Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 28, 2015, UPDATE: My response to Alliance One collection agency. Hilarious!

   Chief Electrical Inspector Stephen D. Thornton did as he said in his letter to me. On February 25th, I received an Alliance One account statement. My oh my, how people think they can open up an account in my name... Good grief! This stuff really is getting silly. Of course the account statement demanding payment did not have a name on it. Once again, no one wants to take responsibility. Now, it appears a corporation is violating my constitutionally protected rights. No individual is responsible for conducting themselves in a manner that is civilized and in compliance with our Supreme Laws of the Land.
     In the letter Stephen sent me, I quote, "All further inquiry regarding payment should be made to Alliance One at 1-800-456-8838." It appears Stephen does not want to talk to me about payment anymore. So, evidently he is not responsible anymore. Evidently, government employees "just doing their job" are not to be considered responsible for their actions and the injury that their actions produce. Only citizens are to be considered responsible for their actions. Government employees and people working for corporations are not responsible for their actions.
     I called up Alliance One and finally got a human representative on the phone. I gave her the account number, then she asked me for my Social Security number. I said I would not give that to her. Then she asked for my drivers license number. Wouldn't give that to her, either. Then I explained to her the fact that the fines are bogus and fly in the face of our Supreme Law of the Land. I started to tell her about my 1st Amendment right to publish a list of my skills and also about my right to a trial by jury before my liberty and property could be taken from me. She would not have any part of that discussion. "I am not here to argue with you," she said in a terse annoyed tone. And get this, she said, "You need to take it up with WDLI and not me!"
    I said, "WDLI told me to take it up with you," but she is the boss, and I must not annoy the boss...     "I am going to hang up..." To which I gave her some choice last words before she could hang up.         Obviously, I can't have a sensible conversation with idiots who refuse to take responsibility for their actions.
    I had to respond in writing to the Account Statement demanding payment. It appears that Alliance One picked some numbers out of the air and added to the fine. Assigned Interest: $258.48, and Other Fees or Charges: $148.70. Alliance One now claims that I owe them $907.18. That makes me laugh! Who do these people think they are? My goodness! I'd be ashamed of myself if I were doing what they do. So, here is the Alliance One statement:

Here is my response:

February 28, 2015

TO: Unnamed individual
Alliance One
6565 Kimbal Drive, Suite 200
Gig Harbor, Washington 98335

FROM: Russ Hinds
10421 E Jutte Lane
Elk, WA 99009

SUBJECT: Account No. 32782297

Dear unnamed individual,
As I am a individual who takes responsibility for my actions, I correctly expect other individuals to take responsibility for their actions. Please provide the name of an official contact within your company who is taking responsibility for collecting on the above invented bogus account which has been wrongfully created within your company in order to unlawfully collect an unlawful fine which Washington Department of Labor and Industries illegally issued in complete disregard of our Supreme Law of the Land.
Please note that our state and federal constitutions protect the right of citizens to publish a list of their skills. Therefore, fining an individual $500.00 for posting an innocent flier on a private bulletin board is an unconstitutional act that flies in the face of our Supreme Law of the Land.
Also note that attempting to collect a fine without a conviction of a jury of good neighbors violates our Supreme Laws of the Land. Depriving individuals of their right to due process of law is strictly prohibited in our state and federal constitutions.
Simple... very simple. I am not here to try and repeat your 6th grade civic lessons in order to educate you to your civic duty to support and defend our state and federal constitutions, however, I will remind you that our American military servicemen and women have given much life, limb, and treasure to defend our Supreme Laws of the Land against all enemies foreign and domestic according to their sworn Oath. My father and three of my sons have taken this oath and risked their lives in service to this nation to preserve the God given rights of individuals, such as you and I, which are protected in our state and federal constitutions with the intent of being preserved for our posterity. Please get a grip on yourself and take up your civic duty to defend our Supreme Law of the Land.
With that being said, please provide me with a name of the individual responsible for attempting to collect on a bogus $500.00 fine, plus a bogus $258.48 in assigned interest(???), plus bogus $148.70 in “other fees and charges.” This great state and nation are founded upon individual responsibility. We are, as good citizens, required to act in an open, civilized, and courteous manner toward one another. When that fails to happen, there are appropriate legal measures that must be taken.
I already have all of the names of the government employees involved in depriving their neighbor(me) of due process of law, however, I do not have the name of the individual who sent me the enclosed Account Statement demanding payment. Please provide the name so that I may be of assistance in providing the facts of my case for his protection. Colluding with government employees to undermine our Supreme Laws of the Land is the opposite of the Rule of Law and detrimental to a civilized society of intelligent and responsible individuals.


Russ Hinds enclosure

    Are there any intelligent responsible individuals on the planet? I think there are quite a few, however, they do not work for government and the corporations feeding off the government. I am still looking for government employees who know their 6th grade civics lessons...
   I will need to pass this on to my representatives in the state legislature for their amusement. I won't find many who are willing to defend our constitutions from all enemies foreign and domestic... If they could only see how they are making themselves and others look like complete asses. It must be way too difficult for them to do their simple and clear civic duty! Think about it! They would rather do the wrong thing than do the simple and clear right thing! Isn't it way beyond embarrassing? Perhaps their ego is such that they simply cannot admit to making a mistake. I admit my mistakes, when I make them. But, I don't admit to bogus accusations from people bent on destroying our constitutional republic.
   Let the readers decide who is speaking from a foundation of truth and right, and who is trying desperately to defend unconstitutional abuse and provocations.

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