Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 10, 2015, UPDATE: Hurt feelings in the legislature...

     Last week I spoke to two Legislative Assistants over the phone. The first one was a pleasant conversation with a person who seemed to care about government functioning correctly under our state and federal constitutions. She promised that she would look over my blog. There was one instance in the conversation in which she was candid about her feelings. I had said that government employees need to know the alphabet and have a 4th grade reading comprehension level in order to understand and uphold our Supreme Laws of the Land. She did not like that statement I made, and she pointed out that she works hard and does not appreciate people abusing government employees. I told her that I used to work for the government and I hated the public disdain for government employees, too. I hated when jokes were made about a government work crew repairing a road, five guys watching one guy with a shovel. I worked hard in my government job as a NPS maintenance technician, and I was often annoyed by the laziness of my co-workers. Anyway, this conversation with the first LA ended respectfully. I assume that this LA does have some respect for our Supreme Laws of the Land. However, being immersed in a legislature that has few members who know the alphabet and have a 4th grade reading comprehension level makes it very difficult to accomplish anything that resembles "protecting and maintaining individual rights" as required by our Washington State Constitution. Nonetheless, I here give my deep appreciation for the candid phone conversation. I hope that we can continue encouraging and inspiring We the People's representatives to adhere to their Oath of Office.
    The conversation I had with the other Legislative Assistant was absolutely horrible and left me bummed out for 3 days. I have waited until now to UPDATE my blog hoping that this legislative assistant might contact me to apologize for hanging up on me. She has not contacted me...
     This legislative assistant recognized who I was after I introduced myself over the phone. She launched into a grievance about a previous phone conversation we had. She claimed that I was abusive, disrespectful, and cussed her out on our last phone conversation. She stated that prior to that conversation, she had worked hours and hours on my case, however she would not devote anymore time to my case after that conversation and after I had written about her on my blog.  I did not find anything I wrote about her, but I did find where I wrote about her boss, Rep. Shelly Short.
    I have no memory of a phone conversation with this Legislative Assistant in which I became abusive, and cussed her out. In fact, I have many memories of deliberately desiring NOT to cuss government employees out, especially my state representatives. Before each phone call I made, I would remind myself to be nice and not let them anger me to the point of losing it. Me thinks there is a different reason for this legislative assistant to be upset. I think that previous UPDATES to this blog, which mention the legislator whom this LA works for, angered both the legislator, Shelly Short, AND her assistant. Here are the UPDATES which may have upset these very sensitive people:
May 28, 2014
June 15, 2014
July 1, 2014
July 11, 2014
July 18, 2014
October 4, 2014

    Those UPDATES begin with me expressing appreciation for Rep. Short's effort to get a "Helping the Local Handyman" bill passed. I learned that the entire legislature has handicapped itself by making a rule that "all legislation is to be considered constitutional by all legislators until the Washington State Supreme Court decides otherwise." Basically, the legislature has nullified its own Oath of Office because their rules prevent them from expressing their opinion on unconstitutional legislation. How crazy is that? We the People have a neighborly civic duty to support and uphold our state and federal constitutions, yet the legislature nullified their neighborly civic duty AND their Oath of Office. That is pretty frustrating for a guy like me to run into a wall such as that ridiculous nonsense. In the following UPDATES I firmly express my disappointment and I reluctantly begin to mention names, even while trying very hard to be respectful and understanding. What is wrong with adhering to your Oath of Office? Does exposing government nonsense anger very sensitive people to the point that they no longer feel obligated to adhere to their Oath of Office? Does being angry at little ol' Russ Hinds justify a state representative and her assistant ignoring the unconstitutional enforcement of unconstitutional RCWs? No. The unconstitutional enforcement of unconstitutional RCW's is way bigger than little ol' Russ Hinds... but now these two individuals have given themselves the excuse they need for dropping the ball. Once again, never mind the fact that much life, limb, and treasure has been given to defend our state and federal constitutions from all enemies foreign and domestic.
    To me, this appears to be about as childish as anyone can get. I honestly believe that this legislative assistant exaggerated my firmness and frankness in our phone conversation to further justify dropping any further effort to assist little ol' Russ Hinds.  I can picture them feeling mutually insulted by my blog posts and feeding off each other's anger to the point of accusing me of cussing out the legislative assistant over the phone. I wish we had a recording of the phone conversation. I also suspect that this legislative assistant has poisoned the well for me. It seems quite possible that this lady LA, when contacted by other legislators and LAs, is quick to discredit me and my efforts to correct unconstitutional out of control government and government employees. Rather than being encouraged to join me in doing the right thing defending our Supreme Laws of the Land on my blog, my other representatives and LAs are possibly told to fear my blog by someone who got their panties in a bunch.
    My blog posts listed above start out being respectful and appreciative and then progress to firm and frank truthfulness. Some frustration on my part is present in my blog posts as I fail to understand legislators who nullify their Oath of Office with ridiculous rules coming from their leaders and their government paid lawyers giving bad counsel.
   I hope I am being very simple and clear here. I want people to understand what I am writing, therefore I am frank, bringing out the obvious. Obvious, obvious, obvious... I do not live in la-la land where the simple and obvious are blown off and disregarded.
    Anyway, I am not going to Olympia. I won't waste my time and money with people whose feelings have been hurt beyond common sense. Hurt feelings do not justify throwing out a simple and beautiful opportunity to correct out of control unconstitutional government by protecting the right of individuals to publish a list of their skills and protecting our right to a trial by jury before government employees can take away liberty to publish and take away property by assessing outrageous $1500.00 fines for hanging an innocent truthful flyer on a private bulletin board.
     Please note that my feelings are not hurt. These people can do what they want to do. What they do and think does not affect my comfort with myself and with God. They can think of me any way they want, however true and untrue their thoughts are. I just have an attitude of disappointment. I am disappointed in my neighbors who take an Oath of Office to support and defend our state and federal constitutions for the people they are supposed to be representing. I am very sure that my father and three of my sons who risked life and limb to defend our constitutions from all enemies foreign and domestic are proud of me, despite the petty childish anger displayed by people in government who take an Oath of Office. I have put up a thorough and long fight. I have no regrets and no shame. I can look my children and grandchildren in the eye and tell them of my efforts to uphold our Supreme Laws of the Land. There is no shame in doing our civic duty to support our Supreme Laws of the Land...
     May shame fall on those who truthfully deserve it. May it wake them up to doing their neighborly civic duty...
     Meanwhile, because of these experiences which have prompted these most recent posts to this blog, I have resolved that we will not return to common sense, common decency, and constitutional government until the hammer falls. Government will continue taxing, spending, and building the police state and the welfare state. They will raise taxes on gasoline and they will increase regulation on everything that good life involves. It is a terrible disgrace. Our founding father John Adams is repenting in heaven right now:

Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that ever I took half the pains to preserve it. 
John Adams

    I am a big boy. I am a forgiving and understanding individual. It is never too late to work with me to uphold and defend our state and federal constitutions and restrain out of control government and its mis-directed government employees. I am still hoping to find wise mature representatives and government employees who honor and respect the life, limb, and treasure given to preserve the rights and liberties protected in our sate and federal constitutions for our posterity.
   Simple, simple, simple... Get a grip! They really and truly do need to have that epiphany I have spoke of many times in previous UPDATES. Who would have ever thought that an Oath of Office could become an epiphany??? Good grief!

    The truth is, my father and 3 sons have served in  foreign wars to defend the right of Rep. Short and her Legislative Assistant to publish a list of their skills and their right to a trial by jury. I am completely honored to stand with them in their effort to uphold liberty and justice for all, even though I have not taken the risk of life and limb as they did.

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