Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 18, 2015, UPDATE: No progress...

    So, after I received the return receipt for my COMPLAINT mailed to US Attorney Mike Ormsby, I made a follow up call to his office. I opened this call with a question, "How do I get a complaint sworn into the record so that an investigation can be started?"
   "We don't take complaints from individuals. You need to contact an agency. We only take complaints from agencies."
    "Well, what agency do I need to contact?"
    "The FBI."
    Hmmm... seems I went through this before. Like last month. So, I look up the phone number for the local FBI office. I call it, and that number takes me to some idiot in or near Washington DC. After explaining the nature of my complaint based on 18 USC 242 and 241, the guy says that I had already called on this back on March 12. He says I need to get an attorney and deal with it at the local level.
    Do you believe this? I didn't want to believe it. However, rather than government employees upholding our Supreme Law of the Land, I am diverted and ignored. I am simply not permitted to submit my COMPLAINT to the appropriate authorities who are supposed to be upholding the "rule of law," the Supreme Law of the Land. These guys just cut me off at the pass and refuse to respond to my COMPLAINT with a simple letter explaining what I need to do. They put up a stone wall. These guys are not good neighbors who do their civic duty to uphold our Supreme Laws of the Land. How do they do that? I could not do that. I am guilty of assuming that my government employees are of the same mind I am. After all, I pay my taxes for their salaries to serve We the People.
   It is gone! The delusion of trustworthy government employees is completely gone. I can no longer give the benefit of the doubt to any government employee hoping that they have a conscience that leans toward doing their Civic Duty to uphold our state and federal constitutions. It is as if I am up against a completely corrupt criminal machine. Every door to justice and liberty is blocked. They have blocked all the doors in order to never admit that government employees are wrong and make mistakes. It is obvious that government employees are going to do what they are going to do, regardless of our state and federal constitutions.
    The only way to change this is for the public to become informed and demand change back to our Supreme Laws of the Land. And, it has always been the purpose of this blog to inform the public. I won the argument fully. I won the argument clearly and simply on this blog. They know it, and that is why they won't talk to me. They are afraid. They are the worst kind of vindictive cowards as demonstrated by them hiring a collection agency to come after me. From the beginning, they would not approach me face to face, and now they hide.
    When I informed the collection agency of my dispute, they investigated by inquiring of WDLI. WDLI provided some information to the collection agency and the collection agency forwarded a copy to me. WDLI makes this statement in writing to the collection agency, "We have been instructed not to respond to him any longer unless he has an actual question." The government employees are told not to talk to me! How crazy is that? Unbelievable!
    What world do these people live in? Questions about our Supreme Laws of the Land are not "actual questions?" It is a pretty sick world we are living in... mindless people... unthinking people... unloving and uncaring people...

    Well, it has been quite an education for me! I have no more illusions about the state of our nation and states.  Pretty sad... shame, shame, shame on government employees! Oh... and remember that I mentioned early on in this blog that we need legislation requiring every government employee to go through training on the constitution and the history of this nation?  Yep! They need that, but they need to be taught how to be good neighbors, too.  Can't be a good neighbor living in a world of lies, denial, and nonsense!

  1. a stupid person.

    After all this time, I was unable to find any government employees willing to uphold our state and federal constitutions. Let this blog be the decisive proof...
    Your government employees live in la-la land and are incapable of doing the right things and the honest neighborly things. They cannot be trusted from top to bottom, from Obama down to the little bitty inspector. It is likely all hell is going to break loose pretty soon. Things get real ugly when people prefer to believe nonsense, lies, and their own invented rationalizations based on the lies and nonsense they choose to believe. What a mess...
   Who is the father of lies and nonsense?
   Who is the Author of truth, righteousness, and justice?
   Government employees are under the spell of lies and nonsense. That is the only conclusion I can arrive at.

Proverbs 16:4 The LORD works out everything to its proper end-- even the wicked for a day of disaster.

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