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May 13, 2015, UPDATE: Correspondence with my Federal Representatives.

    EDIT: After stepping away, and then rereading this UPDATE, I can see my frustration growing as this nonsense continues on to 4 years...Oh wow! I guess I lost a week there! Looked at the calendar wrong and wrote the dates one week ahead of time. Oh well... Probably won't make much of a difference with government employees and other who lack the heart to care about important things and frivolous things.

    After giving U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby over 30 days to respond to my COMPLAINT and let me know what action he is planning, I have heard absolutely nothing. It won't do any good to call his office again because he won't return my phone calls. What is the matter, Ormsby? Are my COMPLAINT and the attached STATEMENT OF THE ESSENTIAL FACTS too simple and thorough for you? Are you afraid to do your job and confront your fellow government employees? This is serious business, Ormsby. Men have fought and died to preserve the rights and liberties which are protected in our Supreme Law of the Land for their posterity. Ignorance of the Supreme Laws of the Land is no excuse for government employees who wish to abide by the "rule of law." What is that, you say? You say, "The 'rule of law' only applies when government employees use that phrase against the citizens?" Do you mean that government employees are above the law? Do you mean that government employees are never wrong in their use of "the law." Hmmm... I think you are a coward. One of the worst of cowards. You are a guy who wants to live the life of Riley on the backs of the taxpayers and not get involved in any controversy; especially, any controversy dealing with ignorant out of control government employees. You want guys like me to go away and not bother you by pointing out your job description and the folly of out of control government employees.
    This blog and my exposure of government employees being inept and cowardly could have been avoided at the beginning, and the issue of the $1500.00 citations for hanging an innocent flier on a bulletin board could have been dealt with properly in the beginning by simply giving me my speedy trial by a jury of my good neighbors. The issue of the fines could have been resolved in 3 to 6 weeks had they allowed me due process of law and my right to a jury trial. BUT, ..BUT... the government employees did not want to risk a jury nullifying their misapplication of law. They knew that they would probably lose a jury trial simply because of the outrageous amount of the fines for hanging a truthful flier on a bulletin board. Because they knew that, they elected to put me through their long, drawn out, and costly appeals process while attempting to deceive me and pull the wool over my eyes.
     All of the players involved know that I am saying the simple truth. I saw it in their eyes. The Assistant Attorney General Angela Zurlini knows it. I saw it in her eyes and demeanor. She knew she was railroading me... Superior Court judges Sypolt and Moreno knows it. They put on a show for me, and sided with the government employees to cover their asses, all the while putting up roadblocks and obstacles in order to discourage me and stop me protesting the fines. They knew what they were doing because they themselves would not put up with the same things happening to them.
    Now, U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby does not want to call the government employees to the carpet. He just wants to pretend that my COMPLAINT doesn't exist and never reached his desk. I have the return receipts proving that his office has received my COMPLAINT, but Ormsby chooses to ignore it and ignore my phone calls. Pathetic!
    Well... Perhaps my federal representatives can get a response from Ormsby. I sent a letter and a copy of my COMPLAINT to Senator Patty Murray, who actually got Ormsby his job by recommending to Obama that Obama nominate him for the position. Hmmm... were there favors exchanged? Perhaps not, but corruption in government is rampant. So is outrageous nonsense rampant! I also sent the same letter and copy of the COMPLAINT to Senator Maria Cantwell and Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers.
    Here is the letter I sent to my federal representatives: [the Complaint can be read in my March 26, 2015, UPDATE] 

May 19, 2015

TO: Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers
10 North Post Street, Suite 625
Spokane, WA 99201

FROM: Russ Hinds

SUBJECT: Enclosed official COMPLAINT to U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby

Representative McMorris Rodgers,
I am contacting your office because I have waited over a month for a response from U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby regarding the COMPLAINT that I sent to his office on April 10, 2015. After numerous phone calls to Ormsby's office, I have not been given the courtesy of a call back. Is my simple and fully documented COMPLAINT too scary for him and his office because it requires upholding our United States Code and our Supreme Laws of the Land? Or, is there some other reason why U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby will not communicate with me?
Public servants who ignore their good neighbors is a dereliction of duty in their office of public trust. If Ormsby's office will not communicate with me, I cannot even find out “why” he won't communicate with me.
The issues addressed in my COMPLAINT stem from 2 Washington Dept. of Labor and Industries citations containing $1500.00 in fines for hanging a flier on a private bulletin board, and my being denied a speedy trial by a jury of my good neighbors before my liberties and property can be confiscated by government employees. Being bullied by a gaggle of government employees attempting to convince me that I am a bad neighbor who deserves to pay the government employees $1500.00 for hanging a simple flier on a bulletin board is not “due process of law.”
I have attempted to patiently resolve the issues concerning the WDLI citations for over 3 years, and I have exhausted all the methods provided by the state agencies for resolving the fines properly and according to the “rule of law” -that is the rule of the Supreme Law of the Land, our state and federal constitutions. In my efforts to properly educate government employees, I have now arrived at U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby's office to ask that our U.S. Code 18 USC 242 and 241 be enforced just as it is his responsibility and duty to enforce the U.S. Code according to his job description. I say again, U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby's office is ignoring me.
Could you please contact U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby's office and inquire as to why I have not had my correspondence and phone calls answered? Perhaps the U.S. Attorney will respect your inquiry, and then you could inform me of his reasons for ignoring me. Kind of a silly round-about way of communicating, but perhaps necessary while dealing with government employees who are afraid of the present day controversy surrounding upholding our constitutionally protected rights and liberties, and out of control government.
The enclosed COMPLAINT should bring you up to speed in this case.

Thank You,
 Russ Hinds                                                                                                                          enclosures

      I am very serious about this case and this blog, not because of the $1500.00 fines, but because I want a return to common sense, common decency, and constitutional government. At the present time, government is causing the destruction of civility and dividing neighbor against neighbor. I would encourage my readers to contact the offices of Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell, and Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers and ask that they not ignore my letter and the COMPLAINT. Send a note via fax machine, that way they have a hard copy. --I sent my letter and complaint to the local Spokane Offices

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers:

10 North Post Street, Suite 625
Spokane, WA 99201
Phone: 509-353-2374
Fax: 509-353-2412

203 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: 202-225-2006
Fax: 202-225-3392

Senator Maria Cantwell:

U.S. Courthouse, # 697
West 920 Riverside
Spokane, WA 99201
Voice: 509-353-2507
FAX: 509-353-2547

511 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-4705
DC Phone: 202-224-3441
DC Fax: 202-228-0514

Senator Patty Murray:

10 North Post Street, Suite 600
Spokane, Washington 99201
Phone: (509) 624-9515
Fax: (509) 624-9561

154 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-2621
Fax: (202) 224-0238
Toll Free: (866) 481-9186

     I sincerely appreciate any reader who will contact the above and encourage them to respond to me with honest answers. I am tending to think that the above may choose to ignore me just like Ormsby has ignored me. You and I are getting a pretty good education on how government employees REALLY work! Perhaps we can help them find the joy of upholding and defending out Supreme Law of the Land. That would be the epiphany that they need.

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