Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014 UPDATE: Three months and no more correspondence from government employees.

     Yeah, that is right! I have not heard anything more from the courts or Washington Department of Labor and Industries. Perhaps the higher up big dogs are afraid that more argument from me will alert and educate their little dogs who "are just doing their job" to collect a paycheck. Surely, the big dogs don't want the little dogs using their brains and questioning the orders coming down from the higher up big dogs. 
     Meanwhile, the USA continues to wake up. We in America have witnessed federal goons pointing guns at an American ranching family in Nevada. The little dog government employees could not bring themselves to carry out their threats of shooting U.S. citizens who were approaching a BLM staging area [in force] demanding the return of some 400 head of cattle which the BLM goons had stolen or killed. Rancher Cliven Bundy, some militia groups, and supportive neighborly protesters forced the government employees to back down, return the cattle, and evacuate their staging area.
     My take on rancher Cliven Bundy is that he is entitled to face his accusers in front of a jury of his good neighbors before the government employees can lawfully confiscate his water and grazing rights, his liberty, and his property. Obtaining a conviction by jury is the only legal way government employees can confiscate God given liberty and property.
     Now we know why our founding fathers believed that local governance governs best. The local people of the county where Bundy ranches should be the beneficiaries of the fees collected from the grazing land within the county. Why pay fees to the federal government so that they can hire more idiots to point guns at American families? The centralized federal government has no constitutional right to "own" land within any state, except for military bases. The land belongs to the people, not to government employees. The people living in the counties where federal lands exist are the rightful owners and beneficiaries of that land. County government can manage its own resources without federal government interference, threats, and armed bureaucrats pointing guns at citizens of the county. It really is simple to understand, and thankfully many people are getting their eyes opened to the abuses of out of control government employees.
    I am quite disturbed about all of this stuff going down. Bundy, thousands of others caught in bureaucratic disputes, and I should not have to educate government employees about their neighborly civic duty to support our Supreme Law of the Land according to their own Oath of Office in their tax paid position of public trust. These government employees simply lack the education necessary to abide by our Supreme Law of the Land. Now, individuals caught in the messes created by government employees must butt heads with maniacal egos who can't admit that we have a Supreme Law of the Land. We have government employees with huge egos who cannot admit error on the part of government employees, and we have little dog government employees who "just want to do their job" so that they keep getting a paycheck from the taxpayers they have sworn to serve under the constraints of our state and federal constitutions.
    There you have it! The legislators in all the states need to require remedial education for all the state and federal government employees in order that they may know how to support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land JUST LIKE OUR MILITARY SERVICEMEN RISK THEIR LIVES TO DO!!! It makes no sense to send sons and daughters to war to "defend our constitutions against all enemies foreign and domestic" while our domestic government employees throw our state and federal constitutions into the garbage can.
   Epiphany time! It is time for all government employees to have that epiphany where they figure out that they are supposed to be good neighbors doing their civic duty to support and defend our Supreme Law of the Land and our Bill of Rights! Come on you government employees! Stop showing the public how stupid. egotistical, and self centered you are. Stick your neck out and insist that your fellow government employees abide by our constitutions. Risk your paycheck and stand up to your big dog boss and tell him you won't point guns at your neighbors and fine your neighbors for hanging a flyer on a bulletin board. Do what is right according to our Supreme Law of the Land and thereby show that you care about your neighbors and those whom you are supposed to be serving under the constraints of our Supreme Law of the Land.
  Geeze... How many times must I repeat myself before you government employees toss your ego out and have that epiphany? Will you have that epiphany, or are you trying to provoke your neighbors into throwing off the out of control government employees? You want to correct a long train of abuses, or do you want to be the targets of a long suffering mob who have had their income, liberty, and opportunities stolen from them for too many decades?
    Good grief! A poor man can't even take his kids fishing without paying the government over $200.00 for licenses, parking fees, boat launch fees, camping fees, inspection fees, and harassment by fish and game government employees... Wake the f*** up you dipsticks(government employees)! Try being good neighbors instead of hucksters and shysters stealing the wallets of your neighbors!
    Well, I'll see what happens next! This blog is still getting hits from all over the world. Perhaps it has been useful to people. This blog contains a lot of good information for arguing against out of control government employees. I pray that it empowers the common man and corrects the misguided government employees...
   God bless those who seek Him with all their heart and with all their mind and with all their strength! Love God first, and He will teach you how to love family, friends, and neighbors. And also give you courage and strength and wisdom to stand against out of control ignorant government employees.
     "Father, pour out your spirit in these last days upon all flesh..." Acts 2:17-21.

Please check out the condensed history of this 2 year long battle by clicking the "older Post" button below. Thanks!


  1. Well our case is finished. We lost. Our attorney tried to argue that the Dept of L&I's way of stinging us and others by entrapment and soliciting people looking for work in an ad went against the RCW. The judge sent us her very lengthy decision but did not address that issue. We were going to appeal it but decided to be done with it. So we were found guilty of both infractions. One she waived the $250 penalty on but the $1000 we have to pay $100 a month for the next 10 months!

  2. Byzzy,
    Be thankful for one of life's learning experiences. I am thankful. I have learned a lot, and it is not a very good harbinger of the future. Your judge knows that my sons and my father did not go to war in order to support out of control government employees. The government employees know that you and I cannot get them fired, so they are busy protecting the status quo and their fellow government employees. We need God back in America. That is all, but our churches are not competent enough to compete with government and government schools.
    We gave it our best shot, but we are excluded from the government ruling class club. However, I did have fun blowing their nonsense out of the water! LOL. ...AAG Angela Zurlinin was reduced to whining, "we just need to agree to disagree..."
    Oh well, ...God bless and keep your eyes open!