguing with the Court of Appeals. 
     The Supreme Court Justices denied my second Request for Waiver of Fees even after receiving my letter, which is in the January 1 UPDATE. It amazes me how strong their delusions are. It is truly something I cannot relate to. Fear of doing your neighborly civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land is something I cannot relate to. Going along with government group think is something I cannot relate to. Having my mind enslaved to fear, group think, and narcissism is something I cannot relate to. It is pitiful…
    Here is the Washington State Supreme Court DENIAL of my Request for Waiver of Fees:

    While I have encountered a huge amount of support from friends and acquaintances, I have another disappointment which ought to be mentioned. Christian church leaders would rather avoid a discussion of issues presented here in this blog. Very sad indeed! Seems Sunday Services are in place to escape reality, even while we worship the Author of reality. I can preach about why this is so, but it is lengthy and probably won’t do any good because the Truth is controversial and requires sticking your neck out. And they wonder why children raised in the church leave the church when they leave the home of their parents. It is pitiful…
     Thanks for keeping up with my story. I don’t expect to be adding too much to this blog unless the government employees do something more to provoke it. I am now free to devote more time to my other blog, “Simply Understandable Truth.” Hopefully, that blog will be a useful tool to equip people with the Truth and the courage to contend for the Truth. 

      May God bless the faithful…

January 24, 2014, UPDATE: The government 

employees are trying to do their job.

     I said in my last UPDATE that I probably wouldn’t be updating unless the government employees did something to provoke me. I didn’t expect to hear much more from them because after the first Request for Fee Waiver was denied, I didn’t hear anything at all from the Court of Appeals. Well, On January 17, I received Notice from the Court of Appeals. They will have a hearing to dispose of my APPEALS for “abandonment.” Evidently because my fees have not been paid. The notice included both of my APPEALS and the date of February 5, 2014, was set. 
    Apparently. They want to finish the paper trail by doing their job. So, as usual, I found nonsense and miscommunication in their notice. They want to throw out my APPEALS for “abandonment!” Man! This is so unreal to me! These government employees simply cannot keep their facts straight! They point their finger at me and say that I have “abandoned” my APPEALS. Is this a slick way of laying responsibility on me instead of laying responsibility on the Supreme Court’s DENIAL of my Request for Waiver of Fees? 
    Getting inside the head of government employees is not that difficult. Their main objective in life is to avoid taking responsibility for anything. At every opportunity they deny responsibility for their actions by saying, “So and So is required by statute to issue huge fines to people who post flyers on private bulletin boards.” They say, “My hands are tied. I cannot base a decision on the constitutionality of RCW 29.041 because the ability to issue a remedy is strictly limited by statute.” They say, “It appears that you do not have a beef with me or this court, but instead with the legislature.” 
    “It is the statute’s fault.” “The statute made me do it.” “I’m just doing my job.” I even had one government employee at a DMV office literally whine, “Why are you taking it out on me? I’m just doing my job.” Evidently, my pointing out the truth hurt his feelings. I hadn’t done anything to the guy except calmly point out that it is his job to be a public servant and a good neighbor. His whining was so pitiful that my mother’s jaw dropped. She had never heard such infantile sniveling, and for no reason. She remembers men from her generation who would never whine and snivel. She was definitely not used to hearing what this public servant said, especially in the way he said it. It was embarrassing to me because he put a bad light on the male gender!
   So here is the Court of Appeals attempting to shift responsibility from themselves and the Supreme Court to me. I have not abandoned my efforts to hold government employees to their neighborly civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land. By denying my Request for Waiver of Fees, the Supreme Court has obstructed my constitutionally protected right to “due process of law.” And that is what the public record should show. The public record should not falsely show that I have “abandoned” my expectation of due process of law. Here is a copy of the notice from the Court of Appeals:

     Well, I could not let this nonsense stand, so I wrote each of the judges and commissioners a letter:

January 20, 2014

The Court of Appeals of the State of Washington,  Division III
500 N. Cedar St.
Spokane, WA  99201-1905

FROM: Russ Hinds
***** E. *****.
Elk, WA  *****

RE: Court of Appeals Case # 318702 and Case # 319741

Dear Judge/Commissioner,
    Simple communication should be all that is necessary to maintain a civilized society of good neighbors who do their civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land and the natural rights of man as protected in our Bill of Rights and also in our Washington State Constitution. 
    Ever since 6th grade, I have understood that I have a right to face my accusers before a jury of my good neighbors. A conviction of guilt from said jury must be obtained before government employees can confiscate my private property and my constitutionally protected liberties. However, my attempts to communicate with government employees on a 6th grade level has failed. I do not know how to lower my communication skills to the level of government employees who simply refuse to acknowledge the plain 6th grade English language which is used in our nation’s Supreme Law of the Land.  Please note that our Supreme Law of the Land and our rights and freedoms protected therein have been paid for in the blood and sacrifice of our good neighbors serving this nation under their Oath to defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Many government employees are required to swear or affirm their Oath of Office to support our state and federal constitutions before they are given their position of public trust. 
    The cases referred to above are the result of me, Russ Hinds, attempting for over 2 years to communicate on a simple and clear 6th grade level with government employees who are bent on denying my constitutionally protected basic human rights and fine me $1500.00 for posting a truthful flyer on a private bulletin board in an effort to serve my neighbors and make new friends. This letter is a continuation of that effort. 
    I have received 2 notices from The Court of Appeals of the State of Washington,  Division III, informing me that the 2 cases above are on the commissioner’s docket for  February 5, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. on a Court’s motion to dismiss for abandonment.

1. What Court made the motion to dismiss for abandonment?  Why “abandonment?”
2. I have not “abandoned” the 2 Appeals Court cases numbered 318702 and 319741, rather the Supreme Court has denied my constitutionally protected right to due process of law and trial by a jury of my good neighbors by requiring me to pay $580.00 in fees before they will allow me access to justice and due process of law. I have already paid $450.00 in fees to defend myself against these unconstitutional fines, WDLI citation Nos. EJORP04884 and NTHRM00462.
3. After reviewing my affidavits proving Indigency and a lack of income to pay such fees and other court costs, the Supreme Court has moved to dispose of my request for due process of law by unlawfully requiring court fees to be paid before they will insure that justice is properly administered according to our state and federal constitutions. 
4.   I understand that supporting my constitutionally protected right to due process of law, including my right to face my accusers before a jury of my good neighbors, places the Washington Department of Labor and Industries revenue generating scheme in jeopardy, but that is no excuse for corrupt government employees across branches of state government who are colluding to disregard our constitutionally protected natural rights and freedoms. Ignorance of the Supreme Law of the Land is no excuse for government employees.
5. Charging fees for access to justice in courts that are established and already paid for by tax paying citizens to specifically “protect the liberties guaranteed by the constitution and laws of the state of Washington and the United States” is an unlawful burden placed on defendants seeking to defend themselves against false and frivolous accusations in a court of law--a court of law specifically put in place by We the People in order to protect liberties, justice, and the innocent.  --Put in place by the very citizens whose rights and liberties We the People guaranteed in our duly ratified state and federal constitutions. 
    Please do not tell lies in the public record by claiming that I have “abandoned” my request for due process of law, and trial by jury, before my property and liberties can be confiscated by out of control government employees.  I have not abandoned my request for due process of law, rather hucksters and shysters have denied my access to justice and my access to constitutionally protected rights and freedoms. 
    Once again, this letter serves as proof that I have not abandoned my efforts to see that government employees abide by our state and federal constitutions. 
    Good neighbors do their civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land, and that contributes to a civilized society of good neighbors who very much dislike out of control government employees. Even to the point of creating constitutions to restrain government employees. Here are 2 quotes from one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson: 

“In questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution."

“The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.”

   It boggles my mind to consider “why” government employees would make themselves enemies of their neighbors by ignoring We the People’s Supreme Law of the Land.

    Herein this letter, I have attempted simple 6th grade communication with government employees by requesting that they not submit lies into the public record by incorrectly claiming that I have abandoned my request for due process of law. Nor have I abandoned any effort to hold my government employees to our Supreme Law of the Land.
    Let the record show that I have from the beginning and over the course of 2 years requested due process of law and a trial by a jury of my good neighbors. And that during those two years I have been treated like an enemy by my neighbors employed by the government. Therefore, I am including a copy of my simple and clear 6th grade communication with the Supreme Court for the State of Washington which they ignored while Denying my Request for Waiver of Fees.  
    Let the record show that I am unable to pay unlawful court fees in my pursuit of my constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms as recorded in my Request for Waiver of Fees.
    Let it be on record that out of control government employees wish to dispose of my request by lying into the public record by incorrectly claiming that I have “abandoned” pursuing my constitutionally protected rights and freedoms
    Let the record show that I have patiently done everything I could do to defend our Supreme Law of the Land while being obstructed by government employees, even while complying with all their demands of fees, affidavits, records, and other such processes and procedures for over 2 years. Placed in a meat grinder for hanging a flyer on a private bulletin board… WOW!
    We are supposed to be a civilized nation of good neighbors who do their civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land. I choose to be a good neighbor. If government employees choose not to be good neighbors, let the record show that I cannot force them into compliance with our Supreme Law of the Land.  
     Please place this letter and the Attachment  into the public record under the Court of Appeals Case nos. 318702 and  319741 for future reference by my representatives and concerned neighbors. 

Russ Hinds

Attachment: Copy of my letter sent to the Supreme Court for the State of Washington on 12.30.13. 

CC: Judge Stephen Brown, Judge Teresa C. Kulik. Chief Judge Kevin M. Korsmo, Acting Chief Judge Laurel Siddoway, Judge George B. Fearing, Commissioner Joyce J McCown, Commissioner Monica Wasson, WDLI Director Joel Sacks, AAG William F. Henry, AAG Angela Zurlini. 

    I find this stuff to be amazing. Why can’t they simply do their job right? They seem to want to live in a cloud where nothing is firm, true, or black and white. If they can keep everything obscured, then they can avoid personal responsibility to do their neighborly civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land which they took an Oath of Office to do… Wow! Absolutely no courage to stand up for what is right, and just, and according to our Supreme Law of the Land. Slippery slimy snakes is what they are. Try to pin them down on doing something right for a change, and they turn on the slime juices and slip away… They writhe and squirm and find a subtle way to avoid their responsibilities and escape from the simple truth. 

    The reason I am able to write this stuff is because I have been exposed to it for most of my life. I am tired of it. It is like being in elementary school with grown men and women acting like spoiled children!!! Good grief!

February 12, 2014, UPDATE: Court of Appeals correspondence.

     On February 5, I went to the Court of Appeals Commissioners hearing on “abandoning” my Appeal Request. The hearing was set for 9:00 AM and I was there at 10 minutes before 9:00. They sent out a secretary to speak with me. I was not allowed to enter the hearing to observe the discussion, but the secretary nervously tried to please me. I wanted to make sure that my letters to the court were placed into the public file. If not, I had additional copies with me which I was prepared to file with the court. The secretary, Bridgette, I think was her name, assured me that she herself had date stamped and filed my letters. I asked for copies with the stamp on them. She went back and made copies for me.
    In the court foyer was the standard plaques saying that the court serves the people efficiently and courtesly, or some such thing. I was also impressed that the court had a copy of the Declaration of Independence framed and on the wall in the Attorney waiting/conference room. Funny how these people can live in la-la land pretending to be supporting our Supreme Law of the Land. They just don’t want to take responsibility for doing anything that may rock the boat of statist status quo.
   My communication with government employees from the very beginning has been very clear and simple. I have asked that I be given my speedy trial by jury before having my liberty and property confiscated by government employees. Yet, it is obvious after over 2 years that my public servants are not willing to abide by that constitutionally protected right. They are simply going to delay and divert and delay and divert until I tire of demanding my constitutionally protected rights.
     Well, they have succeeded. I am not pursuing this mess any further. I have competently stood up for our contract with government employees, but they have “unanimously” decided that they will continue to live in la-la land pretending to do their job according to our state and federal constitutions. I cannot force them to choose correctly. I cannot force them to support our Supreme Law of the land.
   Would you believe that the correspondence sent to me informing me that they are filing away my Appeals because of my supposed “abandonment” contains an opportunity for me to “object” to their “abandonment” decision? It says I may file a Motion to Modify the decision of the Commissioners. WHAT A F****** MESS!  I am not at that court to decide what they do with my legitimate Appeals. I am there to get the Appeals adjudicated, not argue over fees and other nonsense. These idiots have diverted into another distraction and time consuming rabbit trail in order for themselves to avoid taking their responsibility to abide by their Oath of Office.
    It is factually obvious that no amount of my pleading and arguing will succeed in opening the eyes of idiot government employees. They may file away my Appeals, but my only consolation is that they have been exposed to the simple truth. Perhaps in future cases, they may remember my communication and decide to take a step closer to their Oath of Office.
    This 2 year argument has certainly been a fascinating learning experience for me. I knew there was a lot of problems with government and government employees, but this experience has shown me that it is factually worse than I thought prior to getting $1500.00 fines for hanging an innocent flyer on a private bulletin board. The incompetence and the robot like personalities of government employees is underlined with “just doing my job” maintaining the status quo in order to keep getting a government paycheck which pays the mortgage.
    The ego mania of government employees who will not admit error on the part of government is also quite informative too me. Their failure to simply abide by We the People’s Constitution contract with government employees blows my mind. It is a sure sign of a dark future where government employees “just do their job” without a conscience at all. Their god is their government paycheck and protecting the government employee family from scrutiny by We the People. It is incompetence and fear run amuck. This even applies to our elected representatives. They are preoccupied being saviors by writing more and more “life saving” and vital legislation. Even though 90% of the legislation is unconstitutional and unnecessary.
    Prestige in the legislature is not obtained by supporting and defending our constitutions, rather prestige is obtained by getting your name on an “essential” piece of legislation that grows government and government power. Ignorance and vanity on display!
  And guess what! I have a lot of “friends” in the legislature who want me to believe that they care and are willing to help. But, they don’t help. Something ties their hands and they say that the voters need to elect more “conservatives” before things can change.
    ALL OF THIS IS MENTAL DELUSIONS AND HELPLESSNESS. Seeking to take the least risky path according to their out of control associates, rather than living up to their Oath of Office. They live up to the opinions of their peers WHO ARE WILLFULLY PERFORMING THEIR DUTIES WITHOUT REGARD TO OUR SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. And they stupidly want me to believe that they are my friends trying to help me. They want to convince me and themselves that they are the good guys despite failing to abide by their Oath of Office. DELUSIONS, DELUSIONS, DELUSIONS.
     Only they can seek to have that epiphany into the simple truth. I cannot change their mind for them. I cannot force them to be good neighbors doing their civic duty to support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land. If government employees continue going down this road, they will soon be the guards of an enslaved American people. It progresses... It progresses to the example of Hitler’s Germany…
   Here is the Commissioners correspondence:

    Amusing… Pitiful…pathetic… Government employees simply do not know how to earn the respect of the people they are supposed to be serving!
   I’m done. I’ll not spend my little money trying to convince idiots to abide by our constitutions. It is a pure scam and a purely pathetic abuse of government power against an individual. I never wanted to believe that things are as bad as they are…
     I will wait and see if the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries wants to pursue further. Will they continue their mindless assault on my person, my liberty, and my property? Or will they file it away and forget about it so they can pursue other people who will pay fines without demanding a speedy trial by jury?
      I am sick to my stomach!  Sheese!

May 5, 2014 UPDATE: Three months and no more correspondence from government employees.

     Yeah, that is right! I have not heard anything more from the courts or Washington Department of Labor and Industries. Perhaps the higher up big dogs are afraid that more argument from me will alert and educate their little dogs who "are just doing their job" to collect a paycheck. Surely, the big dogs don't want the little dogs using their brains and questioning the orders coming down from the higher up big dogs. 
     Meanwhile, the USA continues to wake up. We in America have witnessed federal goons pointing guns at an American ranching family in Nevada. The little dog government employees could not bring themselves to carry out their threats of shooting U.S. citizens who were approaching a BLM staging area [in force] demanding the return of some 400 head of cattle which the BLM goons had stolen or killed. Rancher Cliven Bundy, some militia groups, and supportive neighborly protesters forced the government employees to back down, return the cattle, and evacuate their staging area.
     My take on rancher Cliven Bundy is that he is entitled to face his accusers in front of a jury of his good neighbors before the government employees can lawfully confiscate his water and grazing rights, his liberty, and his property. Obtaining a conviction by jury is the only legal way government employees can confiscate God given liberty and property.
     Now we know why our founding fathers believed that local governance governs best. The local people of the county where Bundy ranches should be the beneficiaries of the fees collected from the grazing land within the county. Why pay fees to the federal government so that they can hire more idiots to point guns at American families? The centralized federal government has no constitutional right to "own" land within any state, except for military bases. The land belongs to the people, not to government employees. The people living in the counties where federal lands exist are the rightful owners and beneficiaries of that land. County government can manage its own resources without federal government interference, threats, and armed bureaucrats pointing guns at citizens of the county. It really is simple to understand, and thankfully many people are getting their eyes opened to the abuses of out of control government employees.
    I am quite disturbed about all of this stuff going down. Bundy, thousands of others caught in bureaucratic disputes, and I should not have to educate government employees about their neighborly civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land according to their own Oath of Office in their tax paid position of public trust. These government employees simply lack the education necessary to abide by our Supreme Law of the Land. Now, individuals caught in the messes created by government employees must butt heads with maniacal egos who can't admit that we have a Supreme Law of the Land. We have government employees with huge egos who cannot admit error on the part of government employees, and we have little dog government employees who "just want to do their job" so that they keep getting a paycheck from the taxpayers they have sworn to serve under the constraints of our state and federal constitutions.
    There you have it! The legislators in all the states need to require remedial education for all the state and federal government employees in order that they may know how to support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land JUST LIKE OUR MILITARY SERVICEMEN RISK THEIR LIVES TO DO!!! It makes no sense to send sons and daughters to war to "defend our constitutions against all enemies foreign and domestic" while our domestic government employees throw our state and federal constitutions into the garbage can.
   Epiphany time! It is time for all government employees to have that epiphany where they figure out that they are supposed to be good neighbors doing their civic duty to support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land and our Bill of Rights! Come on you government employees! Stop showing the public how stupid. egotistical, and self centered you are. Stick your neck out and insist that your fellow government employees abide by our constitutions. Risk your paycheck and stand up to your big dog boss and tell him you won't point guns at your neighbors and fine your neighbors for hanging a flyer on a bulletin board. Do what is right according to our Supreme Law of the Land and thereby show that you care about your neighbors and those whom you are supposed to be serving under the constraints of our Supreme Law of the Land.
  Geeze... How many times must I repeat myself before you government employees toss your ego out and have that epiphany? Will you have that epiphany, or are you trying to provoke your neighbors into throwing off the out of control government employees? You want to correct a long train of abuses, or do you want to be the targets of a long suffering mob who have had their income, liberty, and opportunities stolen from them for too many decades?
    Good grief! A poor man can't even take his kids fishing without paying the government over $200.00 for licenses, parking fees, boat launch fees, camping fees, inspection fees, and harassment by fish and game government employees... Wake the f*** up you dipsticks(government employees)! Try being good neighbors instead of hucksters and shysters stealing the wallets of your neighbors!
    Well, I'll see what happens next! This blog is still getting hits from all over the world. Perhaps it has been useful to people. This blog contains a lot of good information for arguing against out of control government employees. I pray that it empowers the common man and corrects the misguided government employees...
   God bless those who seek Him with all their heart and with all their mind and with all their strength! Love God first, and He will teach you how to love family, friends, and neighbors. And also give you courage and strength and wisdom to stand against out of control ignorant government employees.
     "Father, pour out your spirit in these last days upon all flesh..." Acts 2:17-21.



  1. Now that was an interesting read !
    Thank You for waking me up !

    1. It is refreshing to find comments like yours...

  2. RUSS!!!
    I just read your updates! I also have to tell you that we got another continuance! After much thought, prayer and talking with friends and relatives we decided that we were not content being FORCED into business. Forced into all the licenses, fees, taxes and the etc, etc, etc's that go along with any privately owned business. Our attorney sent us the correspondence with the states attorney. She was so flippant (surprise?) and arrogant. Basically, said see you in court then! We will be going to the hearing on Feb 25th. I will let you know how it turns out. After reading yours, im not too hopeful. I guess its good to live in reality right? God help us!

    1. Hi byzzy,
      I am glad you changed your mind about being "forced" to go along with their program. Going along with these idiots only feeds their delusions, as demonstrated by how flippant and arrogant they get when you stand up to them. We really need Americans to stop feeding the delusions of the government employees...
      I wonder how your attorney is holding up. Is she seeing what you and I are seeing? In other words, who was flippant and arrogant? The state's attorney or your attorney? If your attorney stands up to them, you may do better than I have. They may back off and find a way to get rid of you just to avoid escalating the conflict within the system, attorney against attorney, you know.
      With me, I cannot be allowed to win. I must be forced to bow down to the government gods because I am just a peon under their rule. But, it entertains me to see the confused looks on their faces when I am in the room with them. Stand up firmly and confidently. Let out a giggle at them once in a while and enjoy their looks of frustration and doubt when your composure shows kindness, confidence, and joy. They are used to dealing with fearful peons. They hate it when they are confronted with reality which is outside their delusions and group think. Therefore, YES! It is good to live in reality and in a society of civilized caring friends and neighbors!
      I look forward to hearing from you again. Don't be sucked in to their delusions. If you do find it necessary and more comfortable to buy your way out of the argument because you have better things to do, make sure that you get it on the written record. Tell them in writing that they are wrong and that they have failed their civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land. That way, you are not sucked into feeding their delusions. More good things can come from your stand. Perhaps your attorney is learning about reality through you...
      God bless and may He keep your heart and mind in peace and joy, even while the accusers try to pile on you.

  3. Hello Russ,
    Did you know if you would of shared this at my network, I could of reached over 3000 people for you in a matter of moments.
    This is a lot of work, and good information, dont limit needs to be shared.

  4. I’m still with you Russ! Your faith is an inspiration for all of us. We are not doing this alone; God is with us.

    A soldier is not fighting for saving his life, but for saving his country. We are all soldiers against the inside enemy that wants to destroy the American way. Our final goal is not to win our case but win back our country. You are a shining example of the good soldier.

    Thank you and God bless you!
    Maria Bethany

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Maria. I sure am glad there are people like you out there. Sometimes it seems pretty lonely for me. But hey! Keep an eye on this blog. I have a real cool UPDATE to write.
      God bless you, too!

  5. Hows a man supposed to make a living the right way ( licenced bonded insured, 8k hour apprentiship, 5 years of school) when guys like you come around and advertise electrical work for 25 an hr? Look on CL there are a ton of hacks on there doig panel changes, complete rewires, etc. We need the state to enforce the law.